The Return of Alex Jones

A gun control rant that went viral has thrust the libertarian radio host into the national spotlight.
3:00 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for The Return of Alex Jones
We begin with America and its -- says President Obama prepares to announce his sweeping plan to curb gun violence tomorrow. Across the country millions of already rushed out to buy a record number of new guns. And one man who thinks that's a very good saying radio shock jock Alex Jones. He made national headlines last week with a fiery pro gun tirade that quickly went viral. And that's not always -- to say here's ABC's Dan -- Are you for Hitler against Hitler what they say it's the opposite they never tell the -- Tonight as millions of Americans worry about big government taking away their guns. This man Alex Jones -- is pushing -- a lot of buttons. And I tell you. 76 a mix again could -- try to take our firearms we will not relinquish them do you understand the republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns when -- went on CNN's piers Morgan tonight. -- -- our government should talk about Jessica addicts and to discuss gun control in the wake of this sandy hood massacre now you're I had a man of the new world order he created a sensation in this video -- massively -- Analysts say this right here you think you're -- -- little. Let me back with a boxing ring in here but who is Alex Jones. We've got a BC nightly news slash Nightline here despite his mistrust of the so called mainstream media Jones agreed to let us into his world for a day we're just soldiers look at across. Each other on the picket line here America has been captured. America is -- -- we are now being looked like a Third World nation well I'm not set out shot. Jones is arguably the nation's premier purveyor of what could be called paranoia of -- the Obama deception. But the truth strikes back. I'm lot -- 32 act out of his studios near Austin, Texas his radio show and webcast reach an estimated one million people a day. Admiral -- its -- and on YouTube and elsewhere Jones estimates 200 million people have seen his various documentary. We're taking our destiny but there are -- -- -- With titles like the fall of the republic. And -- blueprint for global enslave -- handy Obama deception do you actually believe everything you say. I believe all of it absolutely I'm tells the truth none of it is you know bush a shtick a show at all now. Salter beating Obama the criminal. Barack Obama is definitely -- unconstitutional -- Jones espouses a litany of conspiracy -- although he thinks that term belittled his reporting FEMA is running concentration. Camps yes they have designated sports stadiums they've designated. Fields for the American people during a civil uprising and a -- poisoning the water. Absolutely I have always -- government documents. Where the government proposes a government think -- proposed. Poise in the water to dumb down the population make it more easily manageable 9/11. Was an inside. Yes -- eleven was an inside job it was a staged event to launch the Iraq War percent of the domestically state here in the United States. All I'm calling for is a real investigation and the people of Oklahoma City have been calling for an investigation. -- those 38 got his start with a local cable access show in the 1990s. He now has a huge fan base which at various times has included celebrities like Willie Nelson. Jesse Ventura Charlie Sheen -- want our country back Mr. President and calling them each and every American citizen. To wake stand. And demand the truth. And reality stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Spencer Pratt good to have you on what is today. But I -- I'm so honored to be I would do you are a true lead in the true American patriot. Look in the mirror he does have vociferous critics including experts who monitor hate groups. Who worry about Jones's influence during this tense time in America. However Johnson sometimes seems to latch on to small pieces of information. To prove his much larger more sinister theory -- rewarding you for example while we're here he says this about an article he found on CNN dot com. And they -- Having one child policy and I looked at the article and I haven't and I can pull it up for you is actually a fluffy. Feature piece interviewing a woman who -- a semi -- he. Book about having environmentally friendly -- in which he talks about. Doing dating -- a silent and there it says. We might wanna oneself policy order -- it was a sarcastic little aside not like -- no CNN -- -- all sarcastic. But -- we've gone from. It's there's no move for a world government it doesn't exist knots talk about it to you can't prove the world governments being formed as murderous. I'm I'm not even granting you that there's a world government people. Yeah that's why -- discredited if that is. Arnold is a lighter we found that when you turn the cameras off joneses have pretty -- friendly guy. Alex how people info below the enemy. We went out to dinner -- -- -- cast a wide range of topics hallway outside a government conspiracy. He's also downright -- -- about his wife and three children. To your son knows the word propaganda. Yes seven year old. That's what I haven't figured out -- -- coming the most important thing as he knows everybody has an agenda including myself. All is a man to win an agenda Americans because that's -- is well -- one that after this remarkable interview coming populations. -- probably and more than fifty firearms I should meet and that it comfortably. Outside Austin, Texas now is now being scrutinized. Very closely. One for Nightline -- Dan Harris street for one New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A gun control rant that went viral has thrust the libertarian radio host into the national spotlight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18225533","title":"The Return of Alex Jones","url":"/Nightline/video/return-alex-jones-18225533"}