Reese in Pieces: Witherspoon's Arrest, Other Celeb Meltdowns

Actress was arrested for disorderly conduct, but she isn't the first celebrity to lose her cool.
3:00 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for Reese in Pieces: Witherspoon's Arrest, Other Celeb Meltdowns
She's the Oscar winning a list starlet who's -- being a dumb -- into a heroic calling. But Reese Witherspoon is one star no one expected to see flailing in the Muddy Waters of Hollywood scandal. Tonight in the aftermath of a leaked video that has an angry Reese looking anything but the New York. ABC's Neal Karlinsky wonders whether Hollywood's girl next door can regain her sugar sweet -- -- yeah. And humvees Witherspoon most talked about performance of the year captured by -- Georgia State trooper's dash cam and beamed around the world. After being obtained by DMZ. -- -- -- -- That do you know my name moment turned out to be the perfect cringe worthy snapshot. -- fitting for an Austin Powers movie. Do you know who I am. Have you any idea how many anonymous henchmen -- killed civilians. And a real life movie star trying to squeeze out of trouble. I got out comedians couldn't resist does that ever work. It's second only to. You know my father is. -- it's a bad. The question because the answer is either no it is embarrassing or -- yes I do when you're going to jail. The bad behavior that -- Witherspoon is being made headlines came after her husband Jim -- Was pulled over for allegedly failing to stay in one lane while the couple drove home from dinner in Atlanta. I -- not. Yeah yeah. Yeah. How embarrassing video was leaked to TMZ just hours after this appearance on Good Morning America where the actress looking much more like the Reese Witherspoon people are familiar with the -- did her best to apologize. It's one of those nights you know we went out to dinner Natalie and I and two we had one too many classes a -- we thought we're trying to drive and we absolutely were not. And and it's just completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and in parents and we know better. During the incident her husband and the one who's actually supposed to be in trouble tries to calm his Oscar winning wife. She's hardly the first movie star caught behaving badly. From David Hasselhoff. And -- man strong hamburger moment. Mel Gibson's anti Semitic rant to police and Justin Bieber paparazzi wrote down. There are more examples more mug shots more TMZ and YouTube clips of celebrities at their lowest. Then we can possibly fit into this -- But here's the thing none of them are Reese Witherspoon we're talking sweet home Alabama -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- pardon the description but she's not exactly known as someone -- confused. With -- Lindsay Lohan. She can't just. Reese Witherspoon went into this with the good image and I think she'll survive with a good image. In my business you know it really your job to figure out whether. It's a speed bumper -- sinkhole. I promise you this is a speed bump for her and she's gonna move beyond her without any damage. Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman in the Hollywood -- -- -- -- will survive. Probably I think it really is too soon to know whether this is going to harm her image permanently I think people will move bond. And people will kind of forget about this or they don't forget about it -- -- impact whether they go see her movies I don't -- but was someone intentionally trying to hurt Witherspoon. Why god pulling them get a -- I feel like they're back. The Georgia state patrol says he didn't leak of the video every good story every good story starts with the -- TNT's Harvey Levin has previously -- no secrets about his tactics which include paying for tips there regardless of the motive on the other rent. If there's a tip that leads us to something. We still have to get the story. And I would pay for tests but how much is big money now now it's not at all so like you say oh I got a tip I'm just gonna put it up you've got it and start from scratch this leads you in the direction. At the end of the video Witherspoon whose husband seems to be trying to distance himself from the uncomfortable. -- A -- news. -- -- -- Crazy things and -- -- me laughing because I have no idea what I was talking about and I am so sorry I'm so disrespectful to Hannah nine police officers and my family I worked with police officers every day I know better. And it's just unacceptable. He's hoping her next performance alongside police goes a little better I am using this -- -- -- have you her new film mud just hit theaters. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline in Seattle.

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{"id":19107121,"title":"Reese in Pieces: Witherspoon's Arrest, Other Celeb Meltdowns","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress was arrested for disorderly conduct, but she isn't the first celebrity to lose her cool.","url":"/Nightline/video/reese-pieces-witherspoons-arrest-celeb-meltdowns-19107121","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}