Making a $18K Mini-Movie to Sell a $45 Million Mansion

Luxury realtor Mauricio Umansky and his wife Kyle Richards of "Real Housewives" fame offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse.
6:02 | 11/25/15

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Transcript for Making a $18K Mini-Movie to Sell a $45 Million Mansion
. It's latest trend in the world of high-end real estate. Apparently in order to move a mansion off the market you not only have to sell the property but also the life that comes with it. How to do that, by making movies. Here's ABC's nick watt. A sleek Bentley, a studly hunk, stirring sound track. Bond movie? No. The studly hunk is a high-end realtor. Action. We're behind the scenes. That was the first scene introducing the front of the house with the Bentley. The story is they just come back from a night at the opera and they're about to have an after-party. Reporter: Real estate has now come to this. Many agents now having to make mini movies to compete in the high stakes game of high-end realty. We're talking an $18,000 production to market a $45 million mansion. 200 D we lfern drive. I'm not making this up. And, yes, that's Kyle from "Real housewives," maurisimo's real wife. You have never done this before? No, I don't pretend to live in other houses. I live in my own house. Reporter: They usually hire actors or models to make these mini movies. I get to act with Kyle. He should stick to real estate. Pours it. You know, he's a real estate king. I can't take him seriously, the acting thing. Reporter: They say filmmaking is the best way to sell, not just the bricks and mortar, but the lifestyle that comes with it. There's a little L.A. Craziness about this for sure. A little bit of Hollywood. A little bit of craziness. Reporter: Where luxury cars and stripping off for a dip is considered a sign of success. The only danger with that is that home better be a real bachelor pad because now you've identified the exact demographic and you've given no chance for anybody else to look at it. Because these movies have a global reach. They're shareable, viral, showing a buyer a life they could lead. If somebody is in China, Russia, London, and they're, you know, they can't come here right away and they want to see a house. Once you see the video, how does somebody arrive home, come home, how does the house flow, how do they entertain? That's what we're trying to paint. We're unstoppable. We don't give up. Reporter: James and David are the stars of "Million dollar listing, L.A.," and also stars in this movie. We're talking 30, 40, 50, 60, $70 million houses. It's necessary. That is what's happening rights now. That's where marketing is. Reporter: Perfect synergy, celebrity sales guy, hipster moviemakers. We want this thing to look like a movie. We'll cinematic, real clean. Is this just a gimmick or does this actually work? No, this actually works. We saw it because of the film. The home was sold for over $30 million. The owner that bought the home looked at the video, loved the video. Flew in and looked at the house and bought the house. Reporter: They're all doing it these days. There are right now dozens of 20 million plus properties for sale in L.A. Alone. This film allegedly coaxed the Swedish founder of mine craft on to a plane for a viewing and ultimately into dropping 7$70 mil for this place. What we like to do is show the lifestyle, right? How does somebody live in a house. What does it look like. Why would you want to live in the house? Mom and dad, so this is it. Reporter: Some of them even have a plot. I'm so grateful for all the ways that you've prepared me for this moment. Reporter: Like this one. Little girl growing up and leaving the nest. I love you guys. Love, shanny. Reporter: This extreme marketing tactic is spreading. Down the coast, this brand new movie is advertising some private pads for sale at this monarch beach featuring pro surfer kalana rob, Dan cox from the "Bachelor" and Lydia, a one-time "Real housewive." And even down in Texas, the message here, you could throw your son a very elegant engagement property, if only you buy this pad. Just feel relaxed. Reporter: The home of country music, Nashville, it's live. ? Amy what you want to do ? Reporter: And in Maine, all things are possible at your country estate. This isn't slap/real estate. Each home and each film is target marketed. So back to 200 delfern and to David and James. They're the listing agents for this pad. Everything that you see is staged. So we brought all the furniture in and created what you see now. And the idea with staging, keep it neutral, keep it simple. And don't personalize it. There's no butler? No. There's no staff. If I was better dressed I could play the part. You can have my blazer and there you are. Fantastic. Someone is going to spend $45 million, they're not going to be swayed by a video. I would disagree with that. Think you will get $45 million for it? I do. I think we placed it well. It's a beautiful home. Everything around here is expensive. Who are you aiming for? We do believe it will be a couple with a family. We don't believe this will be a single man. Reporter: A rich married man who wants a bond baddy ass office and billiards room. Los Angeles. Next, a new dress taking the internet by storm.

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Luxury realtor Mauricio Umansky and his wife Kyle Richards of \"Real Housewives\" fame offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"35407029","title":"Making a $18K Mini-Movie to Sell a $45 Million Mansion","url":"/Nightline/video/making-18k-mini-movie-sell-45-million-mansion-35407029"}