Former Miss World Goes From Bollywood to Hollywood

With her "Exotic" good looks and friends like Pitbull, can she make it in the U.S.?
6:37 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Former Miss World Goes From Bollywood to Hollywood
ge Tonight a very unusual twist on a story about a young woman trying to make it in hollywood. She has a lot going for her. She is beautiful. Talented. Smart. And then there is this. She is already very, very famous. On the other side of the planet. Here is abc's nick watt. ♪ Reporter: She is one of the biggest movie stars on this earth. She sings, she dances. She smoelders. She smolders. Revered by men. Idolized by women. There are parts of the world she physically cannot walk down the street. She is so famous. What is going on in the studio today? Reporter: You have probably never heard of her. Is that about to change. I think this is us, isn't it? This is you. Reporter: I wonder if they're ready for a big indian superstar? You never know. That's the point of taking the chance. Reporter: She is arguably india's most famous woman. I join the 31-year-old bollywood sensati sensation, one time miss world when sheep ju just landed in l.A. She hoping to become america's next big pop star. Bring pop music, an interesting twist . Reporter: She is collaborating with new friend, hip-hop superstar, pit bull. My word. Raunchy. The song is called unsurprisingly exotic. And hit machine will.I.Am. ♪ We've got everything you need ♪ Reporter: You are trying to do pop music with an indian twist. Not that easy? No it is not. Some times it works. Some times it doesn't. Reporter: You are selling this exotic indian whole thing. It is super tricky. I am trying not to be american. Trying not to be indian. That's just me. What that is. I don't know. Whatever music I make. If people like it, it is for who I am. It's not because I am indian. We can let go. It's not good. I don't like it. I don't like it either. Become to the booth. Reporter: We are hanging with her at the studio while she lays down a robin thicke duet. ♪ If you can't hear what I am trying to say ♪ and polishes her own new solo single. ♪ We can let go ♪ Reporter: Do you think this is going to work? Do you think pop music in america is going to work for you? I have no idea if it is going to work or not. All I know is, I am not thinking about it. Of course I want it to work. But that is not the ambition of this. Reporter: Is there an element of fear within you of kind of going back to india in a sense with like the tail between your legs that it didn't work out here? What worries me and what I am really afraid of is it is scary to go into, you know a completely new culture and, and, see if what you are all about will be accepted or not? I love that shirt. Reporter: She is a hand-on perfectionist, because the stakes couldn't be hypigher. This could be her one and only shot. These last rees a amaziamazing. Reporter: Of course this is a struggling pop stare with a big difference. Reporter: You are not having to wait tables in the evening? I know. Reporter: She parlayed her foreign fame into a guess jeans contract. ♪ as well as a spot in the open of the nfl's thursday night football. ♪ Come on come on ♪ ♪ come to a party ♪ Reporter: How american. The pr blitz is working. But the goal is still some way off. Taking a bollywood hhair -- heroine and molding her into an american. It's not that much of a stretch. She is familiar with american culture. Here we go. Miss india. Reporter: She went to high school here in the u.S. But went home to india where she quickly became a beauty queen and crowned miss world, 2000. I had some major things in school it really got to me. Like school yard bullying. A one girl who hated me. Because of you I am famous. I should find you on facebook. She was really evil to me. She hated me. And she and her ten girls were like, these, bad -- girls who would throw people down into the lockers when they walk. Reporter: Times have changed, but perhaps only so much. Miss new york! Look what happened when the contender of indian descent won the miss america tpageant. She got the brunt of it she was called miss america. Reporter: If miss america was first generation norwegian this would never have happened? Probably. She would look like what miss america is to be. America is a melting pot of every culture. Reporter: There will be people who don't like you because of where you are from? Yes. Because I think I have been a famous person for long enough to know that you can't please everyone. You have to be accepting of all kind of people. And then life is just easier. Reporter: I think I might just have fall in in love with her. ♪ Don't know where we are going to be ♪ Reporter: Smart, beautiful, talented and funny. Would you like some cookies. I have had some cookies. I was the first. Thank you, you have impeccable manners. Reporter: So are a lot of american wannabe pop stars and actress actresses. Reporter: You come here with little kur in currency in this country. America, the land of dreams. I come here wanting to be the best I can be. Reporter: She sound american already.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"With her \"Exotic\" good looks and friends like Pitbull, can she make it in the U.S.?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"20799967","title":"Former Miss World Goes From Bollywood to Hollywood","url":"/Nightline/video/miss-world-bollywood-hollywood-20799967"}