In the Liberal Gun Club, these members support both the left and gun rights

"I voted for Hilary Clinton, But I'm a strong Second Amendment supporter," said Lara Smith the president of the California chapter of the Liberal Gun Club.
5:56 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for In the Liberal Gun Club, these members support both the left and gun rights
The air and police. Deep blue northern California and pale blue assault rifle it looks like Tiffany who live it isn't going this isn't there. To meet the liberal gun club yes you heard me right liberal gun club. I'm Mara I'm a liberal I voted for Hillary Clinton. But I'm a strong second amendment's supporters. Laura Smith the lawyer is president. The California checked she walls anti gun and started shooting only four years ago after giving it a try after researching the issue. After too many arguments within a gun loving former marine husband Ed she's a convert. I think this it's. Part of that life. She's a veterinarian there is a new member Laura Smith is her instructor. Attention others. Do you see your views as. Compatible. F. Abortion and gun rights are what site this payment. The rubbing shoulders on the arrangement had generally considered to crack some places the reaction is. Rock -- what's that that's great some places it's like are you one of those lists arts. This is your front door at triggerman spend of people entity gun store right here there's a dragon arms. Other end of the spectrum machine gun submachine guns suppresses silences. Grenade launchers mortars. My colleague Michael Cohen eggs just visited this guy over in Colorado in the wake of the Vegas shooting my name is Mel barged in and they called me the most armed man in America and less liberals Second Amendment advocate and gun store and we've been so more guns in the last three weeks. There we did the last statements stokes handguns Smith & Wesson 22 semiautomatic. Flame throwers. Assault rifles this is a same type of gun that was used a Baker's drive and up my property now. And there's all kinds are warning signs as you can see if anybody comes on your property. And threatens you or bodily harm. It's a legal issued a Colorado law they should have that nationwide dragon man gives may be a taste of what the liberal gun club faces from some fan. Enthusiasts this is one of the first signs they say when I drive up dry them land drive. The liberal gun club was founded in 2008. We quit at different face on this and that's where that's where this club's value is titled conventions advised. Politicians stage so cold meat in the middle events educate. And train. The liberal gun club says it now has 7500. Members nationwide they agree with their more right wing Brothers and sisters in arms on some points the government says hey we're gonna change that so everybody secure their guns what else is gonna next. But there were twists actually get this administration I don't want to give up. I have an issue and trust the trust that you and general went law or that. You're telling me that what little slim chance of protection has now gone and has given to people I don't trust at all. How is that fair. They claim membership is up 70% since president trump was elected says 7500 members the NRA. As a reported five million but according to liberal gun club the generate does not speak for all. Only a reported 19%. Of gun owners in America are actually NRA members. And is this according to pew of Republicans and right leaning independents. 44%. And guns. Among Democrats who were left leaning independents. Is just 20%. But it's not zero. I think a lot more people. Have guns that are liberal here then we know about. Face to face an online offer every mass shooting Vegas Sutherland springs. There seems to be no real reason gun debate just deepening division. OK so how would these gun toting lefties Andrew mass street. The only sit just as we're getting our Michael fans were doing nothing or. Just kind of gun. The art solutions and the match U two's I just seems not putting their face isn't Lebanese you know how about it. Nationwide. Fast rule. Background checks totally get what the background checks the key area where they differ from the NRA and dragon man that self proclaimed most armed men in America. You could be good good good and then all of a sudden you get a brain tumor. They're not gonna find that out right away. School yet any semiautomatic weapon. Never gonna happen good luck that bans have worked elsewhere semi automatic weapons banned in Australia after a mass shooting. Haven't been any since we had these gunshots in the gym and up through school shooting in Scotland in 1996. Britain. And most handguns since then. No net she took. Scotland isn't the US Scotland didn't start. It doesn't have that won't hurt themselves. Of the colts in the Winchester in the wild west in guns guns or style in green. Gun in the auto safety comes as the greatest source like I grew up with seven guns in my house I'd go oh my prism and it was seven years old. I hear what you're saying it is not unique to this country it's not but it is different here in a lot of ways 555. People have died in mass shootings in America's so far this year. According to mass shooting track aired. Everybody wants us to stop everybody wants us watkins' actions rate I think we just disagree on how to do let rank. I mean look for Nightline in the Bay Area was in California.

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{"id":51318286,"title":"In the Liberal Gun Club, these members support both the left and gun rights","duration":"5:56","description":"\"I voted for Hilary Clinton, But I'm a strong Second Amendment supporter,\" said Lara Smith the president of the California chapter of the Liberal Gun Club.","url":"/Nightline/video/liberal-gun-club-members-support-left-gun-rights-51318286","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}