Diving with Tiger Sharks -- Without a Cage

With Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," ABC's Ginger Zee gets up close and personal with apex predators.
5:37 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Diving with Tiger Sharks -- Without a Cage
Are one of nature's most feared predators. And that -- giving up close and personal. Yeah. -- yeah really -- only way to do discovery channel's shark week. That venture that -- -- -- -- down surrounded by dozens of sharks. Let the record straight. It starts you don't want to eat humans. They want patients -- -- reports of the cats are on the rise this year there were 72 unprovoked attacks worldwide. Ten of them fatal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Earlier this summer a woman to be with her friends in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Was bitten by a bull shark some of her wounds too gruesome to show. Start selling out to the two men eight games. -- hit by something. Yeah. And just last month an eight foot great white shark and -- a swimmer off -- California beach I was staring at this shark eyeball to eyeball. Scientists say attacks are on the rise in part -- because more sharks are coming to. -- the coast and more humans are going in the water and sometimes sharks confuse humans for food. So why oh why would I be jumping in no cage no Jane Nelson. The reason to learn first hand that is scary as they look we are much more dangerous now than they -- eyes for every one she still plans are. Twenty million sharks are killed by -- and. My adventure begins in the old bahama -- here we are -- -- -- Invited me to meet one of their shark -- secret weapons Stuart -- This you know alleged in the Bahamas for his intimate yeah -- -- intimate knowledge of those beasts of the -- tiger shares down about that did that come off -- -- Before they -- society don't let them -- junior championship. They just 18 what they're supposed to -- which inspection and we had plenty of face to get -- interest it offensive sound budget fish -- Among the species we're going to -- tiger sharks drinking and in the world Britain on Google intends on humans and the tigers -- -- maintenance that we'll have a very very large. McAllen -- bad -- before meters long and what he's. -- 25 miles offshore identification. Tiger -- 45 minutes later when he arrived. I'm not alone there. Anybody in and soon I beat in there would then -- starts on the surface called the left -- -- small compared to attack and I felt that I care. A the tigers lurking below are ninety even a -- feet long weighing more than 3000 pounds. Collapse Alexander is a host of discovery channel's shark again and he knows all about shark attacks. Start preservation. Not too long ago my nephew -- by -- -- it. There's been a rise chart it felt like there might pursue this is the final why. Still the not being attacked by sharks are only -- one in eleven point five million. What are the odds of being attacked if you dive into a feeding frenzy of sharks without a case just wearing a wet -- To have sex distinguished between humans and food we have to keep our flippers -- And -- seats sit tight and. -- -- and that we're in and turquoise water. Yeah. She's surrounded. It's. -- So -- real and the sharks while -- -- chariots. Really we're coming after us. It's. Business. -- I didn't yeah. They don't even mind as we patted them. She wouldn't I'll remember that -- -- all -- Yeah. Sitting on the ball on. -- yeah. -- it was kind of -- yeah. Yeah god. The most amazing moments watching a shark experts to arrest the tiger sharks. Almost like a dog getting its belly -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And out of one of the most annoying -- I -- -- and -- The wow that's come up though none of us could believe what we -- and -- -- my kids stopping down and. This -- -- even an old -- like -- was shocked. Pass it. Let's -- -- best that's ever. And I happen to others who have been attacked by sharks most experiences with these animals are like mine -- incredible and tumbling. Nightline and in Jersey and the Bahamas.

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{"id":24960265,"title":"Diving with Tiger Sharks -- Without a Cage","duration":"5:37","description":"With Discovery Channel's \"Shark Week,\" ABC's Ginger Zee gets up close and personal with apex predators.","url":"/Nightline/video/nightline-diving-tiger-sharks-cage-24960265","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"yahoo only"}