'Rogue One' cast, filmmakers on movie's epic battles, special effects

Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, director Gareth Edwards and others on Darth Vader's return and the 'virtual camera' system bringing it to life.
6:45 | 12/13/16

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Transcript for 'Rogue One' cast, filmmakers on movie's epic battles, special effects
I don't get an inkling that the new Star Wars movie is coming to our galaxy this weekend the force is strong with this one. We went to the red carpet for me air for some inside information from the cast and crew. Here's ABC's clintons and now. That means of. I read them. Wrote one isn't your typical Star Wars. To start its the first story and that galaxy far far away where the heroes and not Scott Walker's YouTube. It. Mobile. Jet and I nights royalty. Maybe doing this. Atlanta symbols grounded Star Wars film this is the film about the people taking control. Making a bee friends you know regular folks again wearing. People fighting for freedom and don't president spend all while female that very ordinary people. My philosophy with us. In the Star Wars universe broke one takes place just before the original night. 77 filled a new hope that classic opening for all told the story rebel spies steal secret plant to the death star. I want to know what happened to the black state senate and what it. Remember they're the same plants prince's layup gave to. And now I'm. Helping Luke Skywalker in Cal's load that. Start to smithereens. Turns out look at his friends over it all to a scrappy team looking problem recruits led by Jim Ursa. Played by Oscar nominated felicity Jones. She's not a pretty. That's she's a very resourceful young woman he's very independent spirited. What truths do we have. The question is what choice. I'm high heat and nasty daddy apple is trying to fight it now. Ultimately the film is about teen line kits and found. Each individual actually letting guys bay because and it's in the collaboration. That they're that strong. The rebels will have to be strong coming face to face with the return of arguably cinemas greatest villain. Darth Vader you discard it comical that stuff right and you find it really hard to tell them to do anything because you're like. You can't how tough for him to a today you know you're forced Turkey. I find your lack a. I understand you do a pretty good Darth Vader. For some nations. Can you show Amanda putting her is dangerous for this get secretary sympathy for Brennan and senate. After symbols bodies to hold large booming yet despite this debates. You leave that to me yet again soon yeah I think it is the cut is just the success of this. From the simple to the complex memorable special effects have always been one of Star Wars biggest stars. But for the wizards at Lucas Jones industrial light and magic this is an early. A pastry fear that it is actually up on top of the star destroyer the challenge was making digital versions of real models built forty years ago. This is the why Whitney and the wiring is actually this is on a Saturn five rocket kit. And so you can see that this is just that they the main fuselage of the rocket hit but it actually was used directly to make the engines the. Of the one of the Y wow. And this epic space battle. Shot with a cool virtual camera system that islands Mike to ten and John Libyan let me test drive and and keep up these next links here if I wanted to pandora that star destroyer and see that. I LM also built K to assume a scene stealing reprogrammed imperial drawing played by altitude it. Congratulations. You are being rescued from. I character brought to life using cutting edge motion capture technology. We knew that we wanted to great actor to be the foundation for his performance and Allen's an awesome actor and it great comedic actor great comic timing could you in Prague with K to us or was it stick to script. I improbable lot I didn't expect for much of it and the from the movie but they really. Put a lot of that he and hood I would assume there shall script Bonita stuff in. It's and. The cast was out in force Saturday for the world premiere in Hollywood including Diego Luna as rebel intelligence fighter Cassie and endorse my hat he's now. That's when I'm trying to. Can and imperial pilot turned good god bode Ruth played by Rizzo met. He's a Star Wars fan who wasn't shy about letting director Gareth Edwards know he really. Really wanted the park bridge. Out so he almost into cinnamon additionally made a mistake and give me his email address so over the next. Two days I think 101000012 different versions of this in the carrying toxicity of the same scene. I think the force they email me back and saying please stop emailing me. Of course broke one just wouldn't be a Star Wars film without a com. Complicated parent child relationship. And this time it's Jim's dad Galen were not quite sure about. On the scientists who has been working my adult life would this character. Working on something that has the potential of making the world at a place. Tariffs Garton. Extra. Could be all right quickly the case Galen are selling his friend in need villainous imperial director abortion clinic. Don't simply follow in the dark side or the light side where no one has lots of grain. We've known as the credit us with its close. To providing peace and security. Analyst. Confusing piece. Work. Sauce. Yeah are locked it's locked martz and if you Wear white. That's what that's because I am essentially a very very good god in the enterprise times on about it the good gone as you get what you work conflicts in. But the husband and it doesn't propaganda that imperial propaganda and I believe a word of the Reston wrote one secrets and there are plenty we'll have to wait until the movie opens this Friday. Think this film. Reminds those there's another side of the story. There's all these people that bind that string them are real business is faced. Nightmares. Doesn't think as we all love fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate hate. Each just trying but I've heard that someone could I think our teaching high volume and a I'm Clayton citadel in San Francisco.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, director Gareth Edwards and others on Darth Vader's return and the 'virtual camera' system bringing it to life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"44157286","title":"'Rogue One' cast, filmmakers on movie's epic battles, special effects","url":"/Nightline/video/rogue-cast-filmmakers-movies-epic-battles-special-effects-44157286"}