Ryan Gosling: What Will We Do Without Him?

One of the hottest actors in Hollywood said he is taking a break from acting.
4:15 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Ryan Gosling: What Will We Do Without Him?
It's an announcement that shaken the heartthrob -- world to its core. Ryan Gosling plans to take a break from acting. In the nine years since his breakout role in then no book. This square jawed Canadian has won legions of fans with his -- good -- -- brooding demeanor. And Oscar nominated talent. But as ABC's Dick watt discovered there's something far more mysterious about cost -- appeal. It's a headline. That's breaking hearts Ryan Gosling sensitive star of the notebook. She's taking a break from acting. The writings. Women in particular are we can remember the protests when he was not voted world's sexiest man. That was anger at this. This is an. Is this although it oh lead -- Sad he's so good it can get things you -- yeah. -- Once he's happy. And support. An enterprising British website is set -- help line the -- line. We're not going to be -- going to be really hard. Despite delays Ryan in to -- Story after work to -- every day but I ordered him to become -- -- follow you wherever. You don't read an eight. You can your doctor -- Hi Ryan it's neck and ABC and they were having problems today. Getting some of the female members of stuff motivations. I personally do not understand the appeal so I won't -- office in search of the Gosling essence was that DC. Gives me tingle -- -- yes. -- the man who thought I'd be happy to present and into the common sense. Isn't fit he's tan he's blown. What is about to -- over a -- is not much bolder. And -- is Alec this isn't much better he's at physically he is this the best looking at best -- madly as act yes -- that. There is a wildly popular Internet -- on which women basically transplant. -- -- dreams onto the facade. Of -- specifically his. Perfect Adam's likeness -- Pago I had a dream last night we went and teaching in your -- really nice gift it was pretty intense. And he has a sense of humor so I write the next. Coincide with the Gosling got in on the joke in an MTV interview a couple of years ago. Hey girl happy Thanksgiving I'm thankful for you have since -- material costs. Reynolds he's no Schwarzenegger. Doesn't. A matter of time for. Says something about. Our times he's Canadian he loved his mom can actually. With a award nominations -- serious films like half Nelson. -- balance. Would but he's not afraid to dive head first into rom com territory in any woman between the ages of sixteen and sixty it was -- -- crazy stupid love they can -- it. -- -- -- Shops men are also in his the rule bill threatened in the world -- switches and. -- -- And in real life. He's broken up fights when people say that they don't like Ryan Gosling the first question can you see do you have -- like are you kidding me away. Look at next look -- every man. He -- you wish you had that. Don't think -- meant yes AM I dialed the -- line once -- Starting -- of people are now understand what mural of I get you are -- here we need here. Come back to come back our last chance to see him for now is placed beyond the pines -- this week's your skills. -- -- -- -- And don't come back -- it keeps everybody loves to listen Gosling. And it -- for Nightline. In New York.

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{"id":18837209,"title":"Ryan Gosling: What Will We Do Without Him?","duration":"4:15","description":"One of the hottest actors in Hollywood said he is taking a break from acting.","url":"/Nightline/video/ryan-gosling-18837209","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}