Margaret Thatcher: Political Pioneer, Pop Culture Icon

Margaret Thatcher, who died at 87, has been portrayed in films, plays and music.
3:00 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Margaret Thatcher: Political Pioneer, Pop Culture Icon
Elvis Costello once -- about laughing while -- on the grave of Margaret Thatcher a stark political statement that took on. New poignancy today when Britain's former prime minister passed at age 87. Depending on who was remembering her today issues either the beloved Iron Lady who saved England from socialism save the world from communism. Or she was a lady with a heart on fire unmoved by the plight of the working poor. No wonder that there is such a broad Thatcher legacy in song and on screen and ABC's David Wright. Takes a look. She was a towering figure in twentieth century politics and pop culture. VIN. Ney did no -- and -- The grocers daughter who -- fashioned herself as the cold -- Winston Churchill I like mr. Gorbachev. We can do business together in America she was revered as though she were Ronald -- better half. My political soul mate a great visionary. And a dear dear friend. But in Britain she was a divisive figure she left office every bit as unpopular as George W. Bush did here. That uncompromising. Image and the us vs them policies behind it translated into some distinctly unflattering portrayals. Has -- spitting image Britain's political mob -- giant. Okay. The for a generation of pop culture consumers. Just follow up. Prices for being a punch line for James Bond in for your eyes only. Whoever it and it has to -- To having a silent Finley you know and love actually. -- common problem. She did -- seasonings. To becoming the tragic heroine worthy of Merrill -- talent in the Iron Lady this isn't day to put differences. Aside eight. Two home -- head high. I don't think -- didn't being. -- -- -- that one street her third Oscar. The recording artists of the babies Thatcher was -- news not in a flattering. Today Billy Bragg remembered her bitter response to the miners' strike in 1984. The damage -- she. Unfortunately still playing itself I'm mark country. He is anthem in support of the miners marked his first appearance on Britain's top of the problem. The old. In the same way that the dust bowl created Woody Guthrie in the same way the civil rights movement spawned Bob Dylan adventurism. The backlash against it launched -- One would give -- a picture of moderate effect was that she was a genuine radical I have to modified but she was a radical not Markota radicalism might be -- She had that set principles and she. She rammed through you're the -- -- not -- sold. It's one against all TH time that it started for the 48 Thatcher was still Britain's prime minister when Elvis Costello offered this bitter tribute on the BBC. -- She's moon it's. Of course over the children of Thatcher's Britain take -- different. Today this Spice Girls waited scary spice AKA Melanie Brown now a judge on America's Got Talent -- I was heartbroken. It's devastating. To as a woman that moved mountains and so -- -- And ginger spice Gerri -- today tweeted that Thatcher is the original example of girl power. But then later today she deleted the tweet reportedly facing a backlash so much for girl power. People either loved Thatcher -- low after when it comes to the Iron Lady there is room while the -- -- I'm David Wright for Nightline in -- Margaret Thatcher. Was 87 years old thanks to David.

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{"id":18911000,"title":"Margaret Thatcher: Political Pioneer, Pop Culture Icon","duration":"3:00","description":"Margaret Thatcher, who died at 87, has been portrayed in films, plays and music.","url":"/Nightline/video/margaret-thatcher-entertainment-18911000","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}