Millionaire Electronic Dance Music DJs

Since EDM has exploded in recent years, those who spin the beats have become mega-stars.
7:11 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for Millionaire Electronic Dance Music DJs
Move over katy perry, step aside jay-z. DJs THE NEW KINGS. Electronic dance music is blowing up and the guys are raking it in drawing crowd and But some partiers are feeling the energy bi ergy by sharing more than just the music, the lights are flashing, the beat is thumping and a drug culture looming that threatens it all. Here is abc's gio ben spichitez. Reporter: Ultimate power tripping, tens of thousand of people at your fingertips, moving in sync. Waiting for the beat to drop. ♪ ♪ you can't get any closer than this! Reporter: These djs are kings, tiesto, calvin harris are raking in tens of millions. Harris outearning katy perry and jay-z, pulling in $46 million over the last year. Because in the past few years, electronic dance music, edm for short has exploded into a full blown movement. Every kid wants to be a dj. Because he is like wow. You know, you're on stage. You're the star. It is like a crazy rock 'n' roll life. It is good money. And the fame. Reporter: And today this is the mecca. Abc groupies. We're at tomorrow world one of the largest music festivals on the planet in the u.S. For the first time. Vip check in. Let's go. An hour outside of atlanta, I am embraced from strangers all over the word like a long lost friend. It feels like a modern day woodstock. Fans have been camping out for days here in what they call dreamville. So these are just some of the 25,000 people, see this is what people do. They just, end up sleeping. Ha-ha-ha. Going to be insane tonight. We are very excited. Reporter: Tonight the 72-hour rager begins. 300 DJs FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Will perform onht eig different stages. Tiesto here to perform on the outrageous main stage. As one of the world's highest PAID DJs HE PULLED IN $32 Million in the last 12 months. What do you think it is about this kind of music that attracts so many people? The pure energy that comes out of it. And it is so powerful. And the beat, it never stops. And just keeps people going. Reporter: The moment we saw you. You came in here, said, atlanta ready to party. Exactly. Exactly. Fiesto. Atlanta you look to party? Reporter: When the party starts, the music is intoxic intoxicat intoxicating. You feel every beat in your body. Reporter: You make friend easy here. Here it is more about experiencing, a collective euphoria with people from over 70 countries. Reporter: You brought your mom out here? Yeah, my mom is fighting cancer right now. She is going through chemotherapy. My mom went to woodstock. There is no negative energy. All positive. Everybody is here to have a blast. Reporter: From the outlandish outfits. Peace, love, happiness. Reporter: To the wild dancing and unbelievable lights. It is a world unto itself. ♪ tiesto has been performing over a decade but said this doesn't get old. What's going through your mind the moment you land here, the moment you see the crowd? Just excitement, you know. It is amazing to be here and play in the festival. A brand new festival here. And you have to play, and some of the old stuff. It is going to be an interesting set. Reporter: From motorcade to private jets he is literally on top of the world. Here we go. Reporter: With lucrative endorsement deals, selling everything from computers to clothes. CELEBRITY D.J.s GETTING PAID BIG To perform at mega festivals like this and are single-handedly reviving las vegas night life. I make a lot of money. I am grateful for that. I am happy I make so much money. I really do it for the pleasure of the music. And my love for the dj. Reporter: A decade ago, edm was mostly an underground genre. Now dj kings hold the keys to smash success. Everyone from britney and rihanna wants to collaborate with them. ♪ In a hopeless place ♪ if you look at rihanna's "we found love" 10, 15 years ago you would never have heard this dancy on the radio. These would be called the club remix back then. Reporter: But there is a dark side to this musical revolution, a drug culture that lends itself to music about being care-free and losing yourself. ♪ I lose myself tonight ♪ edm is fueling it in the sense that -- the experience of being on ecstasy I think becomes part of the normalized behavioral culture of that experience. So ecstasy makes you very sort of lovy and empathetic and very friendly and that create this sort of dominant culture. Reporter: Last month the electric zoo festival in new york city was canceled after two people died overdosing on the ecstasy-like drug molly. The d.J.Armand van buren was to Edm has the the stigma. A little unfair. Look at other festivals stuff happens there too. You don't need drugs to enjoy the music. Just have a grit time with your friend going to a festival. Reporter: At tomorrow world, medics were on hand. According to them. Out of 140,000 attendees, only 20 went to the hospital. But for the dj, it all comes back to the addiction of being on stage. Something takes over, right? There is this energy about you? Right. Yeah, it is a love affair really. They're giving me their energy and I'm giving back as much as as possible. Reporter: For armand it's taken two decade to get here. His first big radio hit. ♪ This is what it feels like ♪ the success of this is what it feels like. Reporter: Chosen as the coveted final act there is nowhere else he was rather be. It feels like we are all floating in the air. We all connect. That's what dance music is about. Connection. This little positive moment in your life. Everything is good for just an hour, two hours. Reporter: For "nightline," gio benitez at tomorrow world.

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{"id":20526134,"title":"Millionaire Electronic Dance Music DJs","duration":"7:11","description":"Since EDM has exploded in recent years, those who spin the beats have become mega-stars.","url":"/Nightline/video/millionaire-electronic-dance-music-djs-20526134","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}