Onlookers watched in horror as Hawaii sky diving plane crashed with 11 onboard

Eleven people were killed when a sky diving plane crashed on the island of Oahu, making it the worst U.S. civil plane accident since 2011.
7:16 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Onlookers watched in horror as Hawaii sky diving plane crashed with 11 onboard
It's billed as the experience of a lifetime. An epic skydive, flying high above one of the most stunning places on Earth, Hawaii, as seen in this promotional video from the oahu parachute center. But for 11 people on a sunset skydive, their flight would end in tragedy. The whole plane went up in flames. Reporter: When a beechcraft king air plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Battalion 4 and battalion 5 with a downed aircraft. Reporter: Killing all ten men and one woman on board. In my 40 years as a firefighter here in Hawaii this is the most tragic aircraft incident that we had. Reporter: It's not the first time this same plane has encountered trouble. This video shows a frightening mishap during a 2016 flight in California. The fateful flight would begin last Friday evening just after 6:30 P.M. The twin-engine aircraft took off from Dillingham air field. Instantly witnesses knew something was wrong. It starts to flip and reverse. As it starts to kind of decline, decline, decline. And then it kind of skimmed off those trees and smashed onto the floor right up against that fence. Reporter: Onlookers including family and friends watched from the ground in horror. You could see the firemen trying to put everything out. It was crazy. You heard the motor, the engine of the plane go error and then pop and you knew right then. Reporter: Ric and gale silverson witnessed the crash and raced to the wreckage. There's nothing we could have done. There was nothing. Reporter: Now all that remains is this mangled heap of metal. My colleague will Carr is on the ground in Hawaii. Federal investigators are tarping off the scene. You can see there's not much left of the plane. The ground and the fence are scorched giving you a real sense of just how hot those planes were burning right after the crash. Reporter: The NTSB has opened an investigation to determine just what led to the accident. Throughout the next several days we estimate three or four days our investigators will be here to collect the perishable Reporter: Now investigators are examining the plane's safety record. Including that 2016 incident. This harrowing video shows the plane packed with skydivers. Out! Get out of the Plane! Reporter: Forced to bail out during the emergency. Pieces of the plane falling off in mid-air. I saw something fall down from the plane. Reporter: Incredibly, no injuries were reported. But the plane sustained substantial damage according to the NTSB. After tail repairs the plane was back in the air. We will be looking at the quality of those repairs and whether it was inspected is and whether it was airworthy. Reporter: For this mother and daughter the tragedy hit eerily close. They planned to go skydiving the same day as the crash. Our original date was planned for Friday because it was the first day of summer. And I was like, what better way to celebrate the first day of summer, let's jump out of a plane. And it just -- somebody waited too long to me the reservation, so we ended up on Saturday. It could have been anybody. It could have been us. Reporter: Friday's crash is the deadliest accident involving a civil airplane in the united States since 2011. A plane involved in the Reno air show crashed into the ground, killing the pilot and ten spectators. And just last month two float planes in Alaska, neither equipped with black boxes, crashed mid-air, killing five passengers and a pilot. D calling into question safety regulations and oversight. When it comes to paying passengers on an airplane, there should be a reasonable assumption of safety for airplane operations. Reporter: And in a presser this afternoon homendy making a new request. We are looking for photos from the last two years of this aircraft. Specifically front views of the aircraft or rear views of the aircraft. They want to get a historical perspective. And so those photographs and any other information could be helpful in piecing together that puzzle. Since 2008 there have been 80 accidents that resulted in 19 fatalities. Our goal at the NTSB is zero. Zero accidents. Zero deaths. And zero injuries. Reporter: This crash is just the latest in a string of incidents involving excursion companies. Last year five passengers were killed when their off-door helicopter crashed and flipped over in New York City's east an investigation found they were strapped into non-faa approved harnesses that prevented them from easily with the aircraft. For all consumers we should be putting safety at the top of mind when we're making choices like is. Look online, see what you can find out. Reporter: Tonight we're learning more about some of the victims of the crash. Six of those killed in the crash worked for the oahu parachute center. Larry Lamaster, a father whose family said he would never want one person wasting a sing moment of their life mourning his. Casey Williamson, a videographer who went to Hawaii to skydive and follow his adventurous heart. The pilot, 42-year-old Jerome rink, a French citizen and a father whose brother says he will be sorely missed by anyone who's ever met him. Friends say Michael martin lived to skydive. Brian and Ashley Weichel were vacationing in Hawaii to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Jordan tejero's father described the 23-year-old as a man of faith who aspired to be a sky -diving vid yog ravr. It just broke us apart as a family. My youngest son, full of life. Reporter: They've you why lieutenant's Josh rabos's high school coach is devastated by the loss of the young man. I can imagine that Josh never even considered that he might perish in that airplane. I can imagine that he may have been trying to help people not get injured. Reporter: The victims remembered tonight at the site of the crash in the hawaiian tradition with leis, birds of paradise, and plumberia flowers. This air field now the resting place for those lost. People who loved what they did and believed in what they did. Go to for continuing coverage on the crash.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Eleven people were killed when a sky diving plane crashed on the island of Oahu, making it the worst U.S. civil plane accident since 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63924839","title":"Onlookers watched in horror as Hawaii sky diving plane crashed with 11 onboard","url":"/Nightline/video/onlookers-watched-horror-hawaii-sky-diving-plane-crashed-63924839"}