Man on death row hopes DNA testing will exonerate him before execution

Julius Jones, whose story appears in ABC's "The Last Defense," was sentenced to death for a murder many believe he did not commit.
7:37 | 07/19/18

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Transcript for Man on death row hopes DNA testing will exonerate him before execution
T was just honor night. I really didn'tave Anya how my life could ch. Repor time moves slowly for37-year-ol Julius Jones, as he sits and waits onth row in Oklahoma. W T juliu was ongfully convicted that Oklahoma is at risk executing an it man. Jones inches cleing executed for a murder man believe he didn't comm. Bu now key evidencer before tested could give Julius a shot at freedom. I know brother's innocent. I just don't see how they still have myther Locke up. Reporter: Back in 99, pr seemed an unlikely place to find Julius Jones. He was a champion hichool baball player. Sopho Julius Jones! Reporter: L by his teachers and a star stt. Julius attended theuniversity of Oklahoma. On amic scholarship as well. Which was big-time. Reporter: Jones' case is the focus a new abcocu-series "The last fe from executive producerla Davis. We know the system doesn't it right all the time. Repor yyus' story beginsn er night aost 20 years ago when he was jus 19. Gunshots ring out in a Q ighborhood in Edmund, oklaho, a wealthy suburb of Oklahoma City. 911. Myson's been shot out in the front Ya 'S got nopulse. Reporter: 45-year-old Paul we gunned down, the victim of acarjac. His gmc suburban hot commodity for car Thies. The victim's sister W the only it egantoby described ooter as a younglack man wearing red bandana, a white irt, and a stocking cap or skullcap. She was not able identif the shooter's faceause it S covered. An ch from a stocking cap of hair. On friday,wo days after howellmurder, the police stumbled upon the suburban parked at a grocery store. R the store wast blocks away from a chop shop where police lea lidle king had offered to sell aburban. You mention Ladell Ng, I though thefts. He wnvolved in car all around theetarea. He'd been doing that forars. Ladell wasnterviewed by the lead detectives in this he told the police that on night of the crime, a guy named Chris Jorda ces to histment. A F minutes later, according to Adell , juliuses drives up. Reporter: Chris jn a Julius Jones were high school quaiances. Chris a suspected gang member. Julius college student blood been I T of his own. Myirst year of scol into something shoplifting. I stolers. Stole thingsould sell. Reporter: King says the N came T see him, asking for help how to se stolen suburban. I'm middleman relaying a message froms guy. Eporter: He the murder made it too risky to sell cafor parts. He said, man, I don'tnk I want T mess with no suburbans rightnow. D some guy in Edmond got shot oven. Reporter: King, a potential suspect himself, points finger Julius Jones. He had a R bandana around his neck. A stockin on. Reporter: Kinguses Chris and chged with felony murder, claiming he and js were out looking for suburbasteal, but sa it was js who pull the trigger. People set me uake the fall. Loath Ladell king and R Jordan were directing police atteno thee of Julius Jones' parents a place that would havena items of evidence. Reporter: And theynd thema apped in a red bandana, tucked inside an ai space. His attorneys say the evidence police found could have been plan by Jordan the night after the murder. Cisordan said that the xt day, Thursday Ni he had spent the night at Julius' parents' home. He said he was locked out of grandmother's house. Julius slept on the airs couch. Meanwhil Chris slept in the upstairs bem. Reporter: Chris Jordan denied this claiming trial. Arrested for capital murder. When I went to open the door up, man, TRE's cops all on the Fron porchith their guns out. Oy way you're going to stop C or even down is to start punishing the people whmmit it. Rtly after juliusas arrest, Bob Macy says publicly in the med he was going to seek theth penalty against Julius. The prosecutor in this ca Macy, had been responsible for ending 54 people to death W. Well, half of those conns were overturn later. A lot of involved informts? Correct. Three of people that Macy sent to death row were later exonerated. Repor a nes' defense team was enced, me first the only witness says the kill's hair stuck out an inch fromnderneath the cap. Unately, his defense am never submitted a photog of aeek P -- of Julius Jones. Y have a photo of him the wee before, then immediately after arrest. Is that his hair was incredibly short. Chris an, meanwhile, wore air I corn rows and it stuck out at T sides. Reporter: Julius' lawyers also point out try was no made aware that Ladell king was his damaging testimony against Juli. Unfortunately, I our criminal justice system, the first to be igated who tells police a S ce then who gets the deal. King was facing a minimum of O a check fraud matter because ad three strikes. It was dismis enrely. Reporter: Chris Jordan was sentenced to just 15 years and is nowree man. So they had every motiv and centive to lie, and a jury didn't G to hr all of that evid. Ot only did THA incent that incentive was not discsen the court? Right? Correct. From the prosecutor to the ators, lead investigators in the case. There'o que he didn't get a faitrl. UND in Julius' house? As never testedor DNA. Andaytht be Julius' only hope. Theygree to te the red a. And we are hoping T's something there that can identify who the real shooter was. That's good. It's good. This is your hope you've given me hope. If the rests come wh a profile, and if THA ple Julius jones.ant a new trial, I W a chance to tell a J why I'm innocent. What's justice look like in Jo case? Justice would be exoneratio but you can't get those 20 years back. Ourto juju. Don't miss the F esodef "The last defense" next Tuesday night right here on ABC. C up next on

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"Julius Jones, whose story appears in ABC's \"The Last Defense,\" was sentenced to death for a murder many believe he did not commit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56681965","title":"Man on death row hopes DNA testing will exonerate him before execution","url":"/Nightline/video/man-death-row-hopes-dna-testing-exonerate-execution-56681965"}