Ronda Rousey: Fierce Female

Mixed Martial Arts used to be a boys club, but this UFC fighter won't take no for an answer.
3:45 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Ronda Rousey: Fierce Female
We all know someone who just won't take no for an answer. Tonight we're meeting one of them. A feisty female fighter who's breaking barriers. As what was bones. ABC's Julie -- he enters the world of mixed martial arts we've got to have a lot of guts especially. If you're she. -- -- -- Ordinary. Back. Browsing is the hottest fighter -- -- often brutal bloods. It's one of the most vicious sports in the world mixed martial arts where fighters get -- punch kick. And knock out their opponents. So violent it's been banned in some countries and in some -- is even declared off limits to women. Do you buy -- to this. No they shouldn't be doing this they're just not made up that left that we genetically it's not -- DNA did -- -- -- -- spin it. I would think that those same people celebrate -- they go out and -- in combat. This isn't near what that is so why would you be owed to celebrate and support women doing not enough -- But it's out of the ring where she's attracted the most attention recently. That's her on the cover of ESPN the magazine's body issue and she is this -- maxim cover girl. Over the years -- is also shown she's not shy about speaking her mind. I think she talked earlier this year on showtime with Jim Rome. I mean for girls it raises are to stop -- I try to have as much sex as possible -- -- actually. So I don't know -- -- -- victorious over -- not competing have to pick everything they've said that I didn't threats out. I haven't you know that -- -- from. -- spent time with drowsy in Las Vegas where she's shooting a reality TV show the Ultimate Fighter why he's so good. I think it's just. The way that was -- -- -- and my mom you probably don't like 45 different of the week so I'll always get to try different styles what was life like. With a mom -- -- a junior champion and world champion we were always told you can do whatever you -- to do you just have to be the best in the world but it's been a long journey to the top. Ramsey's father took his own life when -- it was only eight years old it was hard. And he was gone and we -- alone under watchful -- from her mother -- use your own judo training to help her cope with the loss of her dad. She's like he does is something that you really wanna do you do this -- -- and yes I -- when the Olympics -- the first American when the Olympic. -- he didn't win gold but she did win a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic Games becoming the first American to medal in judo. But she needed more. And wanted to fight professionally. -- not only became the first woman to sign a contract with the ultimate fight championship. She was crowned its first women's world champion. Just because winning can't play. Should -- young girls -- know. How conflicted are -- -- -- you know you're you're pounding someone's -- -- that's of their watching. Mom. I'm arrogant but -- -- all because I think that sports are metaphor for life. And I'm not scared of anything and I think that a lot of women spend their lives. -- -- It comes to mixed martial arts opened it up yeah the candidate and you fear is a good thing I isolated -- oh last. We've got to sit back here. -- -- found out when giants Q you know it's been thinking about right now if you want to -- happened back. For Nightline I'm Julie Saudi task now must --

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Mixed Martial Arts used to be a boys club, but this UFC fighter won't take no for an answer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19965344","title":"Ronda Rousey: Fierce Female","url":"/Nightline/video/ronda-rousey-fierce-female-19965344"}