Museum of Broken Relationships Displays Objects of Lost Love

The Hollywood-based museum provides a place for people to donate unwanted items from past relationships.
5:48 | 06/07/16

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Transcript for Museum of Broken Relationships Displays Objects of Lost Love
Most of us after we endure a tough breakup do our best to forget about it by a trip to Vegas, a rebound relationship, maybe adopt a cat. So what gives with this new museum in Los Angeles entirely dedicated to love gone wrong? Nick watt investigates. Reporter: This iron was used to iron my wedding suit. Now it is the only thing left. On the night we met he told me his nickname was danger. True tales, momentos of lost love donated by members of the public for closure, revenge? Remade me wear them during sex because they turned him on. Preserved and displayed on Hollywood museum. This is my favorite museum I've ever been to. Reporter: The doomed devotion. This is much more accessible. Reporter: That guy an L.A. Lawyer will get to why in just a place. These are all art facts of a different kind. There's a human story. The bottle of wine was to drink when we both left our spouses. We never did. ♪ Reporter: Who knows. Taylor swift may one day donate that jump suit. They met onset. Gwyneth, and a dog eared parachute copy. As a culture on song and in screen. I'm also just a girl standing in front of a boy. Asking him to love her. Reporter: We generally prefer to celebrate finding love, falling in love, beating the odds, the promise of happily ever after. Earlier this evening I giggled watching the bachelorette when Joe Joe took someone on a yoga date. We met about a week ago. Reporter: We'd all like to believe sally is still with harry. I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. Reporter: Nearly 50% of majors end in divorce. Face the facts. Visit the museum of broken relationships. It makes me reflect on my own relationships. I spent an entire summer making this birthday present, and he left it in my car. It's nice to know it doesn't just happen to me. My boyfriend Andrew and I first met in seventh grade gym class. Is this serving a purpose? Immediately I thought it was ridiculous. When I started thinking deeply, I thought there's a lot of people who need closure. Did you see this one? Reporter: Yes. We've had behind the scenes access since this place looked like this. It used to be a lingerie store. Fitting transformation. Back to that lawyer who made all this happen. It started on a family vacation. We had a guide book that said there was a museum of broken relationships. I thought we had to see it. Reporter: The first museum of broken relationships opened in Croatia five years ago. We came out moved by it. This is a universal human experience. Everybody has had a broken relationship of one kind or another. . Reporter: He started collecting for an L.A. Version. This woman, former boyfriend strongly encouraged her to get breast implants. He wanted her to have larger breasts. Reporter: Sounds like a great guy. He hired people. He was a big Nebraska fan. She bought this to wear for him, and she was going to put it on for him one night, and he broke up with her over a text. Reporter: It's all anonymous? All of it is anonymous. Reporter: And so the stories, I imagine, would be slightly differently told if you had to put your name? I think so. I think that by keeping it anonymous people are willing to tell the whole story. Reporter: I made a donation myself. Would it be picked as one of the 103 on display? Mine didn't. Yours didn't make it this time. Reporter: My pain wasn't enough? Actually, it wasn't pain. It wasn't pain. Your cavalier relationship with a key chain you happen to keep? Reporter: We had a horrible breakup. I was glad to be rid of her but for some reason I kept the key chain. I would say there was something about the drama of the relationship that you enjoyed. There was something about the passion. Reporter: I'm going to stop her there. My wife might be watching. Nebraska made it. Nebraska made it. You had to. Reporter: It's not just failed romance. Sometimes religion, countries. It's all kinds of broken relationships. Reporter: Some aren't funny at all. That's not the only transplant story. Reporter: Do you edit them? For basic grammar and misspellings. There's one person's side, the other, and what happened. Reporter: We've all been there one way or another, and this may be the most universally relatable museum on Earth. I'm nick watt for "Nightline" in Hollywood.

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{"id":39660061,"title":"Museum of Broken Relationships Displays Objects of Lost Love","duration":"5:48","description":"The Hollywood-based museum provides a place for people to donate unwanted items from past relationships.","url":"/Nightline/video/museum-broken-relationships-displays-objects-lost-love-39660061","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}