Pet Pampering to the Max

Nat Geo Wild?s new series, "Spoiled Rotten Pets," features outrageous pet owners.
3:00 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Pet Pampering to the Max
-- 60% of American homes have a pets we have a hamster does that count. Well man's best friend does come in all shapes and sizes and let's face -- we all -- that animal owner. We'll do just about anything for their -- or scaly -- -- house mates. -- your pet food cat vitamins and -- doggie day care programs are all proof of that. Just too much chili dogs don't need bar mitzvahs and pigs don't -- spot treatments. Or did -- ABC's rob Nelson checks and a. Pigs who -- days at this -- It ferries treated like royalty payment but -- -- -- A doll whose dentist makes house calls. Featuring gamblers these kids give new meaning this spoiled rotten she's my daughter so I don't mind doing whatever it takes to make her -- This New Jersey couple through their -- -- -- a Clark Mitt. I didn't work with the for John Evers and Roseanne. I married Sally Jessy Raphael sources from a specially chosen panel to the flowers she picked herself. Sophia as Clark admits was quite the affair. I -- Iowa is the biggest spoiler of pets of all time that I learned very quickly that we are very small on the totem who. And. That stern wife of shock jock Howard Stern. Is the host of spoiled rotten heads a new show on Nat geo wild think of it as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for the four legged and ferry crowned -- my sweet little baby -- and yes there on the -- with this is paying. -- -- -- -- It is -- jobs to be able to spend time with people who love their pets so much and the love doesn't stop there. When these two dogs Chico and feel and have failed. Head over tales for each other. Their owners had a lavish wedding. Complete with the custom made dress and a bridal party with matching -- you -- -- -- -- There was less licking and more socializing at this gathering of the -- scouts in New York. A canine version of the Boy Scouts. The monthly meetings are complete with uniforms cookie sales even a -- -- I was. And like their human scalp counterparts these -- earn badges to -- gonna -- -- Of course it's not all business at these meetings. How much of all this ferry fanfare is actually about the -- or is it more about the owners. We think the dog instead and I -- about that -- -- come to these. See the other dogs and -- -- and I think I'm just like people's Lana Jones and we love my dogs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor drew Ramsey is a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University he says -- can benefit humans but that there are warning signs when things. Have gone too far. We spend more money on -- animal than yourself. More than your family for your animals are more important -- -- of the human beings I think that's something that people want consider. Still it appears that all of this hammering really does come from a heart and best believes these animals feel that -- do you think these -- realize. How high off the hog. There are living in some cases. I I absolutely believe that animals knowing they're -- -- and lots and this cake is a prime example he is expected to -- -- -- -- he answers yes they now just one word of advice all that love is great but. Don't forget to feed these guys either you were the homes. -- -- -- -- Guess living in the lap of luxury has made Hank. A little bit of a -- For Nightline I'm rob Nelson. In New York.

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{"id":19107164,"title":"Pet Pampering to the Max","duration":"3:00","description":"Nat Geo Wild?s new series, \"Spoiled Rotten Pets,\" features outrageous pet owners. ","url":"/Nightline/video/pet-pampering-max-19107164","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}