Riding by Their Own Rules

Part 1: Stunt bikers chasing the thrill of a highway shutdown target Charleston's Ravenel Bridge.
3:00 | 05/25/14

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Transcript for Riding by Their Own Rules
Let's come on the -- -- -- run. Everybody knows -- lives. -- -- -- -- Others. -- Walton -- rule breaker. And until you arrive with a 500 bikes and thousands like whatever New -- -- -- town. There's nobody itinerary minus one trying to challenge. Every city has its landmark. In Charleston, South Carolina it's the -- -- bridge. In three days Chad plans to -- hundreds of bikers to block and stop traffic and taken over some private playground for stumbling. Name calling Chuck Hill and shut down shut down I can't -- city. It's almost lady. Putting guide conquered Mount Everest and he puts a little country flag of -- it takes a picture. There really shows that you kind of beat the system -- need jobs and their game. You don't have to really stopping the senator bridge. -- -- -- -- -- They know the police -- -- -- 63 nights we -- -- they're figuring out how to get him when he was. If you're in the front and -- -- zero block an apparent real homer in the district of Boston and trees. Not -- town just -- -- winning in new adrenaline rush without having to do something completely stupid like problem -- something. What's your favorite thing about. Number one. Yeah I didn't like the -- -- -- -- casting a shadow over the plans. This video which made national news. A -- ride on -- New York City highway a group of bikers blocking traffic. An SUV pinned in the group makes contact with the biker. Group -- surrounding the vehicle. The panic. This drives and over by -- and seriously injures and the bikers take off and pursued -- and after this video and -- -- from his car and even from Swansea Taunton. Now everybody across the nation thinks that -- there's a pack of bikes. It's a want to forget hooligans -- them beat up for your women are raped children trees and it and it's nothing like and. And so few weeks after the incident John inspires -- -- to spend time with them as they planned to tends to show. It. We're always think -- -- we're not just going out and night. Really prayer right now. We study the road to look ahead it's not like we're just looking down the whole time and insight AM as the newly. You won't -- who really bring a hot girl -- Whelan the bikers -- the closest thing he has to finally. Raised by his grandmother who recently died -- -- says he doesn't speak to his birth parents. So he doesn't -- -- -- -- in the morning comes and work painting by -- can afford to buy new -- -- Mike -- can ride him. -- -- -- -- and -- more from art form a true sport now. It's on these guys. -- -- -- I'm doing that out of the opener. Spokesperson -- it. Are you then yeah now stay and I can sometimes be a pain in the authorities we will -- Don't know -- You're I would Dan Dan's got a couple. National -- racing championships. Dan is one of their most experienced riders and takes me out to show me what he loves about it. There's things on a motorcycle that you don't experience in an automobile. To freedom union and you feel the wind in your face being repaired. -- -- -- It's a rush that comes from defying the laws of physics and got so much going on around you at the slightest little mistake and -- -- But also from defined long. Did you tell news are doing their -- and I didn't understand it doesn't everybody around me and just like. -- -- -- -- Windy City Hall -- won't -- -- -- -- -- They got in -- one -- -- has more control over a motorcycle at wherever she's. And then have to people driving under a text messaging put on lipstick color Celtics I mean -- focused. -- highway is not much to do -- Law enforcement plans to show -- enforce its -- to -- The rumor is there will be over a hundred motorcycle operator you anticipate. -- -- They've got to understand what our -- business law enforcement in all it takes is one little tiny thing we've got -- -- car -- -- woods has been riding motorcycles since he was twelve years old he spent his entire career in law enforcement. We'll have at least ten motorcycle. Officers out there. We have a helicopter helicopter will be monitoring from the air. This is a unique situation. You're prepared for are the -- we are. We still tired. The methamphetamine and. Tonight for the shut down local riders gather for a warm -- -- You know here's bill. There expect us come out of my entire streets there's cob Jerry post up about two blocks down wait on us do you guys still -- -- -- -- ride it and risk. Stern. -- would -- wanna do mean. You got a bunch -- news -- got real jobs and your boss is a far you know Schobel Monday that it is. Yeah right. If you want to ride. Everybody of one -- raise your hand. Saying I'm -- The ride is -- They let us -- cameras on their bikes. The plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With a little crazy. But after the ride ends when the bikers and signaled by police to pull over. Instead he makes a run for -- With the camera we left on his life. Once on the highway. He tops out in the. The police never catch him. -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Stunt bikers chasing the thrill of a highway shutdown target Charleston's Ravenel Bridge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"22929349","title":"Riding by Their Own Rules","url":"/Nightline/video/riding-rules-22929349"}