A mother's crusade to free her son convicted of murder

Doreen Quinn Guiliano believes her son John Giuca was wrongfully convicted of the 2003 murder of 19-year-old Mark Fisher.
5:34 | 04/07/18

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Transcript for A mother's crusade to free her son convicted of murder
Repor it's been 11g for doreeniuliano. Desperately working to free her son from WHA she says is a wrongful murder conviction. She's playingrivate investigate, undergo a total transformation to woo a member of the jury -- jas aloe. Now after secretly recording him ov dinner and drinks, the unover mother finally gets what she thishe needs. Reporr: She says, if what he is Ying is true, he shouldn'te been on the jury beca he knew some of her son's friends. He's bragging he put this kidaway. An unbelievable story of a mother trying to get her son out of jail. Reporr: October 2008 ns of her exploits hit T media. Thi has to be put out on the record. Reporter: "Nightline" scores an interviith his lawyer who denyhe things cau on tape. Do you ever recalling anything ke, I hate Jews? , Not at all. I'm not a prejudice person. Can you ever remember sing I shouldn't have been in that jury. HSN't remember. No, don't. Did commi perjury? Absy not. Were you lying the jud when he asked you if you knew about -- No,s ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous question've ever heard. These questions are nothing but tidbits. This is a bunchf malarkey. I have the proof. So now all's we gottaos write a motion a submit it to the jge. But the judge denies their motion to vacate the convictio casting doubt on the reliability of her recordings and saying, there was novidence that aloe intentionally lied. Ven denoundoreen for reckless and vigilante behavior. Is there any way that you' blinded by a mother' love and you're not seeing something T what happened that night? Look,t's the facts that drive me, not a feeling or a H. It's the facts. Reporter: Undeterred, she les down, hiring a professional P.I. To dig into the prosecn's story witness, who testifie that giuca confessed to him while they were both in il. But now he tells the he fabricated that whole story. I just wa the truth,hat's all. The whole thingas lie. Thele thing was a lie? Yeah. Reporter: He notnly reicants in a sworn affidavit, he said he lo the prosecutorexchange for what he said was a deal to keep him out of jail. His Deas reflect the worst inow a prosecutor can violate the rules. Eporter: In the years since the giuca case, that prosecutor S become the most ofwo crime shows oestigation discovery, one of them called "True conviction." Let M take you inside the fight for justice. He comes out and she says, I've never lost a case You what, because she's a cheater. Reporter: A cheater, Doreen says, because she didn't discloset apparen deal with the prison snitch who helped convict her son. Giuca's team files a new Mo, and now the prosecutor takes the Stan forcibly defending H owe conviction, saying she made no promises to Evita. Are you pointing to sometng specific or overall? Bout anything. I don't believe so. That's when it's the prison informant's turn to testify again. But this time he apologizes to giuca for lying. I apologize. Deeply S. Reporter: The judge shockingly holds giuca's conviction, ccluding there was no deal. Giuca's team files an appeal. Is February, Doreen gets the news she's so desperately hopingfor, a panel of fr appellate judges overturn his conviction, finding that Nick had helped and should have told the defense. We won. I GHT it wa a miracle. How long has this Christmas tree been here? 13 year You never took itn? No. He was on his way home T decorate the and so you've kept thisup, waiting. Yes. Waiting. After3 gruelling years, Doreen is still waiting for her son to walk through that front door.the brookld.a. Asking a judge to keep giuca behind bars they appeal the panel's decision and coplate a retrial? I find N reason to release the defend. Nor to grant bail in this case. Four judges all agree that the trial was flawed, wo't it be Lal that Yo send the guy home? How muchs the guy hav T suffer? I'm surprised the prosecutors are moving forward with this case. I don't see how they're going to able to pve it. Nick and the current D.A. Declined to speak withbc news. But giuca did when he surprised hisother with a phone call from insiders. Did you have anything to do with the murder? Absolutely not. I had nothing to do with the murder O mark fisher. Wt was your reaction when you found out the length that Yo mother went to, to go undercover, to try to get to the trust Ihank god, and I sai to myself, I'm so lucky to have her as a mother. Love you, John. All right, I love you. We'll be right back

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Doreen Quinn Guiliano believes her son John Giuca was wrongfully convicted of the 2003 murder of 19-year-old Mark Fisher.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54302977","title":"A mother's crusade to free her son convicted of murder","url":"/Nightline/video/mothers-crusade-free-son-convicted-murder-54302977"}