Mac's Evolution and What Tim Cook Says Is Next

A look back at the computer that changed everything 30 years ago.
3:00 | 01/25/14

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Transcript for Mac's Evolution and What Tim Cook Says Is Next
Some would argue it's hard to remember a world with the now ubiquitous apple. What does the thought of standing in line for hours for the latest upgrade for a gadget seemed ridiculous. But apple has made a business out of the creating that kind of techno buzz. And on the 30th birthday of the Mac, ABC's David meir sat down for an exclusive interview with apple's CEO, Tim cook. 30 years ago today, America meets the Mac. On January 24, apple computer will introduce Macintosh. Steve jobs in his trademark unveiling. Now I would like to show you Macintosh in person. Happy anniversary, I should say. Yes. Who would have thought, 30 years 1234. Who wow thought. And still looking great. And the next 30 are going to be even better. We were invited inside happenle to constituent down with the manjobs hand picked to lead apple after him. He wakes up every day at 3:45. You get e-mails every day. Do you read them? Yes, I do. It's a privilege. How many do you read a day? I get probably 700 or 800. And I read the majority of those. Every day? Every day. Every day. I'm a workaholic. Which helps. Steve laughs, but it's true and infectious. I knew the moment that I saw the Mac in '84 that some day I would work at apple. We were work on something that would change the way people interacted with computers. Secrecy is part of the culture and excitement at apple. It is. We believe fundamentally that people love surprises. There's stories of black drapes over products in development. True? Yes. Black drapes, numerous locked doors and other thins. Even employees who can't tell their family at home what they're working on. That's true. What are you a Navy S.E.A.L.? The vhs machine, gone. Some things that have survived, the stair master, still sitting in the corner gathering dust. The minivan, still pretty ungainly. But the Mac has involved, an example of form meeting function. Will there be a new product in the years ahead? There's always new products in every year. You know, so that's something you can always count on. You can always bet that there's something around the corner. And that this team and the team that we are represent that's not in the room are very hard at work. If you went office by office here on this campus right now, you would see things that would blow your mind. Show me. That I can't do. But that is the heart beat of this place. For "Nightline," in New York.

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{"id":21714773,"title":"Mac's Evolution and What Tim Cook Says Is Next","duration":"3:00","description":"A look back at the computer that changed everything 30 years ago.","url":"/Nightline/video/macs-evolution-tim-cook-apple-ceo-21714773","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}