Behind the scenes with Ed Sheeran as he writes some of his hit songs

Ed Sheeran is the subject of "Songwriter," a film from his cousin and video chronicler Murray Cummings that documents the creation of his 2017 album, "÷"
7:09 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for Behind the scenes with Ed Sheeran as he writes some of his hit songs
till we're 70??? when you're writing a song, you're laying yourself bare. Sometimesing ts that might be quite embarrsing. Cong out with ideas that might be Q embarrassing. Maybe we found love right where we are ??? It's a really weird thin I think wks se sort of therme, anyway. I think I've stoppedyself going mad ti. Reporter: From thinking out loud -- ??? only you eporter: Ton the hill in the age oe prefab pop star, Ed sheeran I a glorious anomaly. Singer, songwriter, guita WHE massive success rests on rock O his songcraft and ful voice, authentic as a unmade B. Hoare you? How are you doing? Gd. I'm in L.A. I'm stay side trying no get sunburnt. H there ??? Reporter: With T pale skin, red hair and glasses, the27-year-olenglish troubadour is theject of "Sriter," a film from his cousin Cummings thatts the divine. Having my backth wall, observe what's happeninethappen, fi eg. ??? Baby im dancing in the dark ??? Reporter: His2017 album that spawneas "Perfect."??? I'm ine wit there of you and pull like a magnet do ??? spent the summer playing stadiums, the documentary puts the emphasis O his ability to craft songs. The power to enthrall young hearts. D of etions can Y express in a song T youin it challenging to excess in real life? The bestgs a the most truthful a honest S because it's stuffactually say yourself. ??? I whispered underneath my breath but you H I darling Y look perfect tonight ???N somethiike "Perfe"? At's not something that you could say? T time. Oh, you loo really tonight. But to say for minutes, that, and like E bit of might freak someone a little bit if you just to them. If I sat her down, oh, I've found the L for me, recited it. Would be a little odd. Writing a so,t's like, that's nice. Er wanted knownything Abt him, he's definitely written rifrt wri it. Orter: From the state film dispsheeran'work ethic as a Feel lazy when I'm not king. When you finish a show and then the next three hours. I'm either going to watch a DVD F wine, O I can write a song. Or do all three. Was thinking of Doi thing like a Robinson -- Reporter: "Sgwriter" capturesheeran and benni Blan as they cowrite "Lov yourself." ??? Don't wan you to on my parade ??? You kind black out. Dden there a song there. Whoa, what did weo the last three hours?ually the M incont time, on a bus traveling to ??? a the times that you rain on parade ??? Ed allows us to leave the wte me lyrics. I come othe bus and he's laptop open he's singing what he wrote. ??? Can cry on my ??? That was really a moment wh I got to see himuild song like from start to finish. ??? And I'v so caught up ??? Reporte"love yourself" D career-tforming hi not for sheeran, for the per who did sing it, Justin Bieber. Uik way ??? Ier wanted to sin that song. Why not? I don't kn I doesn't fit. Didn't fit anything. I didn't wto sing that S can you get on the and dothat? Reporter: As the shows, writing songs isn't just a gif that seran share with the world. It can evoke powerful feelings much closer to home. I sing haljah ??? Reporter:upermarket flowers, a song written in the O H grandmother's death.he present as his father hears or the fir time. Wow. That was utterly beautiful. Iaven't had people pass away my life. All E people who have away have bee very close. That wasmom's mom who passedawand I didn' know how to Hane situatio with her to D everythi to make sure she's happy, B the I don't K how to approach at. So my thing was writing a . It re -- really emotional. And I just --ept O him. Just waited an didn'take a noise. Ws it L forou when this gift that you shareith world traform and make realeelings of people very U? Songs might go O me someone famous or make the kind ofik care about them as a or something L that. But when it's LE that intimate moment, wht's just you and your mom ande playi her a song about that, all that stuff does like I wld still dhat if Noe knew my music, I would still written a sg and done the same thing. Reporter: But everyone seems to know E sheeran'smusic. He uerstands how the act of Al how does it end or completehe songwritingrocess when you're nt of 80,000 people and they are singinghe soack to you? I think the songwrit it's yours so long, Youn . It' owne Shelley, who had her firs kisshen she was 15 derrick,'s used its his first dance or whatever. Reporter: Many at capiall who sang along to "Thinking out loud." ?????? Thegomesout, the owrsp is taken people thy connect to the song and love it. Ecomes mts ineople's lives, rather than your song. What's that like toe stage, to feel that? It's aaming. You see people from -- like young, young children to old, D, old all having T emotions for different songs. It's a really cool thing. Orter: For "Nightline" I'm Chris Connelly in Los Angeles. Love rightre

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Ed Sheeran is the subject of \"Songwriter,\" a film from his cousin and video chronicler Murray Cummings that documents the creation of his 2017 album, \"÷\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57493034","title":"Behind the scenes with Ed Sheeran as he writes some of his hit songs","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-ed-sheeran-writes-hit-songs-57493034"}