Military Coup in Egypt

Amid protests, the standoff between President Morsi and the military ended as the army took over.
8:25 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Military Coup in Egypt
Dramatic showdown between Egypt's military and the ousted president. Once again millions of citizens of taken to the streets in Cairo in dueling protests. But is this of people still. Or one strong armed by the military tonight President Obama met with his national security team as a key American ally stands on the brink of civil war. ABC's out Smart port is covering the crisis in Egypt Alex. -- it's a tale of two cities here in Cairo tonight as we wait to see who makes the next move. President Morrissey was ousted by the Egyptian military a spokesman now tells us he's been arrested. That -- hundreds of thousands of egyptians celebrated his removal from power. Fireworks and jubilation erupted in top -- -- square tonight at the military announced it dissolved Egypt's constitution. And deposed president -- more -- after just one year in office what -- that. In his speech to the nation the head of the military said they were responding to the calls of the people military also blamed more seat for failing to unite egyptians. President more -- struck back. Calling the military's moves unacceptable. And arguing that he was legitimately elected. In a -- his office said. Measures announced by the armed forces leadership. Represented a full -- Categorically rejected by all the free men of our nation when -- got there Saturday ended a video posted online -- ominously warned whoever planned this wants to spill the blood of the Egyptian people. It was just two and a half years ago that many of these same egyptians were fighting to oust another president since then Egypt -- Becomes so deeply polarized. Over worries that -- civil war could -- the country apart. -- Morrissey made a lot of mistakes and I think a lot of the decisions that he made over his first year in office did give people real reason to question. His intentions with respect to democracy. And the -- hundreds ability to play a democratic game. The United States is watching events in Cairo closely Egypt is one of the US's closest allies in the Middle East. One of the largest recipient of American dollars in foreign aid. Just four days ago on the first anniversary of president more c.'s election demonstrators gathered across the country. -- for more -- stepped down and for new elections to be held according to the military these demonstrations turned into the largest protest in Egyptian history. Millions demonstrating across the country. And I think the methods still has been Egypt Mohamed -- the -- You know would come here it is kids. They don't want any lives and I'm not convinced then and I'm Ed -- and on the streets and in -- it's. Feeling the momentum the protesters came out again the next day hoping the military would take their side the crowds were so big. Anger so strong. The military gave more CO 48 hour deadline to answer the people's demands when helicopters showed up over the rallying -- -- -- square. Crowd erupted in cheers. How do you feel about the army now issuing this ultimatum. We'll have a happy extending. It's one of testing that has happened in Egypt have been looking forward to it for almost a year army -- on your -- -- yes I don't need aren't. Even that the police academy that old -- with us. And it's a great support all egyptians. You'd like to see the army take over from the president as we don't. If you please eat that he is so -- and you can't -- that. But he's not eating tiny even speaking -- and listen I didn't do not like Egypt -- -- teaching. Since -- he was elected a year ago these egyptians -- their lives have only gotten worse orders doctors and back to the -- it's not yet. Actually been much much worse. The countries -- stopped functioning. I mean there's notes on the streets the economy doing badly. I have less. What's -- purchasing -- than you selected this -- is not doing well tourism once a lifeblood of the Egyptian economy has plummeted the Nile River now empty of the traditional full Lucas that once ferry tourists up and down the river. Gamal Abdel Ghani told us he used to gift when he rides a day on this day it was his first. How much money did you make this week. This week. This knows that can balance just in -- -- nearly two dollars. -- the anti more -- faction also accused the Muslim Brotherhood which -- -- belongs to of imposing their Islamist values on Egyptian life. And trying to control the country. But doing it I'd it would changing. -- -- changing the way -- -- -- that way we told the maybe even dealing with in this. Sizable clashes has so far left forty people dead in the last four days of protest. In a defiant speech last night. Worse he rejected the ultimatum and accuse remnants of the old regime of hijacking the revolutions and causing the unrest and today he let the ultimatum expired. Hours passed with no word from the military confusion and tension mounted -- have -- -- -- -- -- -- right now at this moment -- -- Then came the announcement and an eruption on that famous square. Birthplace of one Egyptian revolution. Now perhaps another one. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- hey it's our. And they -- yeah. But while many celebrated -- supporters responded angrily after working in the shadows for more than eighty years. The once outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. Is it going down without a fight. There's been a lot of very angry rhetoric talk about the brotherhood. Bartering themselves for the sake of democratic legitimacy. And so I think there is -- real fear about violent opposition to this military takeover. For days Muslim Brotherhood officials have warned of bloody repercussions if the military tried to step in. Earlier today a top official said that if -- he were ousted. They would flood the streets with supporters so even as celebrations continue late in tonight on top -- square. Egypt is bracing itself for more bloody violence. -- -- Our thanks to Alex mark court in Cairo. And now we turn to ABC's global affairs anchor Christiane on the court and he joins me now with some valuable context thanks so much for being good to be. Well you -- there in -- tahrir square. As democracy took shape and it's an emotional historic moment and get you can't wants. The events of the last few days and not wonder is democracy failing in the Middle East you know. Egypt is the bedrock of the Middle East what happens in Egypt is likely to happen around that region so everybody is closely watching and of course is -- massively important US ally. It is a very young democracy there are no political parties that is what politics is happening in the streets so you have president -- -- who was elected. But is. Viewed to a failed to deliver on his promises he didn't give them the economic -- that they wanted. If there's a lack of security and he's viewed as talking to fall. Two Islamist base. So are the people who in the streets is saying no I don't we -- a give you a vote of no confidence. -- -- Without voices without bodies in the streets and that's what's happening right now and it's a tense standoff and yet the US is largely silent on the issue what's fascinating. Is this diplomatic dance that's going on. As to whether -- was technically a military -- what I think -- apps they -- knew they'd see the US and western officials democracy's about very hard time. Reacting to this an added twist themselves in contortions. Trying to figure out not to quoted the -- Because this would affect US aid it would affect. Relations with Egypt and poses a very important place but was really fascinating. And you'll see this expo -- -- the social media. The and Timor -- protesters are running a massive campaign. To say this was not a -- who admitted he did not step in beyond merely enacting the will of the people look. It's a supreme court judge is going to be the -- but let's face it. The interim leadership is. -- to be umpire -- by the ministry. So no matter what you want -- -- the minute treason charge right now the question is what's gonna happen. Tomorrow next week and next month fascinating to watch events unfold and always grateful to have your insights thanks Christiane thank you.

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{"id":19576224,"title":"Military Coup in Egypt","duration":"8:25","description":"Amid protests, the standoff between President Morsi and the military ended as the army took over. ","url":"/Nightline/video/military-coup-egypt-19576224","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}