Royal Trio Welcomed in New Zealand

William and Kate brought baby George with them on their first overseas trip as a family.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for Royal Trio Welcomed in New Zealand
months old, but he's already crossing enviable items off his bucket list. Traveling to another continent on a private plane, check. Bringing a staff of nearly a dozen personal assistants and nannies, check. Stealing the spotlight from an international icon, check. ABC's Cecilia Vega's in new Zealand with the boy who will be king. Reporter: The pomp and circumstance fit for a king. The duke and duchess receiving a ceremonial greeting from new Zealand's indigenous people. Traditional nose kisses known here as hong. And for the world's most buttoned-up xushlgs a cheeky welcome from maori warriors wearing, well, not very much at all. On the first day of this royal tour down under style it is Kate's style taking center stage. Decked out in a diamond broach on loan from the queen and looking regal in red, for royal watchers the comparisons to a certain princess's 1984 trip down under were immediate. One of the things that Kate always has to face is she's going to be compared to Diana even though she is a different person altogether. It's an inevitable comparison. Reporter: But only one person could manage to steal the royal thunder from this power couple. Prince George in all his royal cuteness on his first official tour of duty. We rarely see him until now. There was that brief appearance after his birth, a photo here and there, but with all this royal chubbiness now on full display the world swooned. So there they are. They've just touched down. You see prince George, will, Kate, the baby looking adorable. This is the closest I've ever been to a member of the royal family. This is really exciting. The royal visit begins. Reporter: And the man who will one day be king resigned to carrying his son's royal kangaroo backpack. But William doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting. Part of the entourage, a royal nanny. It happened to the queen with Charles and Diana and now it's happening a little bit with prince William because in a way he's been outshone not only by his wife but his baby son. Reporter: During their three weeks in New Zealand and Australia the duke and duchess will compete in their own America's cup races and visit christchurch, devastated by an earthquake three years ago. It is a tour designed to replicate William's very first trip to New Zealand. But by George, this time there's a new baby in town. For "Nightline" I'm Cecilia Vega in Wellington, New Zealand.

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{"id":23232577,"title":"Royal Trio Welcomed in New Zealand","duration":"3:00","description":"William and Kate brought baby George with them on their first overseas trip as a family.","url":"/Nightline/video/royal-trio-welcomed-zealand-23232577","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}