Pitbull on the AMAs: Party Never Stops

"Nightline" went behind the scenes with Pitbull and TLC ahead of the American Music Awards.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pitbull on the AMAs: Party Never Stops
harder than pit bull. With his multimillion dollar empire and nonstop partying, he is one of the hottest entertainers turned moguls ever. And on sunday, the cuban-american sensation will continue his quest for nothing short of world domination. As the host of america's ultimate music awards show. Complete with reunion you won't want to miss. Abc's cecelia vega reunited with hi this top dog for a look at his whirlwind world. Reporter: The stage is set and the red carpet is out as workers race to put the finishing touches on sunday night's "american music award" i am getting a vip all access exclusive tour courtesy of pit bull. Just try to keep up. This is backstage? Yeah, I walk these hauls many times. Reporter: In a matter of days this is where the a list of the a list will be rubbing shoulders. Here behind the scenes in this maze of long hallways and stairs. Passing down the hallway of justin bieber, miley cyrus. To be here, see jennifer walking up. That's the one you want to see. What I work hard for all these years. J-lo. Jimmy Reporter: I have been on the pit bull party train before, spending a crazy day this summer with mr.305, jetted between concerts. Opened a school in miami and basically plotted global domination. Through his music and endorsement empire. Now, we meet again. And this time, mr. Worldwide whose real name is armando perez has another title to add to the list. Host. American music award. Did you say no the first time around. Reporter: He says he came around to the idea for the son of cuban immigrants who transformed from a rapper on the rough streets of miami to an international sensation, the tv hosting gig is a new thing. Staying on message. Sticking to the script. Maybe not the strongest suit for a guy noend fknown for his partying and wild ways. Hope you have the delay button ready. We are going to have fun. Reporter: They will need a men out delay. How will they keep you on track? Hope they have a lot of subtitles. They will have to catch up. Reporter: A bilingual broadcast. I am bilingual, single and ready to single. By the way. You know my husband is a cop. He is a great man. Those guys are into a lot of kinky things. We can't use any of this. Of course you can use that. That's great b roll. My producer is cut it short. Wow, this is cool. Does this make you nervous at all, just seeing all of this. You can't stop it. This train has taken off. I tried to tell you. I am under the train. The first time you hosted anything like this? First time I have, ever been called a host. Reporter: While other award ceremonies might be known for the pomp and circumstance. AT THE AMAs, IT'S THE FANS WHO Choose the winners, voting online or for the first time on twitter. This show is all about the music and the star power. Like in 1986, when just about every superstar took the stage to sing "we are the world." ♪ We are the world we are the children ♪ Reporter: And this add am lambert shocker in 2009, sim la ulated sex and all. Last year, the duo nobody could touch, mc hammer and psy. Sure to be headlines following sun day's show. Let's say, miley cyrus who TWERKED TO THE VMAs WILL TAKE THE STAGE AT THE AMAs, SO WILL Lady gaga, justin timberlake, katy perry, jlo, rihanna. Any slips? Controversies? Everybody is like, is miley going to twerking. I am from miami, bootie shaking, when you have an american sweetheart, does twerking. She is finding herself. God bless her. Do your thing. He is friend with a listers in the front three rows. Made hit songs with them. Can you make an introduction. Hi, marc. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I love your music. Of all the acts who will fill the seats there is one pit bull really wants to see. That's what I am looking forward to?

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{"id":20975423,"title":"Pitbull on the AMAs: Party Never Stops","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" went behind the scenes with Pitbull and TLC ahead of the American Music Awards.","url":"/Nightline/video/pitbull-amas-party-stops-20975423","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}