Michael Cohen speaks out after his sentencing: 'I have my freedom back'

Donald Trump's former "fixer" says he's "done with the lying" and discusses his dramatic turnaround from "blind loyalty" to the president, to saying Trump "doesn't tell the truth."
9:54 | 12/15/18

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Transcript for Michael Cohen speaks out after his sentencing: 'I have my freedom back'
path Emoalourt yesterday. How does it feel today? Like my freedom back. Too. To be before the court wit my family in attendan my mother, my Fath my wife, M children it was a very roughday. Rorter: He was the president xer, man who once said he'd take bulletor Donald Trump. I'll do anything T protectmr. Trump. Rter: Now Michael coh sayse' going to prison in part becausef the wor he did for ump. S yesterdayhe day of your life? Is that going toofar? It's an understatement. Y you feeyou've Turne corner?now ie. R just thiseek Cohen sentenced to three years in pn afterad guilty to financial im lying T congress, and two campaign finance violations in connection withush money paynt made to R stormy Daniels and plate Karen Mcdougal. The president's tweetinomarly in thing, several different things. At strk M most is his claim that yougreed this plea deal for Thi ason, he said. Those charges were just agree to by him in order to embarrass E preside andet a much reducedrisonsentence. He knows the truth. I the truth. Manyple know the uth. Under nonces do I wantto embarra T preside of the United States americ th truth is, I tol truth. I took responsibility for my actions. And instead of him responsibility for his actions, what does he do? He aks my family. Who he ys, his claim, lying about him to protect Yo wife, to protect ur fathern-law? Inaccurate. He knowshe trust I know the truth. Others know the truth. And here's the tru the doesn't tell the truth, and it's sad that I should take responsibility for his dirty deeds. Counsel Robert Mueller in his rusa investigation, and separately, federal prosecutors in hern district of Y ca not charged the president in E deals. They allege Cohen act in codination with and at the direction of trum accordio court filings. Ump tweeted H NER directed Michael Cohen to the law. I true that the president was just a unwiin client who'd been advisedly lawyer, could be afense. Me the de himself with American media. This point the predent isefy an unindicted coconspirator. Rter: Bombsll revolutions, prosecutors Rea agreent with Ami, publicishers of national enquirer." Its I tmpssociate David pecker. Id admitted to making a00 payment in Mcdougal in concert with the trump aign. Yod for himor a long time. More than ten years. Why? Out O loyalty. Ouofalty him. I followed a badpath. And hence how we stated this conversation. I have my freedom. I wilt lain of hi story. He's saying V clearly that he never directed you too anythiwron is that true? I D't think there'sbo that believes that. First of all,hingt the trump organizationas ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump. Ted me to make the pa dte me to become involved these matters,ncng tne with Mcdougal, which is really between him and David pecker and then David pecker'scounsel. I just reviewed the documents in order to protect hi I gave lty to someoneho truthfully does not deserve loyalty. He was trying to hit you were correct? Correct. And he knew it was wr . And he was doing that to help his election? You have to remember at what point in time THA this matte about. Two weeks or so before the election. Post T bilush comments. So yes, he was very about how thisouldff the election. Telp aign? To help him andhe campaign. You mentioned dir deeds in your allotion. When you think about it, when you look back, did Y know what you were doing -- I'm angry atmyself. Because I knew what was doing was wrong. Suld not be the O O taking responsibility for his actions. So he's still Yes. D you know W Y were loyal to him at the beginning? No. No, it was a blind loyalty. It was to a man I are but I -- I do not know T answer T it. The procutors seem T was -- southern district prutors, I shod seem to sugst it was you were being driveny G and ambition? , That's inaccurate. I didn'te my money working for Donald Trump. I made aalamou money years before working for donaldtrump. And anybody who me that to be the truth. S what D you ople, and there are a lot O people who WOU be watching who are going to be, but wait second, he lied for so long, why should we believe him now? What's there that?t do you meanlied? Lied about whit's new yorklestate. S, great product ever created. Is that a lie? Ou pleaded guilty to lying congress. Yes. So why should we believe no becausehe special counsel St emptically that the information that have them waredible a helpful there's a substan amount of information they possess that corroborates the fact that amling T truth. Reporter: In aprilhe FBI ided Cohen's office,home, and some of which Ted to payme to Karen you're done with the lying? I am don with T lying. I'm doneing loyal topresident trp. And my firstaltygs to my wife, M daught my son, and this country. Reporr: But some members of congress stillskeptical. It appears that mr.cohen's imony would be a critical of it. And I ink his Cohen's a gangster I mean, his credibility is suspect at the least. Was lost O few that Marco Rubio came out in theast uple of days and said, you know what, wo to all of the facts. You're srting to sheacks in the wall that long time. Many, many years ago you seemed to be having There was a lot of fun going on at the trump organization. With dond trump? I enjoyed working with my Collea there as well. Whenid it change? I give you a specific timehat it went from point "A" to point "B." Was just a change. I will tell you that the gentleman that is sitting now in office, 1600 ania avenue, is N dona trump that I remember from trump tower. How so? He's ay difrent in. What's happened to him? I think the pressure O job iuch mor than what he thought it was going T be. It's not like the trump organization where he wouk out orders peopleould blindlollow he wanted done there's am here. He doesn't understand the system. Anit's sad, because the country never been more divisive. And one of the hes that I have T of theishment THA I've received as well a coopation that I N, Wille remembered in history a toring this country back togeth. The special counsel did that were Doi your best to tell the truth about everything related T their investigation, everything related to Russia. Th? No. That's a big statement. When you look B at what would you S to hat first day? What we you thinking? Ew better. You know better. How doe this end for donal trump? That sort of gets into the whole investigation right now. I don't want to jeopardize any ofheir investigations. You're sti cooperating? If they want , I'm here. And I'm willing T answer whatever additional questions thathey mayave me. Right.so you're saying there are certain areas you can't get into because you're still cooperating with them? Correct. Why do U think presi way? Da almost, now. You weak,alling you a liar. Is he raid? Seems like it. That's what does. That's what does. Are you afraid of him? It's Nev good to be on the wrong side resident O the ited states of America. Butowanother, this task has now fn oo my shoulders. Life in order to fix the make that I made. Howre you going to that? Don't ow one day at a time. Ghine," I'm georgestephanopoos in New York. We'll hear the president's current attorn Rudy giulia, Sunday on "This week witgeor." Nextger Dua Lipa's

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{"duration":"9:54","description":"Donald Trump's former \"fixer\" says he's \"done with the lying\" and discusses his dramatic turnaround from \"blind loyalty\" to the president, to saying Trump \"doesn't tell the truth.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59834921","title":"Michael Cohen speaks out after his sentencing: 'I have my freedom back'","url":"/Nightline/video/michael-cohen-speaks-sentencing-freedom-back-59834921"}