'Missoula' Victim Secretly Records Her Rapist: Part 1

Allison Huguet was one of the women "Missoula" author Jon Krakauer profiled in his new book.
9:37 | 04/23/15

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Transcript for 'Missoula' Victim Secretly Records Her Rapist: Part 1
We have all seen the shocking headlines from campuses across the country. Tonight, we hear from three brave women who refuse to remain silent. Sharing their stories and Hoen onerous steps they took to seek justice. We examine the hot button issue of rape on college campuses. This time in the town of missoula, Montana missoula the college town nestled in the rockies known for two towering institutions, the university of Montana and grizzly football. Touchdown, Montana. There was no other option for school for me. It was I was going to be a Montana griz. Reporter: She was proud of the grizzlies a high-octane division one team whose fan gaim base is known as griz nation. All the stadium, people cheering, I loved it and it is now ruined for me. Reporter: Ruined because her sophomore year she says she was raped in this off campus apartment. I remember the crotch being in my face and I said I don't want to and I pushed him away. He grabbed me by my jaw and after that I blacked out. Reporter: She came forward with her story. What do we want -- Reporter: Joining a chorus of alleged victims nationwide, sparking fierce debate over America's rape crisis fuelled by binge drinking and sexual aggression, many victims say they feel the justice system instead of helping is failing them which maybe why an 0% of rapes go unreported. I think it is terrifying to come forward because you are treated not like the victim. How are you treated? Like it was your fault the rape happened. In the past three years, there have been 80 reported rains in missoula. 11 sexual assaults involving university students. Reporter: Missoulas's own rape scandal came to a head in 2012 when the justice department launched a federal investigation in toe university and local police and prosecutors. High profile cases involving grizzly football player and other um students made for scandalous headlines and the media pounced dubbing missoula as America's rape town. The stories caught the attention of best selling author Jon Krakauer. Missoula is not the rape capital of the country. I wish it was. . Rape statistics are average of below. Reporter: He is most famous for his non-fiction survival classic in to the wild which Hollywood later turned in to a movie. You are a big deal if you are on the griz. Reporter: He is taking on a different struggle with his new book, "Missoula: Rape and the justice system in a college town." If this problem could exist in missoula, it could exist anywhere in the country, and it does. My book focuses on the victims, their ordeal, what they went through. Once you know the victims it is a huge price these victims pay. He did something to me I have to work on every day and I will probably have to work on the rest of my life. Reporter: Allison is one of the victims he started to profile. Eight out of ten college rape victims she knew her rapist personally. This is someone I looked as a as a protector. Someone I thought would have protected me from anything. Reporter: She returned to missoula for a party in September of 2010. Do you remember how much you were drinking? It wasn't an excessive amount. More socially throughout the night I had been drinking. So neither of us were in any condition 0 drive. Reporter: At about 2:00 in the morning, Allison decided to crash on the couch. I woke up to a lot of pain and a lot of pressure, and sound of somebody moaning. Quickly realized it was Bo. And then I just shut my eyes and laid there and that wasn't -- I don't think it was a decision I consciously made. I waited until he was done and he got up and literally picked up a blanket and threw it on me and pulled up his pants and walked away. Some would say why don't you scream out or fight back? This person is already willing to rape you. It's hard to imagine what they wouldn't do, what they wouldn't stop you from telling people. Reporter: Allison waited silently until Bo was out of earshot and frantically snuck out of the house barefoot. I ran out the back door, the driveway and through this alleyway up here. Reporter: She desperately dialed her mom for help. She kept telling me to run. I remember telling her that Bo had raped me and I realized he was chasing me. And so I kept running. Push ING him off of me. Reporter: Allison says Bo was begging her to come back, to not tell anyone but he finally let her go. It was a state of shock. I just needed to get away from him and to somebody that was going to get me to a safe place. Reporter: She went to the hospital and had a rape kit exam but didn't want the police involved. I knew going forward with that would be a huge ordeal and him playing for the griz maximized it by 100. Reporter: Instead she decided to do her own detective work. The morning after, as miserable as she was, her and her friend decided you need to get a confession. You need to tell Bo if he doesn't apologize in the morning you will go to the cops. Reporter: She hid an audio recorder between the couch cushions. I'm so sorry. We were laying on the couch. I was obviously completely Up. I have heard stories before of how hard it is to charge somebody with rape. In general I didn't want to be questioned. We were making out on the couch. We were laying on the couch together. Started doing stuff. No, we weren't. I never remember making out with you or any of that. Bo eventually changed his story. You took complete advantage of me. I did. I'm sorry. The only reason I felt comfortable -- I can't blame it on alcohol because that's not right. It is something that I did and I Up. You tore her up inside. You know how devastating that is? As a mother that kills me, that kills me. Beau was emotional and she thought genuinely remorse sglfl I thought about killing myself that night. I was curled up on the couch in the car point with a gun in hi hand. Go to the police station and tell them. Your life is ruined, beau. You are going to jail. Reporter: More than a year passed and she was plagued by nightmares and anxiety. I started to act crazy and my mind feeling crazy. I wanted to pay people to hurt him and that's not my Normal character. Reporter: She said she knew beau wasn't getting the help he promised and show called police and the wheels of justice began turning very slowly. If you don't have two taped confessions how difficult of a case would yours have been? Very difficult would be my word against his. Reporter: The local paper reported on two other alleged incidents of rape by grizzly football players, including Kelsey's alleged gang rape. I was in a relationship, lived with someone. Never once walked in there saying H hi this is the first night I have met you please have sex with me. Reporter: She was celebrating the end of finals in December of 2010 a at an off campus party and took 8 to 11 shots of 99 proof alcohol. Next thing I know I'm in a bedroom. I don't remember bits and pieces until I had a P Enis in my face. She said she pushed the first player away saying I don't want to but he forced himself on her. What followed was a gang rape she said by three additional grizzly football players. Is there a possibility they thought you were consenting? I don't know what they are thinking. I'm not a mind reader. Do they know what I was thinking? Reporter: Hours later she had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. She immediately called the police but said she was surprised by their reaction. When I left the police department I walked away feeling like it was 100% my fault. Reporter: Why? They made it seem like it was alcohol, that it was my fault I drank too much and if I hasn't drank too much it wouldn't have happened. Reporter: Do you feel that way. Absolutely not. Alcohol didn't stick a penis in my face. Allison uncovers an explosive new detail she may not have been beau's first victim. I started screaming get off of me. Please get off of me. I was pinned down. There was no way I could get up.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Allison Huguet was one of the women \"Missoula\" author Jon Krakauer profiled in his new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"30519208","title":"'Missoula' Victim Secretly Records Her Rapist: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/missoula-victim-secretly-records-rapist-part-30519208"}