Paparazzi Wars: Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry Fight for Kids' Protection

Celebrity mothers testify in favor of a bill that would modify the definition of harassment.
3:00 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Paparazzi Wars: Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry Fight for Kids' Protection
In our pixel -- society in -- -- and seems more primitive than the idea that a camera. Can steal your soul. To fear shared by different tribes over time but now it. Famous tribe of southern Californians. Is voicing a more reasonable fear of cameras there -- celebrities with children. Paparazzi debate is nothing new but. Today to very famous -- tried a new tactic by lobbying lawmakers to help shield their children from all those prying lenses. Here's ABC's nick -- This is a daily reality for LA celebrities when they're just gonna take their kids to school -- -- to the grocery -- and today Jennifer Garner with pleaded with California lawmakers time to make it. -- I left my kids they're beautiful and sweet and innocent and I don't want a -- of shouting arguing. -- photographers to camp out everywhere we are all the every day to continue to -- -- my kids. 10-Q for the opportunity to testify today. I'd be happy into any questions. Search Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck children and the results are seemingly. Never ending there is little data that paparazzi stalking can get -- the patent but as a sexual missing please into my -- The paparazzi will -- listen to that child and will continue to -- I don't think to photograph the take effect they'll take to photograph. Beginning tells a story her just watch Britney and her son wounded in the 2012 documentary. And leopards -- Paparazzi Henry Flores -- a new breed of no holds barred photographers that it hits the streets. I personally feel disgusted with the fact that there are these types of photographers out there that have no -- back. Back when I started and he used to be just a handful of photographers and you know nobody knew that we existed. -- -- Jennifer Garner along with fellow actor and fellow paparazzi target. -- -- Are championing a bill that would make a snapper who -- seamlessly alarms and noise torment shall terrorize as a child in the process. Liable to fines and jail time we -- just whiny celebrity he's not. Many times people think -- OK so. Who thinks there whiny celebrities. No one told them they had to have children no one told them they had to live in Los Angeles. No one told -- they had to live in New York no one told them they had to go to the popular playgrounds -- schools these -- choices that they may. They have to take responsibility for what they do you cannot be. In paparazzi hot zone and expect not to get photograph it's ridiculous is gonna elect has been going to the crocodile then expect not to be eaten. -- -- -- here prejudiced trying to protect her children we have the bounty on their heads every day. Literally every day there are as many as fifteen cars of photographers waiting outside a home. Ben Affleck recently opened up to our -- bill -- about the impact of this. His family. And I feminist and I celebrities it doesn't warrants from scrutiny it's not appropriate spot healthy I don't think it's healthy society -- I know with the help from my kids. So I really object to. Do the the object vacation the commercialization of the images children. The paparazzi make maybe a few hundred bucks snapped its solid gas money not. Strike it rich money and celebrity magazines publish the shots. Nearly every week. Hate me for all you'd like -- the photographer it's the general public. The general public trades say they want to see it babies and weddings in particular are the most popular things that we showcase. The recent Hoover excitement over little prince -- in jolly old London proves -- not -- -- the global obsession. With celebrity offspring -- we care about children of all of our friends and family and the thing about celebrity -- you feel like their friends and family and -- you don't know them. And does -- general public know or care what surrounds a celebrity kid snapped. Apparently. It's not pretty paparazzi swarm large aggressive men -- last causing a mob scene yelling jockeying for position crowding around the kids. People who are around that when they see. Twenty photographers taking a photograph of a four year -- are Arafat and now it's just that you don't see this sort of sausage being made. So that's frustrating out the -- going to be able to change it. Today his wife did her best to change I'm an actress but I am a mom first my children are no actors or celebrities they're just kids like your kids -- anyone else's. And just like you want to protect your children I want to protect mine. What's the psychological -- -- the being the object to the incessant harassment what happens to the mind of a child when the only thing they see from the outside world. It was aggression hostility and pursuit so what's the solution be celebrity moms hope the little will help them. They have the right to take the photographs as much as I -- It's much as I hate to my children are objective -- that way this bill still allows them to do that we're asking them to lose to take these pictures with some dignity. OK what about the courage to take the protests what's their solution to this. The problem with Jennifer Garner. And the problem with how he married is that there that the easiest celebrity's T get. Is how like in New York I concluded -- Jessica Parker's house at 9 AM exactly she's gonna be out with the kids. -- taken to school. And that's the scene we -- -- celebrity. So -- JP in the others should act like spies. Alter their routines and any solutions from the magazines that publish the -- They don't have to live there. They can afford to live just about anywhere and still have their careers so it's a bit of playing the victim. -- harsh but perhaps. Perhaps that's reality the LA paparazzi will never lay down their weapons and totally -- snapping celeb kids on the street. I mean. It's -- First Amendment right. -- they -- for Nightline. In Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Celebrity mothers testify in favor of a bill that would modify the definition of harassment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19953087","title":"Paparazzi Wars: Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry Fight for Kids' Protection","url":"/Nightline/video/paparazzi-wars-jennifer-garner-halle-berry-fight-kids-19953087"}