National Enquirer Feud: New Accusations

Mother and son, heirs to the tabloid empire, are in a fight for the family fortune.
3:00 | 04/12/13

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Transcript for National Enquirer Feud: New Accusations
-- -- rich make life easier -- devout Lotto ticket buyers and shooting star wishers the world over. They'll say yes but if they think stacking up the -- is an answer to a simpler happier existence they probably haven't heard. Of the hope family as ABC's Matt -- found these millionaire -- to The National Enquirer tabloid empire. They give a whole new meaning to the added more money. More problems. Eight -- high profile headline grabbing family few. I would receive twenty to thirty email from my Mother's Day. Daily phone calls asking about kidnapping and losses that could usually -- ripped from the pages of the original tabloid newspaper. National enquirer. Infamous for breaking news about the private lives of politicians stars and he occasionally we. When we put the capitalization. Of this salacious news so many of the stories. Celebrity misbehavior. They're really the ones you hear this. The headlines made the founding hope family millionaires that this latest sensational stories involves the family you sell. It involves allegations of -- stalking and threat to. The jewel -- this man 45 year old -- both. Let Playboy the Palm Beach for instance socialite mother and 79 year old was hopeful he claims -- -- that these kids. Pope spoke exclusively to ABC news showing us around his and not too -- South Florida pat. Are there any rules in the world the pope's. You know apparently it was my mother. -- says it started -- the elegant -- -- demanded to take out a kidnapping and ransom policy for -- children. She said Romany get a -- our policy kidnap and ransom as is that the beneficiaries they. The kidnappers they -- you know present -- adopt the adoption money at the -- somebody kidnaps her son that as the person who gets the money for. The policy according Obama -- he says he took it as a threat. Lois Pope calls the allegations outrageous. And says it was -- idea to take out the insurance point four -- -- she's never done this all of the sudden for anyone in the credit by the ballot. Perhaps because this is one of a nasty family feuds around says Hollywood PR maven Howard Bragman. Harmless truly does exist now the family that phone -- to consult the company. Is having to deal would they would they've been giving out for someone. Lois has accused him of an extravagant and excessive lifestyle. He accuses her. Of hoarding money. My new team of investigators and attorneys had found all these things are wrong theft fraud and tax evasion and all these things but he says she does spent lavishly on -- -- Including a pair of 22 million dollar Friday jets went for her and another for the teen -- -- eighteen of them. And she seems to dole out 100000 dollar Mercedes is Stewart's death can be -- -- point reminds -- -- -- And and Ellis apartment and the difference -- -- -- over the years the inquirer has broken it shared stories about the squabbles of the rich and famous. And much more. From OJ shoe to John edwards' affair and child with real hunter -- -- Tiger Woods sex scandal. But this story -- the tabloids former owners. It's as juicy as he gets this unholy war between the pope's as faster since pulp Coke's father -- -- so died in 1988. Jim -- still had built an empire stacking supermarket checkout racks with The National Enquirer. And did steady diet of -- -- Expos eight men in 1989 the -- sold the inquirer for 412. Million dollars. Lois got 200 million and Paul in the rest of the kids twenty million even way back then according to an April 8 court hearing Lois says. Some threatened her she said he accused me of not giving -- rose -- a proper burial of murdering him of not calling 911 when he dined. It was -- and that the harassment started she claims. And that. It was 25 years ago and she always thought that he was an enemy in her -- She said in court. I believed he was not my friend what he -- you -- it's easy Playboy maintaining an excessive extravagant lifestyle but has never had meaningful employment. Still he has authored two books. One of them the unpublished confessions of a rich kid from -- a -- -- mom says she continues to bankroll today. Giving him an alleged twelve million dollars in recent years. Not to mention a yacht and their -- asking for nearly five million dollars more since the start of this year. He denies asking for anything recently but said she did give him a check recently. And how much was it. Four million dollars. I hunch is that it's not we have in my life isn't about money and lot of I can't. This is not my thing and you know -- back. -- -- -- -- Well -- does have expenses according to a court document. Which shows he burns through about two million dollars a year have a dinner never are not outward up -- as some parting RS is a set through emancipation. Someone might want to tip off The National Enquirer about this story. I'm Matt -- for Nightline in highland beach Florida.

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{"id":18945812,"title":"National Enquirer Feud: New Accusations","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother and son, heirs to the tabloid empire, are in a fight for the family fortune.","url":"/Nightline/video/national-enquirer-feud-accusations-18945812","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}