Natalee Holloway's mother on never giving up on search for daughter in Aruba: Part 1

Beth Holloway has fought for years to find out what happened to her daughter, who disappeared in 2005, and spoke about confronting the man she suspects was involved in her disappearance.
11:04 | 11/23/19

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Transcript for Natalee Holloway's mother on never giving up on search for daughter in Aruba: Part 1
I don't think I've ever felt afraid to go back into aruba, because my daughter is there. That's the last place I know that she has been. Reporter: It's been close to 15 years since Beth Holloway first set foot on the island of aruba, looking for her daughter Natalee. In is where her life ended, but this was not her life. It was memorial day in 2005. And my phone rang from a number that I didn't recognize. They tell me that my daughter, Natalee is missing and that no one has seen her. She was a beautiful girl, involved in the church. Always had a smile on her face, always so happy and energetic and outgoing. They called her hootie. There's hootie. So hootie hoo Holloway. Who's our special guest today? It's hootie. Hootie hoo Holloway. Just sitting in the back, cruising to my place. Natalee and her class were doing a senior trip to aruba. She came to wake me up so I could drive her to a friend's house for a ride to the airport. I helped her get her bag out of the car. And just kissed her good-bye. Said I love you. Have a great time. Never could I have imagined. That would be the last time. She got the call, she knew Natalee was in trouble. Snap, you know, it's instant, something is terribly wrong. I had to get to aruba, now. Reporter: Her daughter Natalee has been missing now for almost 24 hours. Beth tries to retrace her daughter's last steps, and she figures out that the guy she was last seen with is Joran van Der sloot. He had been spending a lot of time at the casino that was attached to Natalee's hotel. At some point, they look at surveillance tape, because they know she had been at the casino. And Beth for the first time was able to land her eyes on Joran van Der sloot. Once I saw him, I was like, it's time to go to the police now. We finally get to aruban police officials to accompany us to the they are standing out in the gravel driveway. Deepak was a friend of Joran van Der sloot. They were seen leaving with him and Natalee that night. It was their car that they all left in. Joran says, okay, I was with her, you know, we fooled around a little. I dropped her back at the holiday inn, that's all we know. Finally, Joran said I'll show you where I let her out. He said she stumbled, hit her head and two security guards helped Natalee up. And he says those are the last two people that he left Natalee with. Early Thursday morning police had the security tapes ready from the lobby entrance, where Joran said he dropped Natalee off. As we watched the tape, Natalee never appeared. The story that Joran told them wasn't true. So I thought, now, this is it, they can go get these men and arrest them. It didn't happen. When Beth felt like the police weren't getting anywhere. I will stay here until I find you, Natalee. She used the weapon she had, which was the media. Deborah Roberts has just arrived in the island's capital. I know in my heart that we are going to find Natalee. Will you even let your mind entertain the possibility that you might not find her? No, there again, that's not an option. Reporter: I also interviewed Natalee's father Dave. I feel like I have to be out there looking. Please help bring her home. Thank you. There was a point in time where she kind of broke down. I had no more human strength left. There was a small, beautiful little chapel sitting on a hillside overlooking the sea. The and I walked up to the cross. And just fell to my knees. And I was just crying and praying and just begging god to give her back. This is the only place on the island where I could come to feel close to Natalee. Reporter: This morning there is a potential break in this case. The three young men originally questioned by police have been arrested. Are you guilty? Joran and his two friends are confronted with the fact that they lied. That they had never dropped off Natalee at the hotel. Reporter: A different story has emerged. The guys say that the brothers dropped Joran and Natalee fooled around. He said he wanted to go home and left her on the beach. Reporter: She realizes the only way to keep the pressure on and maybe find her daughter is to keep talking. It's Diane. It hits at night, three hours up, do it again, do it again. The Natalee Holloway story just dominated. It was a sensation. It was also one in a treatment of stories that were grabbing headlines about missing, attractive young women, women who all happened to be white. Chandra levy was last seen on April 30th. Laci Peterson. One month into this investigation, there is intense scrutiny, and Joran and his two buddies are all in jail, but there's a problem. There's not enough evidence. There's no blood trail found. Reporter: And then a major blow to Beth Holloway. Deepak will be immediately They released them because they weren't charged. It is now that I ask the world to help me. Two suspects were released yesterday who were involved in a violent crime against my help me by not allowing these two to get away with this crime. She did her press conference, and I think we got in trouble for calling them criminals or something, but oh, so what. We are here to pour the police whose authority has been questioned. People out there that are putting arubians down, go home! If you don't like us, go home! The entire dynamics of the island turned on me. All the people that were helping. All the people that I felt we were working together, could you feel the shift. You could feel the tide turn. It was not okay for me to call their citizens criminals. You have overstayed your bloody welcome on our island! A major development this morning in the Natalee Holloway case. A judge in aruba is releasing prime suspect, Joran van Der sloot from jail. They do have rules in aruba about how long you can detain a suspect without a charge. They didn't feel they were able to charge him with anything. Joran van Der sloot is back in the Netherlands after being released from custody in aruba. I think Joran missed the media attention and the focus, even though the focus was not in a way most people would want. He decided to do an interview with ABC news. How do you think you've been portrayed in all this? I think I've been portrayed unfairly. I think it's about time that people will get to see the other side of the story. Are you ready to tell the floout. Yeah. Did you kill Natalee Holloway? No. Did you harm Natalee Holloway? No. Why should you be believed? There's absolutely no reason to believe. Nearly after five years, he reaches out. Reporter: He sends an e-mail using a pseudonym. And when he contacts them out of the blue it's mind blowing. He engaged in a series of e-mails. John Q Kelly says Joran has a proposal. If you give me $250,000, I will give you information on the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway. $25,000 up front. It's sick and cruel, as it sounds, what can we do with this in. Joran provides a bank account number and that's where they should wire the rest of the money. So I gave it a test to see if it was real. They get a call from a local regions bank down in Birmingham, Alabama that Beth Holloway had sent an international transfer of $100 to Joran. And that gives John Q Kelly an idea. Maybe we can get him on wire fraud charges, blackmail. If we can ever get him to talk about this again, he's committed a federal crime. We'll have jurisdiction. Working with the FBI, they orchestrate a sting operation. I get the $10,000 cash from Beth to take to aruba. The FBI's heading down to aruba ahead of time to set up the hotel as recorded. They wire me up. Give him a call to come over and take the $10,000 out of the safe, put it on the table in front of him, and it was like Christmas. I wired the 15 grand to the bank account of Joran's choice. With all eyes on Joran, somehow, he manages to get away. And he turns up in a place that no one would ever expect. When we come back, the hunt for answers continues.

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{"duration":"11:04","description":"Beth Holloway has fought for years to find out what happened to her daughter, who disappeared in 2005, and spoke about confronting the man she suspects was involved in her disappearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67248816","title":"Natalee Holloway's mother on never giving up on search for daughter in Aruba: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/natalee-holloways-mother-giving-search-daughter-aruba-part-67248816"}