Prosecutor: Jodi Arias 'Knew She Was Going to Kill' Ex

Lawyers give their closing arguments in the months-long murder trial in Arizona.
3:00 | 05/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor: Jodi Arias 'Knew She Was Going to Kill' Ex
It's a crime so horrific it strains the bounds of -- Hollywood slasher movie. But the person behind this gruesome act isn't a masked madman. Her name is -- -- and after four months on trial tonight her fate now lies in the hands of the jury. She claims her motive for killing her boyfriend wasn't malice it was self defense. Now facing the death penalty -- waits as the final seconds of a roller coaster trial -- away. Here's ABC's Brian Owens for our series crime and punishment. He's trying to get away. Stranded -- for -- program. She is -- areas 32 year old on trial for her life after the brutal murder of her ex boyfriend. She admits she did it but for the last four months has tried to convince an Arizona jury. She killed in self defense today prosecutor Juan Martinez known for his courtroom theatrics -- presented his fiery closing argument. And even understand it over. And over again -- even after slashing his throat premiered here. And then even taking. Shooting him in the face. She will not let him rest in peace. Martinez repeatedly called the admitted killer a liar. Oh yeah she's -- life. And told the jurors that areas -- directly into their eyes and lied to them from the witness stand it's like they feel lost. -- -- -- -- actually sat. Witness -- Martinez ended his argument by showing the jury -- bloody crime scene photos. Three rows of Travis his family and friends shielded their eyes from what Judy areas admits she did here to the thirty year old Mormon businessman. She killed. Three. -- today's closing arguments come former months to the days since it all started. This jury must be exhausted. But the truth so help you -- they've heard from a parade of witnesses 38 in total from medical Examiner's I have to conclude agreements proliferated. The crime scene techs for rental car clerks that person right that the car -- in court today. This way back in January please be seated it look like the trial would be quick as the case. That. -- person who committed this killer six in court today. The veteran prosecutor whipping through his case in a matter of weeks. First taking the jury through a gruesome crime scenes. There's different colors and -- but I don't know -- and a killing so heinous he believes areas deserves the ultimate punishment. Death. This. -- from here that your. Then graphic photos of a different kind nude snapshots of -- and Travis -- -- just hours before the killing on June 4 2008. And these photos inadvertently snapped jury in the killing itself. Just as stunning as the brutal crime areas his actions after she left Travis -- house. Spending the day with a new romantic interest cuddling Eaton and -- -- -- every time we and we start using. I don't know where -- would. There were ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends to use to create dueling portraits of -- and Travis. The son hit my baby -- -- -- be treated with dignity and respect throughout this whole -- yet. Tell us about who -- was at that point in time Judy Lewis a very. And responsible. Caring loving person. He told me that at that point they had found OK and that she had actually -- I think they. But the most anticipated testimony of all. The defendant herself. This is Atlanta -- -- intact. Yeah. Her story of self defense was her third version and she took eighteen days on the stand to tell it to keep body slam me again -- tile. A story vivid in -- -- we're in the -- house -- just. But when it came down to the moment she drove a knife -- Travis Alexander nearly thirty times and slit his throat. What do you remember. Almost nothing for a long time the jury also heard -- other two stories on these police interrogation tapes played in court. First she denied being at Travis as Mesa, Arizona home yeah. I'm just here day -- tell -- who isn't me. When confronted with all of those pictures and a mountain of forensic evidence isn't -- -- -- concocted a new tale. That she was at Travis his house that fateful day when two masked intruders broke in and slaughtered him but spared her. She even acted out the dramatic scene for the detective. -- -- and I heard this. Well -- bringing the detective didn't buy it and -- was arrested for murder at which point she flashed this smile and her mug shot. Since being locked up the 32 year old has made quite a name for herself winning jailhouse singing competitions. Her current. And granting national television interviews like this one with the show inside edition. Where she made this bold prediction. Nigeria's going to convict me. One because I'm innocent and you can mark my words on -- no jury will convict me. If she's wrong and is convicted of first degree murder. -- areas may gain notoriety for something else she could become just the fourth woman on Arizona's death row her defense will try to prevent that -- their closing argument. Tomorrow. I'm Ryan Owens for Nightline. In Phoenix.

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{"id":19097759,"title":"Prosecutor: Jodi Arias 'Knew She Was Going to Kill' Ex","duration":"3:00","description":"Lawyers give their closing arguments in the months-long murder trial in Arizona.","url":"/Nightline/video/prosecutor-jodi-arias-knew-kill-19097759","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}