One Life Lost, Another Saved

Part 1: Lyndsey McLaughlin was deteriorating when finally the lungs she needed were available.
7:46 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for One Life Lost, Another Saved
Gratitude is the word of the day as the row once said my Thanksgiving is perpetual. And so of course it should be. Some gifts are bigger than others. In the store will tell you denied one mother's gift given in grief. Ended up saving another young woman's life. Two families joined by an unbreakable bond. -- Harry and Lindsay McLaughlin and Diana Rodriguez. Never would've thought that the day before Thanksgiving. Did share -- -- special moments together. Sure they were both New Yorkers. -- -- first glance they were from such different rules just didn't seem to be any reason there has really cross. I got into my family and friends -- -- You letters and -- And yet they now have a connection has -- -- they can't. Two years ago. Then 26 year old Lindsey struggle for every breath she -- -- -- to Diana. It's easy -- -- -- it I mean -- -- -- came -- way possible to get the flights that are. -- We've known Lindsay since those desperate days -- every breath seemed it might be her last. It was 2011. She has a good job -- a hedge fund in New York. Everything should ever wanted. Except for the most important thing. UCE. Lindsay was dying. Comes when -- six years old. I should be out every Friday and Saturday night -- spent -- -- couple drinks. Not worrying about -- -- medicines aren't enough to -- the next day. In -- to -- and he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. A genetic disease which causes mucous to build up in the lungs growing up. I just -- -- physical therapy every day. Which started out with my parents like clapping on me every day you got quite literally like littered Alley would -- like. It was here in -- my back my lung capacity by the time I was. 1819 years old was to the point where they were telling me that -- lung transplant two years. She -- in the New York organ donor list and waited. And waited. While things got rapidly works. I couldn't do much of anything I could really finally tell that I was sick. I mean I still wouldn't admit I still Wednesday let I didn't feel well like. I just couldn't do things after seven months on the waiting list she was deteriorating. Fast. The patients who -- to -- me -- really sick. And they're gonna die. If I can't help and that was Lindsey's case. Doctor Joshua -- is her surgeon just imagine if it took 80% of your -- away how you would function. So -- is gonna die if she doesn't get her lungs. Her mother knew without the transplant. Lindsay wouldn't see another birthday. I used to go to our apartment every day when she really got sick to her chest physical therapy and I would walk to work crying. Knowing that my daughter was dying before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it. But then on the morning of -- -- fourth 2011. The call came just my daily thru lines and phone -- ABC news -- New York. And I -- and that. Is that -- -- the potential -- Only experience. This -- not realize she's singing Steve and I yeah. Anywhere -- coming out of my. I couldn't have any other words well Lindsey -- -- we head to New York Mangini in John Wooden. Is -- the cost me. -- -- -- -- we will old Lola belongs. And did everything. Isn't it -- -- that we were sent to the origins. We'll be heartbreaking. If there weren't healthy and we have to reject them. Checking into the hospital Lindsay knows. This is true only chance -- takes second place to reality. -- I wouldn't have -- I have war in the straight man and I didn't have sports it's gonna happen. I -- for them more than I think anything else -- any indication. Lindsay fox. This is -- -- Tonight deal but I think -- what well within reason -- it's not perfect. But the men stated we're go. Yeah. Legally organ donors remain anonymous. All Lindsay knows is that her donor is a man eighteen from New York. -- -- Best -- -- -- -- That's just -- have something more from. It's a big laugh. Cystic fibrosis -- -- we take him out there like super wet sponge is full of infection and they're they're literally having. A lot of work. -- -- the surgery is more complicated than expected. It takes -- deep home but two loans one at a time and then start to go wrong. I thought. -- There's no -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Family. Tense moments but in the end. August August okay and oh yeah and -- For -- -- -- perfect for me it was how -- -- night. Five months later Lindsay decides to go through new belongs -- the tents. Balloons were. And let's face. -- -- but -- I really can't play. -- -- Just tell us life was indeed awesome. But -- was haunted by a deep nagging question. Whose death. Allowed her to live. I have to remind myself. He would have passed away whether or not I was getting his lungs or not I had no control over that situation. And the only thing that I can really do is live my life to the extent that I'm showing him on he's definitely card meaning he is why I'm here. When we come now will only be aspiring chef whose lungs still can't breath. Lindsay very good. --

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{"id":21046470,"title":"One Life Lost, Another Saved","duration":"7:46","description":"Part 1: Lyndsey McLaughlin was deteriorating when finally the lungs she needed were available.","url":"/Nightline/video/life-lost-saved-21046470","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}