Louis C.K. performs first stand-up comedy set since admitting to sexual misconduct

Last year, five women publicly accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, and he admitted to each incident in a statement, saying "these stories are true."
7:11 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for Louis C.K. performs first stand-up comedy set since admitting to sexual misconduct
comeback? Consir fact that there is no greatert to womenmen. We're the number ohreat to wo Reporter: He was one of th highest-pa comiathe business withisrademark dark, raunchy co S sexual iitude often thench line. I'm Tuy wen see andgo,eww. LI know but let me talk to you a minute. Reporte Louis ck's career Seo implode after five women accused him ofl conduct, including mastting in fnt of allegations Louis ck admit wednesdatr this past weekend, after nine months out of theght, the comedian took thenew York's comedy cellar pering for one of the first times since thombshelladmission. He report made no mention of the in his here was the expectation I think when hee back he would say, ay, I been listening, re's what I'v learned. But he didn't do th. I'ure why. Went O and pretended it was any other set. Reporponse socl mea erupted. Seems iissed the part when Louis ck served time, I just remember hiving quietly as a minaire for less than a year. Michael Ian black argues, will take heat peoe have to allowed serve their Tim and move O with their lives. Has been nearly a year since rth of the "M too" movemend dozens have been accused ofexual misconduct. So far only been chaed with crime. As theent moves Cser to its second year,y a asking, should the be shunned forever As acountr we believe E same time, T "Me too" movemenasomething new, something weev seen before. When some L Louis ck co and does this performancanging the rules.heng the waters. An I'm ready to come back. Ll accept me? Reporter: Louis ck himself has never beenmiy charged for hisons. Make N mistake about it, Louis ck is not Harvey westein. He's not crged with rape. Inact, there no accusation Thate ever actually tou a single one of the women. But what am I suppo to do, give him a gold because he dn't rape somebody? He masturbated,tripped down anded I front women. Reporter: Aug Louis ck won't be tried I a court of law, he I being tried ie court of public opinion tonight. The jurys still outnther or not he's beenhed . I'm fine with the back, work for it donate some money to the "Me too" movement. Go spend your time with that have been crimevictims. Reporter: Louis ck's performance at tcody cellar was unannounced. There was one man who il me the next day who was upt, felt ambushed. Id thatlaint. I think that's valid. Reporter: Dormanayse watched a tape O Louis ck's performance and many the audience of about 100 or so WER reive. For E directlaffected B Louis ck's inappropriate havior, TRE is no applause. In may one ofis occur, medienne rebeccarey, TD vulture, the idea ck could be Ed a come story is disturbing.uy exploited his position of power to abuse women. Comeback plies he's the M and hes neither. Corey shared hertory with ABC news L year. It was 2005 and I a writer, actress, a producer on called "Midniy news." And I wa walking to set to oot my scene and he approached me a got reallylose to my face and said can ask you mething? And I id yes.d he said, can I mastue T in your din room? An I said, no. His face got R a he basically said he had issues. Repr: Word reached the show's executive darquette andeney cox. Cox would confirm Corey's to the York cityimes and say what happened to Rebecca was awful. In the E I was given the decision W T do. And I chose to -- too on with the sho aot shut down on or T any ac. Becauseid no have thing to do with havingis ck removed. Reporter: Aftercoy's story and theries of four other women surfaced Louis ck lengthy statement saying he was rseful and E power I had is they admired me and I wieldedhaower irresponsibl which disabled them fro sharingheir sry and brought hardship Tom when theytrie Louis ckften made jokes about masturbation, a part of his standup routine. Did in tshb My problems very simple. To find a place in my house where I can masturbate thout sebody bothering me. Reporter: 2014eke to ABC news about his willingne to push boundaries in his comedy. Sex is a fascinatisubject. It's a hilarious subj it makes you feel G or makes yol terrible. It's a hug experience, sex. Well worth talking about. Reporteccording to vulture, two women audien at ck's appearance at thecomedy cellar said his setincluded a jokehe phrase "Cle as a whistle" W built up to a joke about rape es. It could be a really funny joke, B from him? No. He does not H righto make those jokes or if I was his , I would say, du like, no, that's not the joke be sang. Eporter: N many wond will his jokes need to lately change? I don't know if Louis can as funny being cln. Epter: While questions remain asat will beme of Louis ck's future,ers who N accused are already ling therepercussions. Ey, accused of sexual misconduct by more than a dozen men, recently tanked at theox office when his film "Billionaire boys " only earned $126 onpening day, according to "The Hollywood repo." In spacey is one of the people W going to ve a time get aeer back. At the same time, guy extraordinarily talented. You know? Find mysel lt "H of cards" coming back and think,wow, it's going to an interesting show N. E' a part of me that wants himck, and there's a part of meha thinks some of the things he did were pretty egregious and I D want to support him. Reporter: It seems path toward forgiveness varyor of the accused. We're wing T look at indiviai a what I this person accused of what D we know, what can we prove, what did they own up an make a decision for person. Reporter: For some fans of Louis ck his silence on the subjt seems toiss the mark. Next wehnd

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Last year, five women publicly accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, and he admitted to each incident in a statement, saying \"these stories are true.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57492987","title":"Louis C.K. performs first stand-up comedy set since admitting to sexual misconduct","url":"/Nightline/video/louis-ck-performs-stand-comedy-set-admitting-sexual-57492987"}