LeBron James Is Homecoming King

The NBA Hall of Famer was welcomed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers with open arms.
2:09 | 08/09/14

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Transcript for LeBron James Is Homecoming King
It can be hard to forgive and forget. Again, in sports, there aren't many super, super stars like Lebron James. Returning to play with his first team and the fans that for none too pleased when he left them. How did they respond today in his official welcome back to Cleveland? Here's ABC's Gloria Riviera. Reporter: In Akron, Ohio, it was lbj delirium. Lebron James fans going wild with the news. A packed stadium. 30,000 tickets given away to fans, raring to welcome the king home. I would make my city and my state happy. And that's why I came back. I love you. I'm back. Reporter: James, that rare athlete, able to elevate an entire community, before he had even been back in a Cavs uniform, made this promise today. My number one goal is to win a championship here. I think it would be the greatest achievement in my life. Reporter: It has been a long round trip for the NBA powerhouse. Slammed for his arrogant departure. I'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the Miami heat. Reporter: Fans made it personal. But after four years in Miami and two NBA championships, the 29-year-old, four-time mvp, decided to come back. Breaking news, Lebron James is coming home. How fast did it take for you to forgive Lebron? Instantly. Reporter: James' return is estimated to bring in an additional $500 million a year to the city, from ticket sales to jobs. He may have left a villain. But tonight, Lebron James came home a hero. For "Nightline," I'm Gloria Riviera, in Akron, Ohio. One guy, brings in $500 million. Thanks for watching ABC

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The NBA Hall of Famer was welcomed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers with open arms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24912186","title":"LeBron James Is Homecoming King","url":"/Nightline/video/lebron-james-homecoming-king-24912186"}