Pet Psychic: Get Inside the Animals' Heads

"The Lookout" team explores the world of a pet psychic.
6:07 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for Pet Psychic: Get Inside the Animals' Heads
And now. Things are about to get -- on the look out. -- And yeah. -- and -- are being dressed up more -- very big day. -- Mario because today we're taking casually -- -- dogs to meet a woman they hope will change their relationship forever. Actually wonders yeah maxim if you feel about her. And for that matter how do you feel about -- it's. It would be nice you know -- -- -- for -- -- think -- -- ABC we're going to -- -- pet psychic. Arena finally thinking that came out and they actually enjoy it about it and they loved walking out drinking -- -- -- they love to strap. Melissa is reading maxim misty for free because we're doing this story just yeah. He how can accumulate that has an exit is actually the reigning eastern teachers and her. The -- beauty pageant that's what I don't think pads and didn't see -- -- -- But normally she charges up to 200 dollars for her readings. We wanted to know more about what pet my advice you so Melissa agreed to do a bunch of other free readings. -- put out a call. For pet owners would burning questions. -- -- -- This is her -- and I just want to know where she came from why she's so yeah she has little Phillip associated. Suddenly I can't thank I have I have ever. -- do you. My intention to make eye contact she makes eye contact with you -- -- it she's -- -- if somebody's trying to look better figure out she's just looking out so she kind of mirrors your. Okay Melissa told me she communicates most often with animals through mental picture and in terms -- them. Now I'm together when -- attack. What time and on and images place its territory here she was shot in the back yard and she was challenged me. The food. She says she feels very oceans instead. And -- Atlanta -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keith Todd he's clown of the house like totally new class. Yeah. -- remembered -- few days later he needed some money and yeah. Like last year mom forgotten she knows her. Yeah. In general for whatever it is you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. OK before you buy your wondering if there isn't any evidence this makes -- We went animal acts. Still wouldn't don't really be hurt just someone forgot its first day it's very unlikely that dog would have a concept. -- birthday. Therefore hopefully -- live -- -- someone forgetting. Did she wobbled with trust issues. Could she really just -- mimicking her owner's behavior like this like -- sent stocks community whose sense of smell and body language. It's quite likely that -- dog -- mimic the body language curriculum. Then lizard its -- and he's a real funny guy blizzards have small grant and stop signs couldn't. It's very unlikely blizzard would have a sense of humor. But hasn't answer for that sure the average lizard doesn't have a sense of humor but this animal is -- past. Melissa says -- -- different life experiences and give her different visions and filed. Now listen wasn't always a pet psychic -- -- -- -- Back up until a few years ago she was an actress -- horror movies scream -- But she's still is still connected to animals and starting to think that perhaps had a psychic ability. These days she runs through rescue shelter plus -- rescue and retail where she told us that she has a lot of satisfying customers who say what she tells them rings true. Flying over the what you're telling me isn't something -- just me making. Most people that are coming -- for reading it's something that knows a hat and gloves or hat there's going to be something that I say that I'll let them now. I'm talking to America will be given every wrong. Now. Maybe it's because she gets a lot of practice at home where she lives with her husband owns seven dogs and three Ravitz who by the way she says she communicates with the all the time didn't people -- asking what are -- -- dollars and constantly hearing voices -- No I have to two men actually topped right yeah Clinton reading that details Kaiser went a little -- -- Crazy -- not explode all the people who went to see Melissa. All but one even meet. -- remember actually for the record she too is debut -- It's. Something -- actually it's really weird. I was seeing at Tiffany's box but it is Fuzzy -- this it's just keep it. Away it. Ashley and her dogs look familiar. It might be because you've seen them on the show -- did not. -- any other episode now -- I actually refuse to watch anything because I want out of your mind you convinced that what she's telling you. It's a psychic ability collapse yeah which is -- about Sydney's front I was like that's it. So if you're an animal lover like Ashley and wondering if it's worth spending up to. 200 bucks to find out what your -- is thinking yeah. Consider what do you believe in and nearly always get in this is my job Clifford how much believing it is worth to you kids into bed. Maybe you should sleep on.

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{"id":19833571,"title":"Pet Psychic: Get Inside the Animals' Heads","duration":"6:07","description":"\"The Lookout\" team explores the world of a pet psychic.","url":"/Nightline/video/pet-psychic-inside-animals-heads-19833571","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}