Ron Miscavige Says Scientology Tore His Family Apart: Part 2

After leaving and criticizing the Church, Ron and other former Scientologists say their family members won't speak to them.
6:26 | 04/30/16

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Transcript for Ron Miscavige Says Scientology Tore His Family Apart: Part 2
Just last month in los Angeles this billboard goes up condemning a scientology policy called disconnection where according to critics church officials pressure parishioners to cease communicating with family or friends who leave and criticize the church. I think it's terrible. I don't think you could do a worse thing to a person than have them split up their family so they won't talk to you anymore. You lose your children. And they do it. Reporter: This is what Ron says happens with his two daughters, Denise and Lori, not long after he leaves the church. They won't talk to me. My grandchildren don't talk to me, and I've never met some of my great grandchildren. I don't know how many there are. That is terrible. That is terrible. Okay? That's why I'm doing this, Dan. Reporter: You have a number of great grandchildren and you don't know the number? Hang on a second. Sorry. I got to get focussed. I'm sorry, buddy. Reporter: No problem. This is tough. You're Right it's tough. Reporter: Scientology says this is a blatant example of Ron telling the whole story. Roin miscavige is saying his daughters were pressured to disconnect from him. It's not true. The church never entered into giving them pressure. Reporter: Ron's daughters declined an interview but through an attorney say they have good reasons to cut off all ties with their father. Ron's daughters have relayed they grew up in a house they would call a chamber of horrors. Reporter: They alleged he physically abused their mother and them as well striking them frequently with his fists and belt. Ron says he did spank the girls occasionally and sometimes struck his wife, but he says his daughter's claims are greatly exaggerated. I never thought they would resort to this. I knew I was going to be discredited, and David probably wrote this stuff. You come on television and confront me in person. Reporter: His daughters tell us perhaps the last straw for them was when their father moved in with their older brother, Ronnie , who they say abused them physically. Ronnie miscavige wouldn't speak to us but Ron addressed the charged. He denied it. When they grew up, I never heard any of it went on. Reporter: As it was church, it says there is a policy of disconnection, but it's a voluntary choice of the members. Not under pressure. They know the policy. It's a policy they want to abide by. They believe their spiritual progress would be impeded if they continue to communicate with someone who just attacks the church nonstop. That's what they believe. So they can decide that they want to follow that policy. Reporter: We gather a group of former sicientologists who show us photos of family members who they say have disconnected from them. The church denounces these people as enemies of scientology whose family members had ample reason to cut ties. This is my sister. These are my children. Reporter: Lori raises her chirn as sign tolgss but she says when the church and her ex-husband wants their children to drop out of school and join the sea organization, he objects. She says she wants to dedicate her life to scien scientology, the world is going to blow up. She was terrified to go to school. Reporter: Three years later her son joins the sea organization. She starts speaking out against the church. In these texts from 2011 J she asks her son if she can visit him for mother's day saying I want to see you and I miss you so very much. He texts back and says what you're doing is not okay with me. If she wants to speak with him, she must get back in good standing with the church. I said I can't. Just let me be your mom. I want to be in your life. Reporter: As of now, both of her children refuse to speak to her. It's not right. What they're doing to families. It's not just my family. There's many families all around the world that are broken up to this disconnection. Reporter: The church provided ABC news with video statements from both of her children. She keeps going to the media and putting our personal information and our life for the world to see with false information. Which is just going to upset us. I don't believe that she really wants a relationship with me. I think it is more important for her to have the this vendetta against my church. Reporter: When the church says to us this idea that we break up families is completely untrue, how do you respond to that? People are not lying. Their pain is real. Their daughters are not talking to them. Their sons are not talking to them. There are people who don't know, have never met their grandchildren. These are -- this is real. It's a real thing. Look, the reason I wrote the book is so I can do something effective to change that policy of the church which is disconnecting families from each other. That's why I'm talking to you here. Despite all the nastiness now erupting into public view, Ron miscavige insists he still nurses hope for reconciliation. Reporter: After everything you say has happened, can you forgive him? Yeah. It's the only way anybody can move forward. Reporter: Ron said that he forgives his son. He has nothing to forgive. His son has done nothing to him but care for him. Reporter: Do you still love him? Yes. Hard to believe, isn't it? If he were here, and he would do it, I'd shake his hand and give him a hug.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"After leaving and criticizing the Church, Ron and other former Scientologists say their family members won't speak to them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"38781840","title":"Ron Miscavige Says Scientology Tore His Family Apart: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/ron-miscavige-scientology-tore-family-part-38781840"}