'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Family

Episode 5: A bump in the case brings the investigation to a screeching halt when a new witness steps forward, and another narrative takes shape.
22:40 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Family
I have some information that. When's a lot more support to the original story we got from the victim's friend. We've located witness who's an attorney. I I don't wanna get too many details on your voicemail put on him it it's couldn't corroborate. And a story that the tough tickets friends they have always loved to get it. I was actually blocking mind brand and I was gonna turn right until our turn. And as I was turning right and looked. West side street which sort of treatment was hurt. Did he buffalo. Programs that she thought she gets and white guys ask that face industry. Whipped through it to three. Oh the guys. On the sidewalk facing the building. I eighteen men standing on the side luck. And I shy teen and Danny at the top of Steve take the steps to get into the building and seven. Humana Sinai gonna tell one holding a gun. Very second she normal slot. She sees one of the guys it's slightly over pointed at one of the guys students. They are waiting his. Turn and I walked slowly a leg and and I rain. Faster than in Iran in my life I had need it. Just today I get to the end of the block and her to catch. He just goes on stage left handers horse actually talk to the west side. Davis and she hits certain tree whose northbound at Ron. We'll see what that Jesus nobody can look at it is I didn't coach and now utterly Q what's in my way on his goal. Guys on that street are wearing a repeat it again an amendment that. Think one of them had to hunt I don't know of but the a number of both had their heads up and one on. And January so it was helical so that part and it surprised me. Seeing as I was in. The building where I was out I called a friend immediately. And my god you're not gonna believe what I just saw. And I heard a gunshot. And there response of complete and at that moment I think while we were on the found her time. So I did not publicly because they often caught. So here you have somebody who may have thought well you know them. Moving in the city of eight million people so we also of this I'm not that important I don't have a whole lot to add. When in fact this witness had a tremendous amount. Had we spoken to this witness. Right. Ten minutes after this happened even a day later. Forrest would not have been put into into the tombs we would have been able to quickly discredit the other witness and we would've been on the on the right track. A lot earlier on. Okay. I was nineteen. I was at color out of state university in my freshman year in college there. Islands. Snowboarding hands. Suddenly funds exceeding a hundred in one place else coming in. And them emigrate called my sister Mariah and something just on it wrong. And she wouldn't Cheney thing. Tech company can't trainee who. Tony Perkins and shot. Please. I remember it that lying. German phone against the launch. My. It was curled up in that bond bathroom when my uncle and my brother Tommy came to get me. I just really need to Canterbury. So I ain't got to her room pan she was speaking different. First time in. You know. Since this happened. And Eileen third. He and Carlyle. She cried. We just trying to hold certain. Okay. Or. More at this point. I think they're trying to apprehend two robbers. Did he garnered the case is gone a different direction earlier but I think there they're pretty convinced that there's these. There was a stick up and learning some news. Killed by one of them. Today. Indy trade banks and it was pretty harsh. I'll never. Speaking from. Having. To be looking in the eyes of his killer is pretty harsh to. They're gonna kind of big debate we have assured us they won't stuff. Until they give him. The verb is bolstering his it's morning. He's been pressing got. Nothing has worked policy decisions. Sixty in this respect yes. I actually did as much. So. I think my view. Second guy was rejected a score for us as best. Bonds lynch serves lunch. Did go to original one of ultimately be in Whitman's. Now well. I don't know if you get it the book I think he was close enough that it but it wasn't. Force father got a lawyer for him and the lawyer told him I told him not to cooperate with the NYPD. And the lawyer started going to the press and wanted to let the press snow that. He felt that forest and mistreated by the NYPD he wanted a formal apology from the NYPD. And he wanted. And community. At the scene is a shell casings so we knew right from the beginning we were looking for 45. I went back into some of the case that I have from from bar what happens if there's been some wires Everett case paperwork but it will be evidence. And it was only about three of four cases maybe in the list two months. You know from Al. That's Five Boroughs. Which went for the most likely candidates first. We have a float that area. We fly is and requests for information. We'll get a degree purse totals about shooting that's a pretty did just hand out fliers. Asking people. They seen anything to it all up. They could be anonymous call 180577. Tips. 35050. Don't believe him. Wallpaper exposed. Who wouldn't want it real into the open and Kenny start canvassing again with the seventh precinct detective squad. What is the there was a guy that was wrought upon the court order history. There's characters. Do work would approach. If you're hearing this time though with different attitude instead of looking for information to cooperate with Forrest had done. Killing would just ask everybody they'd heard anything market see these two guys. It was a got it was killed on the Wall Street. Robbery. Try to go for building and heard sort. The amount of walking through the city of stairs and knocking on every single door. I was prepared by Carroll watching every single moment will be it every single doors something might have some information. Place and there you. A did you hear anything. It was really frustrating. News. Or there and information. You bring me this person's. Scare. Few. You're some of the reasons. The canvassing came up pretty much with nothing. They really need an information. From somebody who had some connection. To the shooters. You met you this. Rory that you in we. Call the cops say hurts like to brag about what they do. Why does the nation's news front view us. Does he says. Or she. Did they tell you know someone in their jail cell that they tell a bartender somebody. Out there knows something. It was originally. Accused is not filling up and perhaps any. Other as a matter of him not being not willing to help. I think he wants the help. Out of factories will be won his friends and friends. Sort indicated does that it goes wanna help. But right now he's he's really being guided by his attorney. And his attorney is reluctant to have him on the street towards would deal with us there's. Definitely a reason that I didn't whopper at that time and there's a couple of I don't think people understand. How terrible the experience was. I've never been charged. Other than this being. And. Rory. Before. Or