Pitbull, Dale! Day in the Life of Global Pop Artist

ABC's Cecilia Vega spent 24 crazy hours with Mr. Worldwide, whose life is a constant party.
9:25 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Pitbull, Dale! Day in the Life of Global Pop Artist
Well if you are handicapping the artists that might go down as among the most influential in the early 21 century. Do not discount a blue -- rapper who grew up courting Cuban revolutionaries in the streets of Miami. Best pit bull hardly a critical darling but corporate America -- who believes he -- serious way over the cell -- taking soda drinking youth. And then there is his reputation for the nonstop party and to get the though this man and his methods. ABC Cecilia Vega got a 24 hour pass to people incorporated. This is a glimpse. Into the life of -- hip hop superstar. It is the -- Faithful and for 24 crazy hours I'm invited along for the ride and. Wilmington whenever -- he would pay me any question in -- -- -- Take him mr. world why. He -- less than a decade. The son of Cuban immigrants transformed himself from a local -- on the rough streets of Miami. To an international. Pop sensation and ever wonder how we got here. -- when -- where we're going. To me is that when. He catapulted to fame -- teaming up with some of the biggest names in the business. From. -- -- -- -- Extra toppings -- abandoned the site. This guy has become a product endorsing powerhouse. Whether you notice. Cox news it to me he's the -- -- -- the five. -- And it allows us to create a platform a foundation to be able to help. Any product or any company market the man is cashing in at the height of his fame come between them when we -- He is proud of it I read one report that's an -- worth twenty million dollars. The question -- -- In town -- You know count. I definitely -- and even if you try to Karen -- couldn't. I wanted to get to know the man behind the budding empire but real people -- -- -- threats. Lamenting that -- starts backstage at a concert in Tampa. We are whisked into pit bulls' dressing room. -- -- -- -- -- Find out those nonstop parties and all of the songs. It's not just in acts yeah by the interview. OK now I don't even know what -- homeless. And it is. His -- -- Armando is pretty makes it seem like we're instant friends. Good if not long lost Latin cousins. Help but wonder -- hustled by a self described hustler how I'm going too fast for you guys in we can't keep up. Definitely quiet. Nine. Are you always been everything about it 'cause it doesn't get -- and on human what do you think it apparently on -- what -- they have. -- -- -- Concert is one long bumping his -- party. Next stop his hometown Miami. And yes there is a chauffeured -- waiting to take us to look -- -- He's still flying on a post concert hot. Davis. -- -- exhausted in the -- -- tired. What I don't like that we're. People says lieutenant and he didn't -- -- that it actually isn't -- you know anti Nazi -- -- kind of reports in. We generate. We hitch -- -- on his fancy plane. But check hip hop video -- seat at the door. How wild -- this is not. -- -- 9% of your bases in America resume. Turkey Germany. After all what better place than 30000. Feet in the air to lay out those plans for world domination. And with a massive social media following nearly thirteen million on Twitter it seems he is already on his way your -- That's pit bull music -- means to an empire when -- -- Thirty million people here. Barring media. It's not enough to just according to -- Still mr. worldwide has turned himself into a worldwide brand. -- -- -- -- And he has no home flipping -- to his music either the. The -- and he wouldn't -- I was watching your music video are watching a commercial far -- pit -- and arson. Anything that we -- a sophisticated integration we want people asking about it. We don't want them felt like is pushed on. He pledge is off critics who label him a sellout this breakdown two words. It's called the music. -- this says is that -- we're here to do. Is -- music. Into business do you get the respect he deserves. Two I care that's the question do you not. -- we have done things that not touring artist can do which is create. Of global platform do you -- being Latino helps or hurts you. Being nothing actually helps all of a sudden with a coach that want to tap into I think what makes our courts are very special is the simple fact that we have buying power. And -- loyal consume. And the heart of his thriving Latino fan base lives here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right back -- my the bottom real Flag Day camp in the city welcomes -- in Korea. There may be no one more Miami then to -- And now smack in the neighborhood where he grew up on his right here is middleman is is legendary to Miami. This pop star is wearing a hard hat and building what he hopes will become his legacy outside of music -- I -- back. Slam -- -- of the art charter school opening next month. Just the beginning when you -- in the must come on when the going on the F cat -- the -- -- -- -- what kind of graduation rate we're having. That's not going to be a lot of fun and you look back at this and really appreciated when neighborhoods we got here. Bit of a bad idea. -- -- -- Hip hop superstar talking about academic test scores to me is bigger than him -- this right here is is global initials -- the problems -- right. -- uses his name to peddle products now. And now his philanthropy. But is this just another performance. Difference between pit bull and -- -- actually. It -- everything that I -- on the can be imposed so let's at all out on stage and the records to the music -- therapy. But -- minorities. Tries to be the most simple normal. Person that they raised me to be. He -- to know is to see where he comes from McDonald's to -- bottles and human stars so we take a drive through Little Havana. Passing the bars were at five years old to say when a memorial. Dad took them to recite Cuban revolutionary columns normally gave me the -- volley game catching about a -- a charisma. But it -- -- rough childhood. He moved around a lot like right here is what my apartment for us qualified twice and got himself into trouble when he started selling drugs. Look -- it is the same thing I didn't just with a different product in the product -- music. The city to city. -- -- country. All around the world getting people to -- product saying Russell different product itself. And from the looks of this homecoming show in Miami Beach this. Pit bulls fans can't get enough. For mr. worldwide. It seems there's only one place to go from here. Just the beginning in -- -- everybody's trying to go to another planet. -- as a first and we tickle me. -- -- -- For Nightline -- Cecilia -- -- in Miami.

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{"id":19811551,"title":"Pitbull, Dale! Day in the Life of Global Pop Artist","duration":"9:25","description":"ABC's Cecilia Vega spent 24 crazy hours with Mr. Worldwide, whose life is a constant party.","url":"/Nightline/video/pitbull-dale-day-life-global-pop-artist-19811551","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}