Long live the queens: drag gone mainstream

DragCon shows how drag's influence is reaching all corners of pop culture, from TV and Broadway to blockbuster movies, music and more.
6:08 | 11/20/18

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Transcript for Long live the queens: drag gone mainstream
Did you see that? Grab a camera and come on. I love you! An aura so big you'd think the queen just walked in. And she kind of did. Can you go to the middle so we don't have anarchy. To thousands screaming. I felt I was walking side by side with a real-life superhero. This is the famous trixie and this is drag conlike comicconbut for fans obsessed with glitter literally everywhere. It feels like the whole world is in drag. From television, to movies. ??? like break out roles in this year's hit "A star is born" and even music ??? long live the queens the drag has gone main stream. Taking over pop culture. And no more is that more clear than at ru Paul's drag con. We're so excited to invite everybody into our world. Does anybody have a trixie tattoo. There you go. Let me see it. Why is drag so popular? What about it is so special. Visually it represents the metaphor of marching to the beat of your own drum. Drag conis a powerful branding tool not just for the queens but the vendors as well. Last year over $8 million was exchanged not including ticket sales. Here the biggest names in drag can flaunt their achievements. Like current reigning drag race queen aquaria the 22-year-old just signed to the same agency that represents other super models she's also one of the faces of the H & M campaign. Despite that success she comes to drag con to see and meet her fans face to face. Seems like a lot of positive energy. It leavely is a lot of love, when there's people who come to see me who like me more than I like myself that sounds like a win-win to me. One of the most famous queens at drag con is a breath of fresh air, pepper mint who started in the New York City drag scene. Seemed like drag queen couldn't exist in any other contest than in a gay bar. Now we can bring our drag into the room unapologetically. Pup e9 came in as trans gender in 2012 and stepped into season nine for ru Paul and now starring on broad way featuring the hits of the go-goes. Here I am a black trans woman from Harlem who made a living as a drag queen until few years ago was not a vial iebl answer for who is your job when you talk to people. That's exactly what ru Paul said just two years ago. I haven't been accepted in mainstream media outlets because the only way they could actually have a conversation with me is to make fun of me. Two years later how would you answer that question? Can drag race go main stream. Can drag go main stream? Yes it has and it continues to. I feel like we're just at the beginning of these moments and people from what I can see people just have hunger for it and seem to fall in love with it same as I have. Trixie with her signature look has broke into the music season and hopes her album "One stone" gets nominated for a grammy. In the music aspect of the drag scene you don't hear much country. No you don't but think about it, isn't dolly parton drag. How about carry Underwood in big, fake hair, ru Paul says we're all in drag, we're all dressed up as something. So I've never done drag am I missing out. I got to warn you it's more painful than it looks. This year is nothing. Even this is a little painful. I don't think I could walk in this. Yes you could. You could do it. Let's try. Wow. This is difficult. I could not -- You walked the whole thing. No this is not for me. I'm about to fall over. There you go, there you go. After that test run, I had to go all out. Oh, man. I got earrings I got a wig and I got drew on the fingers. If you go to drag con got to do it up ladies. I got the small pair of eyelashes and I can barely see. I'm with and Ralph and they're going to teach me Okay. Snap it back. There you go. Yeah. You got it. I'm basically about the glitter. I cannot wait to get this glitter everywhere. So maybe the glitter's not for me but I definitely learned something to be true, drag brings people together, as their authentic selves. You'd be surprised, could break down the most stellar people and get them laughing, crying, dancing, and so drag is a really powerful tool.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"DragCon shows how drag's influence is reaching all corners of pop culture, from TV and Broadway to blockbuster movies, music and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59310152","title":"Long live the queens: drag gone mainstream","url":"/Nightline/video/long-live-queens-drag-mainstream-59310152"}