think P.INK & face INK

P.INK, Personal Ink, connects tattoo artists with breast cancer survivors, turning mastectomy scars into works of art.
7:22 | 10/26/15

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Wake up to said so cheesy. I have my senior brass. Undated those. Minus hear you. Still like them. Eat something. I mean anything. Yes and I'm saying that's. A man champion ever play. They then we'll remain here. Qualified immunity remind me of the ugliness of the cancer that I hadn't and how much time. Cruel way. Looking at every day. He thanked his. My. To be there is no ugly. I have. A lot of friends and thinly. And it's his it's. Close my heart. And I'm happy to be able to help many Linux fans. Since about 2007 I have been doing. Testing after breast reconstruction us. Just listening to Tracy and the other women that has been close to talk about their experiences. It weighs on me and I am happy to do whatever it can to make them have some closure. I'm okay. When I was diagnosed it Flexilis. And my lines that I would alleviate grant my throat and I just couldn't breathe. And the timely nine and I I would look at myself in the near. And we teens I was. You know like those shots it was a cruel. Elated not expect not to have missiles. It is just like of course I would do this well would and I you know when you use your powers for good. It. It's giving up. Ogilvy could. Go to. And I think. But keep a back. Looking in any of those so much. So much it's just about. Movement that's when an excellent gas. All forms. We have a bad. Really. Please hear my. It's hers yeah. What I did die. It's kind of like a bonding moment. Choice is my hero who. Who ousted the time that he was telling me when his Meehan higher. I was really glad that I was it was just mean how are. You just you end up close in a way you didn't expect when you sat down the first happened. It's just a few short hours but the journey is and that's the. In family. I'm not proven their money. I know what all you beautiful. Now I am do you. When my father along. Regulate as. Feeling as it was obvious thing. Still. That's my goal and I just want them to be able to go forward with the rest of their lives in. I think. And know that. Feelings and it can mean did its job. Nobody can take it from. A. What matters is how they feel about this looks. I can help them change that in a positive way. That until the van back. Fit that's. For.

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{"duration":"7:22","description":"P.INK, Personal Ink, connects tattoo artists with breast cancer survivors, turning mastectomy scars into works of art.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"34738544","title":"think P.INK & face INK","url":"/Nightline/video/pink-face-ink-34738544"}