What a Multi-Million Dollar High-Rise Penthouse Looks Like

In the world of luxury real estate, buyers are looking up, and high-rise real estate is booming.
5:10 | 02/24/15

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Transcript for What a Multi-Million Dollar High-Rise Penthouse Looks Like
Super high-end high rises are more popular ever. Tonight a look inside a $100 million apartment to find out the hidden secrets of luxury real estate. Try not to knock anything over. Here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: We're about to head 1,000 feet up in the air. To this multi-million dollar penthouse. It's going to be like this. We are at the 89th floor of the trump tower in Chicago. Reporter: It's extreme highrise luxury where clouds and airplanes are your neighbors and you'll literally feel on top of the world. The very first time I looked at it, I just fell in love with it. Reporter: This software mogul purchased the penthouse for a cool $17 million. These views are our favorite. You can see how the river kind of meets into the lake. Reporter: But he's not alone. Highrise real estate is booming. In Boston tonight, this penthouse at the new millennium tower is for sale at $37.5 million. And in New York, one of the largest real estate transactions ever. This penthouse of the new 157 building sold for a record-breaking $100 million. That's where we met real estate broker noble black. He's in the middle of several mult multi-million dollar deals. It's crazy. You never know what any day's going to be like. The last-minute meeting with the developer one hour, the next hour you have to meet, you have to show a listing updown, you have to be downtown with the buyer, showing they properties. There's always something new and dieting, no two days are alike. Reporter: Today he's taking us inside 157, the record-setting apartment. 157 appeals to somebody that wants two things. They want to have fantastic views. And they want to have all services. They really do a great job of capturing those buyers. You've got views that are upwards of 900, 1,000 feet in the air, spectacular views. Reporter: The building is 1,005 feet tall and home to a luxury hotel. The minute-long elevator ride opens to spectacular views and pure luxury around every corner. Wow. Here we are. There you have that view. Reporter: We all know spectacular views, you also get space and lots of it. Including his and hers closets. What does $28.5 million get you? In this apartment 4,300 square feet, three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Reporter: Each bedroom has hidden treasures. Here, it's eye shadow. The walls here have women's eye shadow. I want to know which brand. I'll find out. You should know. You may have to buy the apartment to find out. Reporter: The master bedroom features panoramic views of the city. Not a bad view to wake up to, huh? No, not bad at all. It's nice to throw the shade in case you need privacy. Wouldn't want anyone to see into your bedroom, right? Reporter: It's time to get down to business. No secret into moving these luxury properties. How do you sell apartments like this? Apartments like this appeal to people for different reasons. A lot of people are attracted to the views. A lot of my buyers really want as tall a building because they want as high a view as they can get. Reporter: But there is controversy. This "New York times" report some foreign investors are use using these high rise apartments as offshore tax havens. You mentioned creative financing. I've been hearing about fntsing happening with groups rather big group of investors come together, they say, we want to put our money into an apartment in this building. Sure. They all come together as a collective and pool their money. I think that's probably gotten more press than what the reality actually is. I've heard of some similar story with that. I've not seen any of that. Of all the apartments that I've sold myself, I've not had those people coming in to be the purchasers. Reporter: And these properties are going fast. Last year the luxury real estate market saw a 19% spike. How would you describe the ultra high-end market right now in thorks? Anecdotally, I had a fantastic 2013. Everything's looking great for 2015. The people I talk to are very excited about the year. I see no reason we don't continue having the streak that we've had. Reporter: Back in Chicago, for tech entrepreneur Sanjay, the appeal of living 1,300 feet up in the air is more than those breathtaking views. You know, if you follow the technology world, everything is about the cloud. Everything's moving to the cloud. And that's where I make my living. So I thought this would be a good metaphor for living in the cloud. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New York.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"In the world of luxury real estate, buyers are looking up, and high-rise real estate is booming.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"29177656","title":"What a Multi-Million Dollar High-Rise Penthouse Looks Like","url":"/Nightline/video/multi-million-dollar-high-rise-penthouse-29177656"}