Nor'easter Packs a Punch After Sandy

Powerful winds, snow and rain barreled down on already battered East Coast.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Nor'easter Packs a Punch After Sandy
It was just nine days ago when superstorm sandy cost the eastern seaboard dozens of lives and billions in damages. And tonight, fresh stress and pain, as a snowy nor'easter rips across new england, down to maryland and delaware, blowing sleet and snow into sandy's open wounds. For tens of thousands still without heat, the threat hypothermia, very reel real. Tonight. Ginger zee spent the day in new york's hardest-hit communities and reports now from slushy lower manhattan. Ginger? Reporter: You know, bill, this is just one of so many spots that were just starting to see the signs of recovering after sandy, but look at this. Now we have a wet, slushy snowy mess on our hands. A mess that's all part of a nor'easter, dropping up to ten inches in parts of connecticut already. And a couple manufacture iore inches tomorrow. This will really just ending up being an icy speed bump on the road to recovery, especially in the place where we spent most of our day, the rockaways. Tonight, a fresh ly frosted mess. Heavy snow falling atap of sandy's destruction. It's a disaster layered on a disaster. New york and new jersey had just dried off after being u.N. Dated. And now, a brand new storm and it's the last thing they need. For many, it's adding insult to injury. No one's ready for it again. Nobody wants it again, I should say. Reporter: All across the northeast, the wintry storm is dropping wet snow, sleet, rain and wind gusts that could reach 60 miles per hour. Already, it's prompted coastline communities in new jersey to order mandatory evacuations. Sandy could cost americans $50 billion in damage by earliest mafts. And much of the cleanup remains to be done. Tonight, 675,000 people are still without power sinceast week's disaster. And hundreds of thousands displaced. The whole day started with high anxiety. New jersey governor chris christie urging hurricane survivors to be cautious and patient. You know, we may take a setback in the next 24 hours. You need to be prepared for that. I'm prepared for that. I hate setbacks. I don't tolerate them usually very well, but this one, I can't control. Reporter: In north jersey, buildings damaged by sandy were re-boarded up. They have extra plywood now as people brace for a second battering. Winds howled into new york city, where subway systems are still under repair. And now, railroads and bridges are frozen. Once again, crippling the area into an impassable mess. Really, really bad. Waiting on line for gas now we're waiting on line to get home. It is a good idea to stay indoors with this, because hurricane sandy weakened trees and the high winds tonight could cause more trees and limbs to come down and the storm debris still on our streets to blow around dangerously. Reporter: The debris, which is everywhere, needs to be cleared before the high winds pick up. New york airports are also locked down again, with more than 1,700 flights canceled for taend tomorrow. Earlier today, we ventured out into those dismantled neighborhoods and watched the new storm shut down cleanup. Rain has just snow changed over to snow, all of the work has stopped. The cleanup is staopped. Trash sit in piles along the road as far as the eye can see. The people we met here are just plain tired. Enough is enough, you know? It just -- oh well. You just deal with it. Reporter: How do you feel? Tired. Exhausted, but -- hey. What am I going to ? This is life. Reporter: Life. On every block and in every home. regina McManus is the fourth generation in this home. Wow. Yeah. Reporter: And to see it like this. And she is not leaving it behind. This is the water line, right? Yes. Reporter: So, up to, you said -- 53 inches. Reporter:53 inches. And it all came in at once? Nonstop Rorter: Look at this. It's already cold enough, we're seeing our breath inside the home. They had to bring the one generator they have inside because of tonight's storm. That generator has made life livable. This is the one lamp? Yes. Only allow one bulb. Reporter: Without power tonight, the temperature in the house is already 45 degrees. And dropping. And now another storm. Yes. Another one's coming. But I'm being reassured that it's not going to be a flood zone this time. Reporter: With temperatures falling across the region, hypothermia is a serious risk for all those who still don't have power and heat. I'm just waiting for electricity and then this morning I heard 30 mile about hour winds, you know they're not going to work on the power lines today. Reporter: For regina, the succession of storms has been life altering. I work up this morning, i have no clue who the president is, and I really don't care. Reporter: By late afternoon, police were still pleading with people to take shelter. Donation sites like this, filled with water, food and blankets, are now making room for people who need a warm place to sleep. So, what we're trying to do is clear out a shelter so all the people here can have a place to stay. ter: WHILE REGINA Decided to stick it out, her neighbor told us he didn't stay for sandy and he won't stay for this one, either. Hopefully it's not going to be as bad. But we're not going to stay. We're not going to stay. I have to think of my family first. Houses can be rebuilt. That's the way it is. Reporter: So, I told you that the snow is wet and sticky but it's heavy, too, and now sitting on power lines, and get this, so unlucky, but folks who just got their power back, and I mean thousands, are now without power again tonight. Bill? Oh. The governor there, chris

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{"id":17669310,"title":"Nor'easter Packs a Punch After Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Powerful winds, snow and rain barreled down on already battered East Coast.","url":"/Nightline/video/new-york-east-coast-sandy-hurricane-noreaster-storm-snow-east-coast-weather-nightline-17669310","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}