Powerball Jackpot: The Fantasy of Winning Big

The jackpot in Saturday's Powerball drawing is now $800 million, the largest in lottery history.
7:19 | 01/09/16

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Transcript for Powerball Jackpot: The Fantasy of Winning Big
Tonight, it's the single largest powerball jackpot in U.S. History. And the odds that you or I will win is roughly 292 million to 1. Despite that, millions of people are jumping in office pools, standing in line, and it seems just about everyone's imagination is running wild about what you could do with all that cash. Reporter: Imagine your life changing tomorrow. Suddenly you can afford every luxury your heart desires, like this sprawling penthouse in new York City. I'm 6'4", so this is like three Fredericks. Frederick eggland would be happy to sell it to you. This apartment is a full city block. Reporter: For $30 million. Dreams of becoming an overnight multi millionaire are driving an all-out lotto frenzy. I look for it to grow some more today. We'll see what happens. Reporter: The jackpot, $800 million and counting. The largest the world has ever seen. We've been waiting two hours. Reporter: And on the eve of this powerball draw, people are lining up for a chance to win big. I've got the winning ticket right here. Right there, right there, there's the winner. No, probably not a winner. But still, people reportaren't deterred by the odds, waiting over two hours today in prim, Nevada. Everybody's got dream. Reporter: After 18 drawings with no jackpot, Numbers will be history-making. We're in uncharted territory. We're at levels we've never seen before. Reporter: That $800 million prize is for payments paid out over third yea30 years. The lump sum payment is $496 million before taxes. That ain't so bad. We're about to go out and tell the employees that we just purchased 11 lottery tickets for the powerball this Saturday. Atop the 60th floor, Monica from X ad is surprising her staff today with what could be a fortune. We know the odds, but if you don't play, you're never going to win. So we have to at least try. 11 powerball tickets. That's 11 chances to win. I know we've been hearing some buzz around the office. So we were thinking, why don't we buy tickets for the office? Here are the tickets. Monica and I are going to keep these in safe-keeping. If we win, half the winnings will go to the charities of our choice, the other half will be divided amongst all of us. These co-workers may love the camaraderie right now. I think it's amazing. Reporter: But office pools can quickly go wrong. This group of California co-workers barely had time to celebrate their $315 million prize when they were sued by four co-workers who claimed they had oral agreements to be part of the office pool. A judge dismissed the cases. Then this construction worker in New Jersey, he was in charge of buying the lottery tickets for his work pool. But without telling anyone, claimed a $38 million jackpot as his alone. He was sued and lost. If you don't do it right, there could be disputes. Who's in the office pool? Which ticket was purchased for the pool versus which for the individual? Reporter: I went to the office where 15 of the interior designers are in the powerball pool. Or is it 16? I thought I was in the pool. Y'all don't know if the boss is in the pool. We have it written down. I don't know. This is the most unprepared pool I have ever seen. Reporter: The group has just gone in together on 77 powerball tickets with no plan of what they'd do if they actual won. We'll work it out. They draw it on Saturday. Office pools can be good fun. The first thing is, whoever's buying the tickets needs to copy them, send them to the group in an e-mail, saying this is the group, these are the only people in the group and these are your tickets. This real estate office in Florida hit it big, and even though the new girl had no money for a ticket, they still cut her in. The fact that we got to share an experience most never have in a lifetime, winning a powerball, we grew closer. Now they're all really good, really rich friends, and ready to get even richer. I feel 100% confident. Reporter: Remember, it could grow to a billion dollars. So go ahead and dream big. Recall that $30 million penthouse, you could buy 26 of them. Whomever wins, call me. Caller: You could beby-coastal with this $42 million estate in Los Angeles. May favorite thing about this house is how you walk in and see views all around. Reporter: Where no expense is spared. This is the sexiest master suite in Beverly hills. Reporter: If you want to wear your winnings, you could buy the hope diamond, or two. Or 16,194 clutches for your closest friends. Need some new wheels? Maybe a tesla electric car. You could buy 7,619 of them. But before we get carried away, we should mention the odds. 1 in 292.2 million. In other words, you might as well wave your two bucks goodbye. But if you do win, be careful. Friends are coming out of the wood work, family that they didn't know they had. Reporter: Winning big can come with big time trouble. You can do an easy internet search and find the disasters of lottery winners who lost all their monies. They spend it on houses and cars and they don't realize there's upkeep for those things. They buy things for their friends and families,be the big shot. Back in 1991, louizenberg went from electrician to millionaire when he won $5 million, then the largest lottery pay-out later. Nearly 30 years later, his over-the-top spending has left him dead broke. But he was lucky compared to Abraham Shakespeare, who won $17 million. I would like my old life back, where I could walk the streets like a Normal person. Reporter: Three years after he hit the jackpot, police found his body buried in this woman's backyard. She was later convicted of murder. But experts say you can avoid becoming the next lottery horror story. Soon as you realize you're the winner, sign the back of the ticket, copy it, put it in a safe place. Reporter: And keep a low profile. The reason you don't want to parade your family out in public is you don't want everyone knowing that your child now has $300 million. Reporter: But most likely the odds are so low. This won't be your problem or theirs either. If you won, I would buy a beach house, a helicopter, a boat, and like six destinies for my friends. There's no harm in all of us dreaming. T.j. Holmes for "Nightline" in New York. Up next, a twisted love

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The jackpot in Saturday's Powerball drawing is now $800 million, the largest in lottery history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36183245","title":"Powerball Jackpot: The Fantasy of Winning Big","url":"/Nightline/video/powerball-jackpot-fantasy-winning-big-36183245"}