Screenwriter may have evidence that could break case of Hollywood ‘Con Queen’: Part 2

Greg Mandarano went on several trips believing he was doing research for a fantasy movie. On one of them, he found critical clues on the con artist’s passport, and the scammer was exposed.
6:04 | 04/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Screenwriter may have evidence that could break case of Hollywood ‘Con Queen’: Part 2
A call from a big-time producer with that one big lucky break. There's going to be a lot of different scenarios happening with our production company. Reporter: It was a voice that had strung along so many dreams. And I'm also looking for someone who can work with me. Reporter: A voice impersonating female power players in Hollywood. But investigators said it actually belonged to a man. I was obviously completely gobsmacked. Reporter: Just the first of many surprises. I had heard recordings. At no point did I ever think it was a man. I really did believe it was a female. Reporter: An elaborate, stranger than fiction scandal unraveling with more plot twists than a Hitchcock thriller. I was barely able to keep track of it myself in a spreadsheet. Reporter: But when a little-known screenwriter entered the picture, the dots started connecting. Greg monterano turns out to be the key that unlocks the secret. He has been working for 15 years, writing scripts. Greg really believed this was his big break. What they were having us develop was 100 plus million dollar fantasy movie. We were tasked with visiting different sites all over the country, to learn everything we could about Indonesian history and develop the project. Reporter: One trip wasn't enough. I traveled to Jakarta six times. So it comes out to between 80 and 100 grand. Reporter: A lot of money to pay for the dream of making it. But in a surprising twist -- He met with the Hollywood con face-to-face. Reporter: Yes. Instead of just a voice, there was a real person. He had a L.A. Style to him. He was dressed casually, khakis, button-down shirts, sweater vest. A friendly persona. I got a sense of this man. Reporter: Greg had recorded conversations that he had about the fake film's lead, a protagonist who sounded oddly familiar. A chameleon? A chameleon, like a shape shifter, a chameleon. She's actually more a chameleon of the mind. Every aspect was sophisticated. The amount of paperwork involved. We had lawyers looking over everything. Everything seemed legitimate. The only red flag was that money hadn't come back yet. Reporter: Greg spent months trying to get reimbursed. When he never got his money and the producers stopped taking his calls -- That was the end of it. It sort of just fell into place that it was this elaborate con. We tried contacting the FBI. We tried contacting interpol. No one cared about it. Didn't matter. Reporter: Greg decided to investigate on his own. Came across a major clue. We got his passport. He used a passport at one of the travel agencies that were booking the travel guides in the places. And his passport was gobind Lal tahil, his birthday was Halloween. It was the guy. At that point I shared the information again with the FBI, nobody cared. Reporter: That is, until Josh and Vanessa found out. I still remember looking on my phone and seeing the picture. I think we both thought, that's exactly the person we were picturing. Reporter: The passport and name turned out to be fake. But led to an old Indonesian prison record for fraud charges that revealed his real name. Once they know his full name, a lot of interesting things happen. Reporter: It turns out the suspected con artist was living a double life and flaunting it on Instagram. How's it going? I am back at the cafe. As far as we know, he had a fairly high-living life in London as a food influencer, going to a lot of fancy restaurants. As you can see, fresh, new, hip bahrainian restaurant in London. Reporter: He even went on Instagram live to reconnect with an old friend. Hey, how's it going? Hey, hi there, how are you? S, how are you? He went on live and showed his face. It's unbelievable. I had heard from my attorney that the FBI knew who the con queen was and it was a matter of Reporter: Gobind hiding in plain sight, but it wasn't long before he was caught, the news making headlines. Josh and Vanessa discovered the Hollywood con queen was a 41-year-old man named hargabin tail. Finally, November 26, 2020, gobind is arrested in Manchester in the United Kingdom. Reporter: Andy and the podcasters were in a meeting back in Hollywood. I hear all the phones beeping at once. Everyone's like, oh, wow. He was arrested. It's over. Yeah. Andy, the real Andy, sent me a text just saying, "Got him." And I'm like, what? And I like jump up, I'm like, Yeah, got this guy. You know? He needs to answer for his crimes. And in that respect, it's the end of a long journey. No one believed me, no one wanted to hear about it for the longest time. Reporter: The classic con crushing hundreds of dreams. But still, one key takeaway. For me, it's just as important for people to know, hey, if it's too good to be true, it might be too good to be true. That I think is just as important as having this guy behind bars.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Greg Mandarano went on several trips believing he was doing research for a fantasy movie. On one of them, he found critical clues on the con artist’s passport, and the scammer was exposed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"76848240","title":"Screenwriter may have evidence that could break case of Hollywood ‘Con Queen’: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/screenwriter-evidence-break-case-hollywood-con-queen-part-76848240"}