Rose McGowan on what she says happened when she first met Harvey Weinstein

In an interview with ABC News "Nightline" co-anchor Juju Chang, the former actress said after meeting Weinstein, "My life changed."
9:57 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for Rose McGowan on what she says happened when she first met Harvey Weinstein
Yeah. People against united cranes people in fancy dresses. Lack of class opposing him living at red carpet at blacks declines. Steepen and more. Mine and I knew there and a truck activists from PR. It was one of the most important night's of the B two movement. Hollywood's biggest stars wearing black to Golden Globes. To rail against the system that allegedly allowed sexual misconduct. To fester for decades. And yet one of the most crucial people in this all go wasn't there Bruce McDowell went for her that night was all for show. Every time I thought about those black dresses I would get a body flash pack for letting me right now what do you mean by body flashback. Phelan. The him she's referring to is Harvey Weinstein. More than ninety women including the gallon have come forward to accuse the once powerful movie mogul of acts ranging from sexual misconduct. To rate. This is an international rates. This is the trees and it is this is an international rate factory every single place he overstayed their people there are set to help him rate. This is how when this is what it wants. People women girls with he sent. You have been meeting or that come to a party and show up and not party is just who who got them there where the assistance you're saying it was machinery. Sensing as a massive machinery he is a sociopath tractor. He thinks he's done nothing wrong and wish. Just one person abstinence and home because so many people had some chances to could've stopped this. Now McAllen herself as saying no war. In her new pull grave she goes after the Hollywood establishment and tells the story of the day she says Weinstein raped her. Can you give us a sense of what happened like kings. I thought my first innings here. It was January 1997. At the Sundance Film Festival. By this point in her young career the 23 year old actress is known as an indie darling. Think sometimes the city's secondly it restaurant having played leading roles in films like the doom generation. And a place like. Then she catapulted to mainstream success with screen. It's at Sundance she says that someone from her management teams set up a meeting for her and Weinstein at his hotel restaurant. But Allen says he moved the meeting to his palatial suite. What weird thoughts going in. My thought actually was just really make. And realize I'm not actresses actually brain. And that's about Michael at the meeting. To impress them with your mind and just be me Billy kick ass and so what was your impression when you first. That is were hot from. I care. And that is missing on this ugly person ever seen in my mind. Despite that the meeting goes well but as she's walking towards the door to leave she says things take a turn. In my head I was on my way out of door my brain was on the next moment what I had to do that day. And XP and it totally completely different situation. That is not anywhere in my brain had anticipating gone. So much for brain suspect shot him with her body is left. In her book she writes that Weinstein pushes her into the suites jacuzzi room. And unjust answer one minute you're in meeting in the next minute you're in a bathroom. It's like that she says Weinstein pics are up and places her on the edge of the two QC. Then she says he begins to perform forced oral sex on her. You write you detached from my body cover up under the ceiling watching myself sitting on the edge of the town against a law. Held in place by the monster whose face is between my legs trapped by a beast. Does here that's. And I. Literally a night when. And and you'll never venison. There was consensual rank. I don't know about you but when you back consensual sex he don't really Philip prepares to. In a statement to ABC news an attorney for Weinstein said. Mr. Weinstein denies rose me gallons allegations of non consensual sexual contact. And it is a Roni is an irresponsible tick inflate claims of inappropriate behavior. And consensual sexual contact leader regretted with an untrue claim of rape. Lot of people say well what in Q. Item off Whiting to run wide and she'd do whatever I want to teach us a statement. That would be my response. It's not my thought it can't put yourself that she's some innocent terrorized repeatedly Saddam asking those questions museums are enhanced with them. Not you but the creator you what was the emotional impact. On you. Of what happened in the tone and I have nightmares and swept through accident then actress and inched down and an actress and wake up screaming has gone on for years. We gallant says she met with a female criminal attorney about pressing charges but was talked out of it. And she told me an actress he had a sexy in that early. Answers right. Not wrong house my reaction. I'm asking is it her way. Shoot eventually reach a settlement with Weinstein for a 100000 dollars a copy of it was posted here in The New Yorker. In exchange she would not pursue legal action against him do you regret having signed. The settlement. Now not factor in my my silent. Clear it and take money from what happened to me. Took money he's my only way at saint literally my only way of saying I did not like this and not want this this was not consensual get off me. No Stanback that was it this is my only recourse he in my child's brain at 100000 dollars a lot of but there are times during the twenty years where you thought the New Britain sounds like for now. Why. People artist is that the language media. Was not anywhere close to me. In these tweets from 26 team a gallon says she hinted that the alleged attack writing because my acts sold our movie to my rapists for distribution. And because it's been an open secret in Hollywood slash media. And they shame to meet while pageant leading by rapists. I released that tweet that was my like cocaine. Confine your reporters let's count I've given you every single thing by the name Alaska. She says she began talking with reporters from the New York Times and with broad and pharaoh of The New Yorker. There reporting based on her accounts and those of other Hollywood actresses. Finally broke last fall inspiring dozens upon dozens of other accusers to go public against Weinstein. You talked a bit about us yeah urgent tone and a fellow obscure. What do you say to these women who've come forward with you. Thank you for paying for and I know they're having night parents. And that's really triggering for so many of us out there but it's unnecessary because it's been there all along anyway whether you want to look at it or not. As a result of the investigations. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein fire from the company bearing his name Weinstein lost his studio. And his status with in Hollywood. The once mighty on. Now disgraced. Do you feel like justice has been served. Losing their job. What does justice look like to you bars. It's meant to be behind bars. For the rest of his life. He is stolen. He has hijacked. His smeared his lied his purchased. He has done. Diabolical things in the name as being able to stake his face between women flakes and literally eat their essence. It's chilling in its rail. Points dean is currently under investigation in Los Angeles new York and the United Kingdom. From a gallon this story doesn't end with Weinstein she wants to put a stop to what she calls the system. All the people that she alleges protected Weinstein by turning a blind eye to his misconduct. You say that Hollywood is occult. Yes what do you mean by that. Has its leaders he was the de facto leader the gallant says she no longer has any desire to act instead she's embracing a different role where she gets to control the narrative. You've found your voice most recently as objector. Tell me about on them really incredibly proud I think it metaphorical. What happens to girls in this society and what happens to us in the world who were polite. Yes there are certain this little lady. Yeah. The film takes place in the 1960s. And centers around a girl named Don is being aggressively courted by a boy she doesn't know hat. Decided to filling station in them and what's the moral of the story the plaza stories at the predator can either be a monster. He can look like a monster or it can be that beautiful young men. But they're doing the same psychological Dan. My gallons activism focuses on combating sexism. Not just in Hollywood but in all industries where is move ago. From here my mother and is rose army. My movement has spent the night I trademarked three years ago and all forms what are you doing. Raising consciousness by 10% unilaterally across the board globally that's my message that is my point. We have strong we are brain. And we look I.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"In an interview with ABC News \"Nightline\" co-anchor Juju Chang, the former actress said after meeting Weinstein, \"My life changed.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52699167","title":"Rose McGowan on what she says happened when she first met Harvey Weinstein","url":"/Nightline/video/rose-mcgowan-happened-met-harvey-weinstein-52699167"}