How the 'Queen of Slime' Karina Garcia became an internet sensation

Garcia has amassed a following of nearly 9 million followers on YouTube alone with her slime-making and DIY videos. She's also got her own products and brand deals that rake in six figures annually.
6:06 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for How the 'Queen of Slime' Karina Garcia became an internet sensation
Reporter: This is the house that slime built. Meet 25-year-old Corina Garcia. Aka the queen of slime. The more you knead it, the heavier and thicker it gets. It's a huge part of my life. This is why you make slime at 3:00 A.M. I spend like 80% of my life making slime. I sound insane. Oh my god. Reporter: With almost 9 million subscribers on YouTube, she shows young fans how to make all types of slimes with different textures and scents, even doing slime challenges. This is going to be the biggest slime challenge I've done by far. Reporter: From contact solution to shaving cream and glue, and I'm talking a ton of glue. I'll mix it with my hands now! The slime is really activated -- Reporter: Kids inspired by Karina. As you see our slime, we made much more lotion with it. Reporter: Raiding their parents' medicine cabinets to make the stretchiest, messiest goop around. Karina is part of a new generation of youtubers who are turning their channels into full-fledged brands and businesses, creating an empire out of slime. I'll take it everywhere with me. I'm one of those people on one of those shows obsessed with something weird, but you have to try to it understand. How much of a craze is slime really? So huge. Now we are seeing slime even incorporated in toys. 2019 is the year of slime. Talk about the celebrity of Karina Garcia. Probably more recognizable to a kid than if they saw a famous actor walking down the street. She's part of their day to day. They're watching her online, they want to emulate her. Reporter: Karina eat success is new. Three years ago she was a millennial trying to figure out her life. I was working on the weekends as a waitress. I didn't know what the heck I was going to do with my life. Reporter: She started posting makeup tutorials and do-it-yourself craft videos on YouTube. My channel started off as crafting and it still is, but I found a simple recipe on Pinterest -- Add some glitter to it. It was going to be another how-to, another DIY on my channel. Add any kind of detergent -- It did really well. People loved it. There wasn't a lot of slime videos on YouTube. Then boom. I feel like everything after that is like a blur. Reporter: Before she became synonymous with slime, it was humble beginnings. I mean, three years ago, it's crazy, because we were living in a two-bedroom mobile home. We didn't have a lot. We really struggled growing up. Now, what the heck is our life? It's so crazy. I never in a million years thought that slime would be my career. Reporter: Now Karina makes six figures and makes slime from her Los Angeles mansion. So this is the room that holds all the slime supplies. We have a bunch of add-ins. This is a bunch of scents. Blue raspberry slushy, bubble gum, cake batter. They all smell so good. I want to get some glue over here -- Reporter: She uses a 30-quart industrial mixer to make big batches of that famous slime. Just keep adding a little bit at a time. Have patience, then you'll see it come to life. So this is the one that we've made? This then holds about 12 gallons. There's a lot of slime in here. This is a few thousand dollars in this. In this container. It's crazy. Reporter: And Karina is constantly coming up with new concoctions. This year she traveled to new York City for the annual toy fair. We're at javits center where buyers and sellers come together to find out what the hottest toys are for this upcoming year. Nearly 500,000 square feet of a dream playground just for grownups to talk business. But I'm feeling like a kid. Today Karina is showing off her latest sticky, stretchy, scented slimes from her new company craft city. We have all kinds. Sunstone, banana, peanut butter -- You take off the top and you Oh, yeah. Yep, there it is. So you had always dreamed of actually creating toys? Yeah, from the moment I started YouTube, since I was always in the kids' scene with YouTube, I always thought it would be the coolest thing ever to have some kind of product on shelves, specifically around the toy industry. Reporter: A mogul in the making, Karina said she couldn't have made it this far without the power of social media. What does it say about the place that YouTube is in and the culture that youtubers have some someone who started their channel here now has a full-fledged booth at a place like toy fair? I think it basically just says that you really can do anything. Ly started, it was just for fun. I really never thought I could make an actual career out of it. I've proved myself wrong. I just hope that my brand keeps expanding. I want to be a mega brand one day. I want to be Martha Stewart so bad, you know. What about her is separating her? I think she's one of the first. I think she has a really engaged audience. I think she did great content that was really resonating with kids. Reporter: We joined Karina as she surprised a class full of second grade slimers. Hey, guys, how are you doing? Are you ready to make some slime? Yes! Yes! Reporter: The key today, she's showing these kids how to make their own personalized slime. If you've never made slime, it's the easiest thing ever, I promise. It's sticky, still sticky, right? As much as four years ago, you've said this before, you were lost, you didn't have this platform. Kind of crazy. What's it like now? Insane. I always wake up, what is my life? It's crazy. What I do, I love it so much. My audience is kids. They're just so pure and loving. I wouldn't trade them for anything.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Garcia has amassed a following of nearly 9 million followers on YouTube alone with her slime-making and DIY videos. She's also got her own products and brand deals that rake in six figures annually.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61776502","title":"How the 'Queen of Slime' Karina Garcia became an internet sensation","url":"/Nightline/video/queen-slime-karina-garcia-internet-sensation-61776502"}