Murder for Hire: Rocker's Lawyer Blames 'Roid Rage' for Plot

As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis is accused of hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife.
3:00 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Murder for Hire: Rocker's Lawyer Blames 'Roid Rage' for Plot
Murder -- berth in rainy back alleys and solidified that exchange of cash between a hit man and the person who knows the victim best. This is the stuff -- Hollywood thrillers maybe not reality right. -- not necessarily as ABC Cecilia Vega discovers murders for hire really do happen quite a bit and a famous rock stars now. At the center of the latest near deadly deal. On tonight's crime and punishment. GRE Grammy nominated chart topping rock band that has sold more than one million albums. As I lay dying is known for their pet -- this creamy and we're. This is heavy metal with -- Christian -- Frontman -- -- he -- they felt lyrics like I must. Being reborn. -- -- -- Quick fall from -- Race it has been that's -- -- says in a prison jumpsuit accused of doing something very much against his religion. Hiring a hit man -- kill his estranged wife. I find it very sad that kind of somebody professes to be a Christian men allegedly does something like this -- they don't have those values are -- -- strike. What possibly could have led this devout Christian rock star is straight his lawyer says it was -- rage. He is thought processes were. Dramatically impacted by the students. Videos online show -- thesis is startling physical transformation. Curious thing in 2008. Showing his love of tattoos on LA ink and here he is -- five years later. In just a few years he put on fifty pounds that this. His lawyers say the steroids made man pieces mentally unstable. They say he lost god and that's why last month he asked to manage his -- if he knew anyone who could pull off a murder for hire. Specifically ask do you want her dead -- -- fit yes that's exactly what I want. But -- -- this is just one in a long line of people accused of hiring killers. In 2009 dally a deep only go thought she was paying a -- man to kill her husband instead the man she hired was actually an undercover cop. The entire crime was caught on tape. -- -- -- -- -- -- had no idea police were involved and recording her every word. Former FBI agent Brad Garrett says that amateurs don't know what they're getting into -- People believe. In their sort of naive state. That they can step to somebody else have them commit the murder and what happens in a vast majority of the time the person they step to go to law enforcement. In this case. Police think it by saying her husband had been shot dead politically the -- Went. Back. And then police confronted her with the videotaped. Him. -- You're ordered to do it and the bad news she was going to jail. -- Alito is still under house arrest in last month filed an appeal to throw out her twenty year sentence. In 2010. Three separate gunmen tried to kill socialite even on stern. The third time the gunman almost six -- I see him coming towards me with a -- We need to me I'd jump in my car. He came to the car -- to -- into my head. She was shot in the stomach in the hospital Levon learned that her husband Jeffrey stern. And his alleged former lover Michelle geezer were behind the shooting. We believe that the evidence shows that he is guilty of solicitation of capital murder. But he Vaughn who had originally planned to leave her husband. Doesn't -- that he would ever try to killer. There's no way the affair OK -- gave -- that one but to plot to my murder. Absolutely not. And while bonds seems to have forgiven her husband -- hasn't from jail she allegedly tried to hire someone to kill him. -- for the Christian rock singer accused of plotting a hit on his estranged wife he pleaded not guilty he's due back in court later today. But what about the -- rage defense can steroid use Alter the mind so much that it could make someone want to kill. Anabolic steroids lead to an increase in testosterone in the blood. But it is very complex and it's not a you know the direct cause and effects type of scenario. Prosecutors say land -- knew exactly what he was doing. And while his estranged wife remains in hiding his Christian singer -- -- behind bars for Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in Los Angeles.

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{"id":19276656,"title":"Murder for Hire: Rocker's Lawyer Blames 'Roid Rage' for Plot","duration":"3:00","description":"As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis is accused of hiring a hitman to kill his estranged wife.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-hire-rockers-lawyer-blames-roid-rage-plot-19276656","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}