Newtown School Massacre: Mourning Sandy Hook Elementary

Newtown, Conn., residents held a candlelight vigil to remember the 27 victims in school shooting.
3:19 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for Newtown School Massacre: Mourning Sandy Hook Elementary
Earlier tonight I was able to see some of the remarkable strength of this small community firsthand. When I attended a crowded vigil right on the street at saint rose church where I've found scenes of love and resilience. In the face of the most incomprehensible. Tragedy. Where do you put a team this -- For hundreds of people in this tiny tight knit community the place -- saint rose Catholic. -- -- Part -- part -- They came to pray yes but also just to be next to the job we'll hundreds of them crowded inside the church even more piled outside. Lighting candles and praying silently this. Parish alone lost six of its youngest members today. The -- here monsignor Robert -- spend most of the day at the fire house next to the school counseling their grieving parents. The parents I have to say the beloved. And that room has broken -- errors just an. In fact he told us tonight many of the parents plan to remain at the firehouse overnight. Unable to bear the thought of leaving while their children's bodies remain inside the school. Think -- -- reality assembling -- event is -- children with the lord now and they've been taken from them too young and two of us. There's never just told a little boy about a sister now just deceased harsh chemical and then play the San. The State's governor Daniel Malloy was here to. In the coming days -- in the coming weeks. I pray all of British. That -- -- another job. I do understand. The difficulties. That you collectively. We'll go under. And outside the church they were embracing sharing comfort and sometimes harm. Overall I'm I'm sorry. -- Horvath worked at a before and after school program at sandy hook elementary. And says he left just five minutes before the shooting happened I was should stay five more minutes to stand in front of them. The southern edge. Among the faces in the crowd here at issue -- who says he went to high school with the shooter. You always seem like the quiet time -- I try to make connections from a couple times -- nothing really ever worked out. Hail Mary full of grace -- but for the most part people here we're not talking about the shooter. But about the children -- the others who lost their lives so horrific -- I feel. Kids who are not coming -- that left me this morning in the coming. -- -- That -- of Christmas just days away we'll almost none -- night. It's funny brighter stars in the -- and every Christmas light -- These -- children were just beautiful beautiful children.

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{"id":17981887,"title":"Newtown School Massacre: Mourning Sandy Hook Elementary","duration":"3:19","description":"Newtown, Conn., residents held a candlelight vigil to remember the 27 victims in school shooting.","url":"/Nightline/video/newtown-school-massacre-mourning-sandy-hook-elementary-17981887","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}