Police search property of missing Colorado mother's fiance

Mystery surrounds a Colorado community where Kelsey Berreth, 29, went missing on Thanksgiving Day and has still not been located.
7:29 | 12/18/18

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Transcript for Police search property of missing Colorado mother's fiance
Here's ABC's Clayton Sandell. Sheoe off, and someone owe she's at. Reporter: It's been 25 and zero sign of kelseybarret agony for a mothereaorher missing daughter. CL us if you can we won quit looking Repter: 29-year-old pilot and Mo LN thanksgivi day. Investigators believe that disappearance is more suspicious and the is N intentionallvoiding eorts to find her. Reporter: Now at a later, a small communityremains on edge. Official there are no suspects, but authoriti in recentays are beginning to cus barret's fiance Patrick phrase yeempt searching his home proper, Fraze maintains he's cooperating with orities but pubically remainin St. Patrick, why won't you T th sey is fun-loving. She's kind of got bright personality. She is kind, caring. Repor fun Lovin and K is how family and friends describe the young mother, growing up on a farm in Washington S and to Colorado to chase her dream of bea pilot. She's grounded and sponsible. She has a 1-year-old child. She wouldn't just leaveher. Orter:hanksgiving day this surveillance video inside a woodland park safewayaps theast known images of barret shopping with her 1-year-old daughter caylee. According to policebaet's fiance says that's the last day he saw her when he met to pick caylee up. The couple doeive together and three days after Thanksgiving, November 25th, police sayires of mterious textessages we sent from barret's P Investigars were able to intact her place of employm they received tt from Kelsey's pne state she would not be into W theollowing week. Reporter: That same day anot text message was sent to Y mesge not led a 5:13 P.M. Barret's phone was detected nearly 800 miles Idaho. Barret hasamily I Washington and Idaho where her motherives but they haven't seen Makes use W S's doing uphe maybe the pne is there but not here. Ter: Frazee never reportedis fiancee missing ten ys after that surveillance video November 2nd. It her mother that called . Not the kind that runs this is completely out of character. Repor family and investigators search barret's home. There pice say her makeup, clothe and suitcases all untouched. A neighbor tells that Kelsey had only lived in this condomin sut June, that she was quite and herself. When police came her to theyound both of her cars in theynd sig that she had left unexpectedly including cold cinnamo rolls left on the St re were absoly signs, zero signs, that Kelsey Berreth would run away. The only things missing her pursdphone. Reporter: Because she is pilot onead her flying away on her own and that theory shot down. All aannted for no. Indication that she's takenff in an airplane and gon off at somepoint. Repor as athogts at the press conference. Chief, I understandatrick W invited. Why is he not hat's a Q would have T ask him. Is he being cooperative? Reporte given mor notice Frazee would have. Atrick wasn't notified about the prs conference until approxy an hour prior to the pre conference, and he N't want to distractm th investio Reporter: Nearly everyone who their relationship O what might have leading up to Kelsey's disarance. Did he tell you what it was like T lt time he saw her? What actually happened I can't discuss that. Was Not that I'm aware Reporter: Frazee'sorney insists Patrick wants to fin Kelsey too. Patas cooperate wit interviews, provide buccal swabs andriur over his cell phone toaw enforcemt. Eporter: We tried to speak withze at home. This is private property. Thisarivate Rd. Ick. A meeting at the office of a coloradoprings criminal dseorney. Patrick, whyon't Y talk to us? At thisnt there' no suspects or pns of ierest but at's not keeping investigs where for clues. Just because're marri orengaged or have a relationip with someone that goes missing does not make you a kidnappe all but the reality is well over 70% of missinwomen H gone missing at the hands of their love ct, be it their husband, their boyfriend, the ex. Co cannot ignore that. Reporter: Three weeks after berrethished convoy law enforct officershowed T Frazee's house in lorado, cutting the lock and heading uphe driway, localing, state andederal officersrmh a search warrant. Authies not realing what brough there? When you getrch Warran roble.u to convince a judge that you have iormation O evence at a particular loon or aiece O property that justify a judge authorizing the sear. They apparently got over that thshold for whatever those pieces of evidenceht Investigators with dogs and diggi E. That FBI evidence team scourin the property over two days. Towing ee's truck and escorting him and tcouple's daughteraylee away. E've yet had him sit down with our investigators. He's communicatingus through E aorney. At's all Ian say. The fiance has noteen named suspect son of interest, but when you L yr back window and you see the FBI digging up your yardh a backhoe, you've got a probe okay? That's a fact. Reporter: Atioty ifg was found on the property but confirmederreth was not there. Please hav not called Frazee a susp as F the couple's 1-year-old, she's bei cared for by her dad, pe saying thepant of humanervices ot have evidence that yl saf is at risk while inatrickfrazee's custody. Woodland park police are now offering a25re for information leading to rr location or safe return. Officially this is still a ss's case. The topority for investigators are locating Kelsey. That's the real key here. She alive? Is she S reports investigators search friends a family are praying Berreth will be Please keep the family of Kelsey Berreth in your heart and ul. I find myself cng often, and her phone J goes to voice mail. Eporter: Hng outope she'll soon come home. Kelsey, we just want home. Ca you can, and won quit ING. Reporte for "Nightline" I'm ayton sell in woodland parklifornia. Our THA to Clayton.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Mystery surrounds a Colorado community where Kelsey Berreth, 29, went missing on Thanksgiving Day and has still not been located.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59878707","title":"Police search property of missing Colorado mother's fiance","url":"/Nightline/video/police-search-property-missing-colorado-mothers-fianc-59878707"}