Mariah Carey's Former Nanny Sues Over Claims of Unpaid Wages

Nanny claims the diva owes her money, as we go inside a selective school to find out how to be a nanny to the stars.
5:24 | 01/31/15

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Transcript for Mariah Carey's Former Nanny Sues Over Claims of Unpaid Wages
Mariah Carey is known for her spectacular high notes. Tonight a professional relationship has ended on a decidedly sour note. The recently divorced star being sued by her former nanny, her family's supposed dirty laundry being aired in court. Here's my "Nightline" coanchor juju Chang. Reporter: Mariah Carey's voice launched her status at a musical diva. With hits like "You'll always be my baby." But now the woman who's been taking care of her babies is accusing the star of being a diva at home. Hernanny of four months filing a lawsuit against letter and her husband nick cannon just weeks after the couple filed for divorce accusing the couple of fourth forcing her to work 100 hours a week and failing to pay overtime. Her duties were feeding, babying, and comforting the couple's 3-year-old twins. She also claims she was fired after Mariah got mad at her for being too affectionate. A tendency she alluded to in an interview. Unfortunately I have to have nannies but I'm hands-on. I fired nannies like this but I hate doing it but I have to. If they try to make themselves in the baby's mind than me. Reporter: For Carey, these are her miracle babies. After suffering miscarriage these babies we born thanks to fertility treatments. It's just love. It's a beautiful place to be. Reporter: For working moms, that love can often be tinged with jealousy when they feel the nanny is getting too close to their babies. The reality is your child should be able to love and receive love from all kinds of people. They don't lose by having more people loving them. Reporter: But that wasn't the only issue. The nanny claims she was not compensated for jetsetting around the globe with the singer, toting her kids. No glamor, more like real life nanny diaries. I need you to Xerox recommendation letters. Also introduce French food into his diet, it might enhance the study of the language. Celebrities are used to getting told yes all the time. They're used to people going along with what they want. And it may work a little differently with a nanny. Reporter: In the lawsuit, simonette Decosta claims she was on call 24 hours a day with no entitlement for breaks, meals, even sleep. And Carey would call in the middle of the night. In general you need to get five hours of uninterrupted sleep, we need to be paid hourly. Reporter: Anita Rogers runs an exclusive agency, british American household staffing. If it's a job 100 hours a week, it needs to be 44 hours at a specific hourly and that hourly cannot be under minimum wage. That's the law. Then it needs to be time and a half. Reporter: Being a celebrity nanny often involves demanding work. Even if you're living the high life. Carey's nanny was paid over $6,000 a month, roughly $80,000 a year. A representative for Mariah Carey told ABC news they don't comment on frivolous lawsuits. This isn't the first time a nanny has caused a stir in high-powered circles. Rupert Murdoch's nanny sued the billionaire and his now ex-wife, calling their home a war zone. A judge dismissed the case against them. Before you start, like anything, with any job, but especially domestic staffing, you have a watertight contract. Reporter: Anita Rogers says discretion is the key when hiring nannies for the rich and famous. You don't want your nanny telling the nanny in the park your dirty secrets. It's terrible. Or even your clean secrets. None of them. Reporter: She says a well-trained nanny should know what she's in for. A professional nanny knows all cleaning related to the children, packing related to the children, is their job. A babysitter goes home. A nanny has to do everything. Cooking, cleaning, organizing, ironing. Reporter: That said, being a nanny to the stars is no easy job. From Angelina to Gwen Stefani, high-profile moms lead unpredictable lives and can be demanding bosses. The best thing we advise at british American household staffing is hire two or three nannies. Because a work/life balance is the wisest thing to give your employees. Reporter: Along with demands come the perks. Which is why some potential nannies to the stars are willing to pay top dollar to attend this nanny school. We are not training babysitters. We are training fantastic, certified, professional nannies. Reporter: At the English nanny and governess school in chagrin falls, Iowa, nannies learn cpr, cooking, even handling horses. If a nanny's not comfortable around a horse, the children will pick up on it, the horse will pick up on it. Reporter: The tuition, $10,000. Once hired, they can make that back almost immediately. And much, much more. So how much can celebrity nannies make? I have people making exorbitant salaries. $250,000. There's been stories where the family actually pays for the nanny to further her education. They take her on shopping trips. Take her on cruises. Personal planes. Like all of it. Like they're living the life. Reporter: That's the high life. The nannies' dream job. But sometimes dreams fall short of reality.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"Nanny claims the diva owes her money, as we go inside a selective school to find out how to be a nanny to the stars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"28624571","title":"Mariah Carey's Former Nanny Sues Over Claims of Unpaid Wages","url":"/Nightline/video/mariah-careys-nanny-sues-claims-unpaid-wages-28624571"}