'Queen of Versailles' Gives Tour of 90,000-Sq-Ft. Orlando-Area Mansion

Jacqueline Siegel invited "Nightline" inside her home under construction, one of the largest in America.
3:35 | 06/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Queen of Versailles' Gives Tour of 90,000-Sq-Ft. Orlando-Area Mansion
Welcome to my home verse. I'm gonna take little quirk. Actually grant work. This here is our entrance hall. He the ceilings of honor public fifty feet. Got this year. This is our famous ballroom. It's also some people on the great room suite and hundreds. Probably I had. Oh in his home you can fix. Probably a four story building in this home. This home at some just under one roof right now it's 90000 square feet but we're still in the plans of adding. Of Brigham and I'm art house and every security and right now we hit like over fourteen bedrooms and about ten kids hands dirty bathroom. Movie theaters. Here's one of our grandkids it's here this is going to be the commercial. When we do catering for all the offense and we're going to do that we'll be I'll take place there. Down here we have a wine cellar. It's covered up right now but I also think that doubles content movement and so does this exit. Example. Of one of the rooms they actually. The function of the rooms changed now what this group has turned into advocates are really outgrown and others don't know that. This could be a beautiful cast me so we. Instead of that statement changing here this happened in concert at the Caspian. Right now we are standing. In the living room the master back. We're gonna have a fireplace. Granite kitchen in the corner. This fireplace and McMahon yeah now. Here. Now this area here. It is I just believe and on the bed chambers. First number eight. Friends French. We're going to have a big brown bat and work of a button in the region. Her and so did we can watch the TV and have a fireplace there. Mr. And we'll swivel around. And look at the lake. We have this guy like wow I'm gonna need some line and they've undertaken in. I'm selectmen to eat. Update this here this is but I was talking despite. Now I've been pretty spoiled by other house. Because we did and that's been the cause of the matter cops and started building site. But it figure out at night meets at town and start back down walls this way. In expanding the and then as a joke everything and now may be out there and now they're vacuum often but the classic keep growing. This is where our staff below a banner that insecurity. Again I'm actually standing on the parlors and heating. So up right now we're using it for renovation river that would. And all of our doors and windows. I think for size Hollywood and the only homes in America that's under renovation. And construction of the same time. Come down here but also very hard crimes and a ten customers and help a bowling Alley game. And indoor swimming off. So that's pretty.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Jacqueline Siegel invited \"Nightline\" inside her home under construction, one of the largest in America. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"31479351","title":"'Queen of Versailles' Gives Tour of 90,000-Sq-Ft. Orlando-Area Mansion","url":"/Nightline/video/queen-versailles-tour-9000-sq-ft-orlando-mansion-31479351"}