In Search of Jaguars, the Invisible Cats

Meet the men whose job it is to find and track these elusive big cats.
3:00 | 03/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for In Search of Jaguars, the Invisible Cats
The harpoon hunt for a white whale the stuff of old novels of course but the modern parallel might be the photographic -- For -- jaguar. The film crews in the Brazilian wetlands a quest for the perfect shot. Of these all inspiring Katz is all encompassing -- -- -- that would make captain -- proud but despite the odds -- these -- soldier -- Chasing the glimpse of a lifetime and here's ABC's Matt -- Jaguars are so elusive that Mobil's senior moment victim -- But they are really 200 -- night. John Strong enough to crack still -- -- day jail. Seems like this jaguar hunting and devouring a copy -- around the world's biggest wrote it about a 150 pounds. Almost never captured exit here. In the -- enough. Brazil's New York State size Whitman's. Which might explain why during our visit -- not one but two filmmakers are on assignment for National Geographic. Both of them hoping to reveal the secrets of Brazil's top -- First Christian -- Meister is still like Jeremy who believes -- German port city and slash or patients. Is the keep getting that never before seen shot in the moment action. Prisoners costs so you have to read her. And -- in the right place right time and the right thing. Which is perhaps -- And and various -- while bought the tattooed into reverent Brazilian native who says -- locals touch is what ensures that. Close but not too close. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- make this -- that. And though he's captured some very him Friday jaguar behavior. Christian has captured even rarest -- jaguar cubs and -- unprecedented sequence. For the jaguar. So we throw our lot in with the German giant leaving Lawrence behind. But there's barely enough room -- that tiny boat Christian selects much -- me because as we quickly discover. Its ally we'll. -- The six foot five German has proportionately sized equipment. -- -- -- After confessing to a slight case and a camera and if we move on Christian says that he goes a prime spot for jaguars fighting. Off the beaten track so while Lawrence Klein is the main river Christian leads us down ever narrowing tributaries. We just -- mere idea that -- stagger -- -- And should be like ten minutes away right now hockey. Megan. Governor gets stuck and with those words course we didn't really stuck. -- hard to get what. The water ninth a couple of trucks in here. I'm -- up in my hips takes almost an hour to get out. Now frank we raced to this bond and pays off. Plants. But right now. Virtually camouflaged between the trees and can actually the weakest of glimpses -- Here. -- -- -- We scramble up a little clip to get a better view -- night and he's already gone. It's going deeper in the book. As this sunsets over the -- to -- we begin the slow -- home. But -- seems to have already reconciled with our strikeout but some point of course here ask myself what -- like being with and I and I. Spending days and days and days and wherever and -- -- from and it's hot and a and out of nowhere another -- -- alongside us it's our friend -- -- what was his daylight. -- she obviously he shows us that video from just a few hours before so soared. -- -- -- -- -- So are the people who knew that some of the world's greatest living -- let photographers who spend months silently waiting for a single sequence. We should you he. He talked so much trash. I'm Matt Gutman for Nightline. In the -- and now Brazil and gorgeous the phantom -- premieres this Sunday march for a fourth. On that -- while.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the men whose job it is to find and track these elusive big cats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18795221","title":"In Search of Jaguars, the Invisible Cats","url":"/Nightline/video/search-jaguars-invisible-cats-18795221"}