the siblings. Were really upset with forest. They could not wrap their head around the fact that he was taking the stance he was. I think it's a priority setting. You know did he give Iraq a U glitter for. You know enough couple weeks or so get over it you know said. This guy Venus. I think the part that was hardest for my dining after this at all happened is that force wouldn't come in to meet with the sketch artists. I still don't really know what that was about why that didn't happen. But my dad's impression was well if you won't be with the sketch artist what are you hiding. Do you think that. Or is it fifty. Yeah well we don't we we in no way believe the forest exit pull the trigger and know that any confusion that lady that was pretty much over the first name and. Only one who has actually been. For instance Clinton. And follies that side of life passes the fluff entertainment sources were often wears my dad. This farmer suspicious. You know. And not that he's. Latest rant on about you know corset question about what was going in the police precincts Glenn two. That he would have known killers or something it's not out of the question largely. Because of his behavior. And not coming in for three months it. It seems to me that he. As a motive and not coming yet. An accurate and in person. We've used intermediaries. Friends of mutual funds of his and Burks. My brother in law with his father and then several people from the DA's office of the contacted his attorney so. I would say there's been 25 attempts to talk to you for the father AMR's attorney. Totally. Now they would they we've been given. We've been given the run around. Stepping back from now I can kind of look at it ego. He was an incredibly tough spot here an accused of this thing. And and at the same time had just lost his friend. There is a lot of fingers being pointed at him and and I think for what it's worth his dad forests dad was also. Trying to be a protective status while. Even though his father and his attorney. Tony do not cooperate. I think somewhere deep down and he realized you know what the what the right thing to do. At the end of Willis is the cooperate. In my lawyer's doing his job then me giving best advice possible but hey. You know basically went against his Cleveland vice inside sanctioning I'm gonna go and talk to cops. Looking mug shots to pictures fish. And I went some unity. Came in with the photographs. He gave it really does studies did won't fight there with me. Just about exhausted all the photos that we have that fit that description that age will be different. Yes because it was just an open free exchange of information use communities which commissioners could try to give me an idea of what this guy looks like. One of the things differed from their roots you know unit that gain line. You know not a full beard and a line and that. We as a shape that it wasn't shaped ball but he shaved. To the police department. And the O'Brien family. Along requesting the help of the public in apprehending. The perpetrators. Of homicide. On. January 12. We now have to sketch of the person we believe to be the shooter. This individual here is described as a light skinned male black. Or I'm Alice time. Approximately five feet eleven to six feet tall weighing a 175. Pounds. He's 2426. Years of age. He is the shooter in this case. It's been very difficult. Everybody moved home although the whole thing. We have a good days bad games we're doing right thanks very hard process burglars in the blocks from here. This. There's no way. Some it is close to you. I don't think it saved this car is think it's simply say it's not. Daily news agency how to save strategist I think that I have left my house this day about some things from him from London our. Mark O'Brien wanted me to bring him to the crime scene almost two reenacted for him exactly what happened what was said who was standing where. Emotions that everyone took what the purpose do wooded Bert do what did forest do. It was just that search for. What happened birth. Or him. I was trying to tell him what happened and slowly but could or gets out and they did this so walked straight step. Hoping that he would maybe say OK I've heard enough. But he really wanted to know the details and you know as a courtesy and respect him that's what you want the dog in fact they did I get it. Feeling that someone behind. Perkins. When I did that and you know I was uncomfortable because. His the father of this victim it's a tragic loss to begin with but dances for this person to really get the details. But I know you want of the details but I don't know if you really wanted to hear the details. So that hoping it demanded money I'd. Give the money and now we're standing here. It's sort of steps forward. Disposable for the guy Faris had to step back stand over here. This the railing where things up as Jackie please please check mobile railing. And you know he's a quiet. This guy's standing with the gun the other guys stand little bit and then as the conversation unfolds. We're itself. What what's the sky six. Vs Auburn is. Wanna do this it won't do this but you can buy from back when you wanna do this and we got cigars back you don't want to do you want it. So it just because we're back what that was it was a much more extreme than that. It raises deck on the railing and then takes like a step forward and we'll moves forward and and that's when this guy reaches of the Jews and split people want. At some point he I noticed he took a step up on that stoop and stood witness on west stood. I don't know if he. Knew that he did that consciously boy at that was. A moment. Maybe a moment for him to be in that same space that his son was at the last moment he was alive. It was just devastating for him tonight one have. Loss of Burke what you so. Obviously significant her family. To be watching very in this place of yours pretty broken. How well the word fair and non cash. Yes six taking meaning because it's really really care. That. You know. Bad days totally avenue meaning everything everything that's everything's different. It's just different. You know. And being penalized her. Iowa and if anything in the world to take her out of that position. I think it was. Is hands down the most track thing she's ever enter your entire life. And we'll hunter for the rest for a life. And in some ways I think that. It's the only way to for youth. If god you know and there's something very. Telling him out fat you know. Those two really always had each other's back and to this time. Sang won't you know. A mixed feelings no news. We'll find. Nobody could've anticipated what happened to media Bryant's happily in the week of this tragedy. One other side effects the lives of multiple people were three of which have died. Yeah. We. Any.

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{"id":50239956,"title":"'A Murder on Orchard Street': The Family","duration":"22:40","description":"Episode 5: A bump in the case brings the investigation to a screeching halt when a new witness steps forward, and another narrative takes shape.","url":"/Nightline/video/murder-orchard-street-family-50239956","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}