Man who needs bone marrow transplant searches for birth mother: Part 1

Rob Martin, who was adopted as an infant, was diagnosed with leukemia and wanted to find his roots for his daughter's sake.
8:10 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for Man who needs bone marrow transplant searches for birth mother: Part 1
Byron Pitts reporting. Reporr: You'reooking at a man who loves his daught B it Ror family. His life. Ready? Reporter: It'sife filleth secrets. Rob martin I now onuest to find the bay he knew. Foryughter'ssake. Wanted to give her a foot in mething. I never that ancho anything. Orter: He D be runni out of time. My hting hard. Reporter: He's battling leukemia Ie had fevers on and off for five days. Reporter: And mayeed a bone marrow I leyou. I love you. Prove to be a lifeline. Tonight we gon a five-month journey to find the B mother he's spent a lifetime sng for. He know,re was no one for me. A ghost. I've hrdot of descriptions of parents, of mohers, but never a ghost. She's seone who myead that I couldn't touch. Reporter: It all started I may 17, whevestigativ Alam Slaton bedding pleading e-mail from a friend ofthe martin I'm writing to youause ey're currently overwhelmed wi aggreive cancer treat. When someone'spe youediately make this a to rob's wife tell her shd take ose pro Bono. He was sound. She was ke, GE me all the formation. Reporter: Robas little informatn M to start with. His a parents took him under the care when he was a I remem when I wa younger ask my mom about mom her answer "I'm Mo why do you wanto know about" parents and adoe brother died. In the span of two ars, all the family known, gone. That would be crushing me. I was depressed for years. Ye lly years. Reporter: It wasn't until the H of own daught aurelia, now 3, R first decid he'd try T his biological mother. What information D Y find onour own? I got the nonidentying adoption rords from the state. This is it? Ts it. Found out my mother was cat16. Th's all I says. What walike for Yo as as itorting? Is it assuring? Is it frustrating? Efore iot this, you knowwas a ghos that's solid information THA my mothexisted. Rorter: A glimmer of hope, buthing thatught H any closer to finding H BIR mother. It was just four mths after that that cancer would strike.eukemia. Hemmediately admted to the hospital for a30-day snd begins chemotherapy. I thought he waoing to DI he couldn't even stand. He S bon marrow transplant. Ere told thatt's better with family members. Likeosk anything. It feels likegreed. Brother, you're N Askin for a know. Ou askingly to save you life. From someone I've never T, and who made consciou Reporter: Then just a afteis initial prognosi filly some good news. Remission. Yay! Leshans from my adiowas in Fu rission.which was -- even now it's like, know -- it's a gift. It was a gift. Movesstill. Ye, yeah. Yeah. Reporter: Bis docto say ere's stilbout 1 once the cancer could and bone marrow transplant isn't O thetable. Rob still has to undergr more rounds of C T comet his treatment. Buts gretr I't for himself, it's for his her. You don't havmory of 2 years old. Oh, I Yo Fear is her not knowing me. Me being, you know -- kind ofand castle eporter: Wit time to waste, intensifies her search. Focusing firn finding his birth name. When you're born, you are given a birth name.riginal name. Once the adoptioneslace and yally adopted,our certiamended. Reporter: Rob's ended birth certificateeals he was B in queens, newrk. Usg that information along withm's age, Pam uncove his original Na Garza. I immediately started do was to T and comprise a St of a female garzas who would roughly 16 years old the ti was born. I've basicot as far I could. Reporter: Next S por ugh his ancestry.comdna lts, Seang for any leads that could whittle down H ort list. You had a pretty close mch that I immediate honed non. Once I was able to con her, thatis case was going to start. Heyw are you? I know this is weird, but I'm asionalgenealogist. Reporter: Is able to coax roe into namin all her known blings. Wow, okay. Onen that she had sai to over the phone wa and therm bells wt birth mothersrob. Pretty S ttrob's case is just afrai about, you Maki that pho becau I'm goi to be really T if his birth mother is not open T contact. Reporter: But when Pam calls Borah, she gets hung up on. That nextning I S getting text mesges from rob's ld like to know more about what you'r long for. I'm notdvocate of dropping so wroteback, I'm helping someone who is adte he S born and then it was the complete ton of the messages cnged. I had a son in 1972. I had to give up for adoption. I think about him every Rorter:regnant at 16, Bo Garza sayser mother made her hide hcy she. She delivered the baby via c-section. Y complete knocked out. So I wouldn't see the baby when the baby was born. Guess was a lawyer who came in wity mother. Told me to sign thispaper, sign paper, signs paper. Asked him, what is it? Don't wo just gnhese papers. My mother told em so I signed T papers. Reporteers to see him. I was told, get on life, you stilloung, you'll have other kids. Ho I was a the. No matrat, I was a reporter: Bng an unwe er was atigma at the time. N only werehey treated a though it was shameful experience, but thenhey weren't able to grieve you're losg Hild, essentially. Reporter: Coming mhe D son prepare I don'tnow how I gng handle this phone call. Orter: For conversatn they N thought wldpen.

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{"id":56859659,"title":"Man who needs bone marrow transplant searches for birth mother: Part 1","duration":"8:10","description":"Rob Martin, who was adopted as an infant, was diagnosed with leukemia and wanted to find his roots for his daughter's sake. ","url":"/Nightline/video/man-bone-marrow-transplant-searches-birth-mother-part-56859659","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}